Subject: Buddhism Resource File Date: 7 Feb 1995 17:10:36 GMT Dear Friends: It has been ab

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From: (Hsuan Peng) Newsgroups: talk.religion.buddhism Subject: Buddhism Resource File Date: 7 Feb 1995 17:10:36 GMT Dear Friends: It has been about two months since the last update of the resource file. New in this update: * Updated ftp and gopher site for Clear-Mind * Updated gopher site for Sunsite Buddhism Information Bank * Updated URL for Asynchronous School of Buddhist Dialectics Homepage * Updated URL for DharmaWeb * New WWW site for alt.zen FAQ * New WWW site for GASSHO * Still Point WWW site * URL for information about Tiger Team * Correct 800 number for Wisdom Publications * New store for Buddhist-related supplies in New York City Please discard the old version. Hsuan Peng ============================================================================== Following is a list of information resources related to Buddhism literatures, discussions and activities. Hope you will find it useful. Comments, suggestions and updates are welcome. Hsuan Peng --------------------------- last update: Feb. 7, 1995 A. USENET Newsgroups: (1) alt.meditation (2) alt.meditation.transcendental (3) alt.philosophy.zen (4) alt.religion.buddhism.nichiren (5) alt.religion.buddhism.tibetan (6) alt.zen (7) soc.religion.eastern (8) talk.religion.buddhism B. E-mail Subscription Lists: (1) Bodhi News: Edited by Buddhism Study Group at Urbana-Champaign. Send a short message to to subscribe. (2) BUDDHA-L: An academic buddhism discussion group. Send the following command: SUBscribe BUDDHA-L your_firstname your_lastname to (3) BUDDHIST: Forum on Indian and Buddhist Studies. Send the following command: SUBscribe BUDDHIST your_firstname your_lastname to listserv@jpntuvm0.bitnet to subscribe. (4) DailyZen: A mailing list that contains a daily dose of Zen wisdom. Each day members receive a single Zen story, koan, or quote. Send a short message with your full name to Michael C. Amundsen at: to subscribe. Be sure to include the word "DailyZen" in your subject line. (5) Dharma-talk: An international forum for discussions, exchanges of information regarding Buddhism and for announcements of Buddhist related events. Send the following command: subscribe dharma-talk to to subscribe. (6) EABUD: Mailing list for Eastern American/East Asian Buddhism. Send the following command: subscribe eabud your_firstname your_lastname to (7) Insight (IMS): produced by the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Mass. Send the following command: subscribe insight to to subscribe. (8) JBE: An on-line Journal of Buddhist Ethics, published by Penn State University and Goldsmiths College, London. To subscribe to the Journal Abstract, simply send an e-mail message to: Leave the "Subject" field blank. In the body of the message should contain the following: sub jbe-l your_firstname your_lastname You will then receive information and the addresses of the Journal's sites in the USA, Europe and Australia. Published material is available through WWW, Gopher and FTP. For further information contact the editors at (9) Purdue Buddhist Society: Send a short message to to subscribe. (10) Universal Zendo: A discussion group about Zen Buddhism with an emphasis on practice rather than scholarship. Send the following command: SUBscribe ZENDO your_firstname your_lastname to to subscribe. (11) ZenBuddhism-L: Send the following command: SUB ZenBuddhism-L your_e-mail to to subscribe. (12) Various lists at Send the following command: SUBscribe your_e-mail to, where is one of the following: buddhist-philosophy chinese-philosophy emptiness taoism zen C. Files available for anonymous FTP / gopher: (1) Buddhist Gopher: gopher:// (2) Buddhist Studies (SUNY Albany): A collection of several Buddhism literature. gopher:// (3) Buddhist Studies Facility (Australia): This archive has quite a complete list of the resources on internet. buddhist-archives/ gopher:// Studies\Practice E-Journals/ gopher:// (4) Buddhist sutra archive (in Chinese): This is a gopher site which currently contains eight sutras and some zen poems. gopher:// (if use gopher, type: gopher 70) note: need Chinese environment for display. (5) CLEAR-MIND - Tibetan Buddhist Newsletter: gopher:// clear-mind (6) Journal of Buddhist Ethics: (USA) (Europe) (7) Sunsite Buddhism Information Bank: Buddhism information (DEFA and Tantric Studies): gopher:// Buddhism Image Bank: gopher:// Buddhism/Tantric_Studies/Iconography Meditation: gopher:// alternative-healthcare/meditation (8) The Awareness Technique (TAT): TAT is an approach to finding one's inner consciousness. TAT consists of three books, the first chapters of which are not copyrighted and may be freely retrieved from the Internet via FTP or gopher. ftp: Book 1, Chapter 1 (Multi-Level Awareness) /books/Awareness/b1-1.txt. Book 2, Chapter 1 (Multi-Plane Awareness) is file b2-1.txt Book 3, Chapter 1 (Perfecting The Spirit) is file b3-1.txt Or gopher to and select Booksellers, then The Awareness Technique. D. World-Wide Web (WWW): (1) Asian Art: has an interesting collection of Buddhism-related graphics files, and is a list of on-line galleries that may have related collections. (2) Asynchronous School of Buddhist Dialectics Homepage: including translation of Dzong-ka-ba's Three Principal Aspects of the Path, etc. (3) Buddhist Studies - WWW Virtual Library (Australian National Univ.): provides a list of web and gopher sites for Buddhism resources. (4) Cornell AsiaLink: A Web site established by the Cornell East Asia Program's Chinese- Japanese-Korean Computing and Database Facility, directed by John R. McRae, Assoc. Professor of Asian Religions. In addition to providing information about multilingual computing and various activities and resources of the East Asia Program, in the near future Cornell AsiaLink will also be providing information about Chinese Buddhism and Chinese Buddhist organizations. Access to some subdirectories is restricted to users with Cornell network ids. The hypertext link is: For further information, contact Prof. McRae at (5) Dharma Electronic Files Archive (D.E.F.A.): The online Buddhist libraries maintained by DharmaNet International. GASSHO - Bi-monthly electronic Journal: and "Buddhist resources": which contains information about Buddhist Retreat Calendar, Buddhist Sitting and Meditation Practice Groups, Chogye Zen Buddhist Texts, Buddhist Image Bank, and many links to other sites. (6) DharmaWeb: (7) FAQ for alt.zen: (8) Journal of Buddhist Ethics: or The Journal has a "Global Resources for Buddhist Studies" page which offers links to many useful resources. (9) Mahidol University gopher: gopher:// This gopher site includes information about Buddhist Scriptures Information Retrieval (BUDSIR). See E-(1) below for details. (10) NCF Buddhism Home Page: National Capital Freenet (Ottawa) WWW Buddhism Special Interest Group. buddhism/introduction/home.html includes Directory of Buddhist groups in Ottawa, Introduction to Buddhism, Meditation Instructions, Photographs of renouned Buddhist teachers, etc. (11) Soka Gakkai International (Seattle, Washington) (12) Spiritual Consciousness on WWW: (US mirror) (13) Still Point (Dharma Rain Zen Center Newsletter) (14) Ten Bulls (Zen poem and pictures): 10_Bulls/Title_Page.html (15) Tiger Team Buddhist Information Network (16) Zen Buddhist Texts (U. Texas Houston, Texas): by Southwest Chogye International Zen Academeia in Houston, Texas. which has text of sutra, dictionary of Buddhism terms, etc. (17) Zen Buddhism & Taoism Information (Borlaenge U., Sweden): (18) Zen Hospice Project (San Francisco, California): which runs several programs dedicated to the care of people approaching death and increasing our understanding of our own impermanence. E. Software/Database: (1) Buddhist Scriptures Information Retrieval (BUDSIR): A complete digital edition of The Buddhist Scripture, created by Mahidol University Computing Center, Bangkok, Thailand. Contact Dr. Supachai Tangwongsan at for details. F. Buddhist-related books and supplies: * California Buddhist Vihara Society c/o Gary Ray Tiger Team Buddhist Information Network 1920 Francisco, Sutie 112 Berkeley, CA 94709 (Small list of free Dharma books) * Dharma Publishing phone: 800-873-4276, 510-548-5407, 510-873-4276 2910 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley, CA 94702 (Dharma books, esp. Tibetian, Vajrayana, and Dzogchen) * Parallax Press phone: 510-525-1010, fax: 510-525-7129 P.O. Box 7355 Berkeley, CA 94707 (books and tapes, most by Thich Nhat Hanh and friends) * Zen Home Stitchery phone: 714-631-5389 2693 Riverside Drive Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (small catalog of clothes, cushions and accessories for meditation) * Asian Humanities Press phone: 510-659-8272 c/o Jain Publishing Company P.O. Box 3523 Fremont, CA 94539 * Tibetan Treasures phone: 916-623-2714, fax: 916-623-6709 P.O. Box 279 Junction City, CA 96048-0279 (catalog of large selection of dharma items, incense, books, etc.) * Shasta Abbey Buddhist Supplies phone: 800-653-3315, 916-926-6682 P.O. Box 199 fax: 916-926-5796 Mt. Shasta, CA 96067 (large catalog of Dharma/Meditation supplies, books, tapes, etc.) * Keep It Simple phone: 415-967-3710 P.O. Box 91 Mountain View, CA 94042 (small catalog of Dharma books, tapes, t-shirts, and meditation supplies) * The Buddhist Bookstore phone: 415-776-7877 1710 Octavia Street San Francisco, CA 94109 (large stock of books on all Buddhist traditions, specialized in Shin/Pure Land tradition) * Forest Books phone: 415-863-2755 3080 16th St. at Valencia San Francisco, CA 94103 (new & used books specializing in eastern religion, Asian culture, etc.) * Bodhi Tree Bookstore phone: 800-825-9798, fax: 310-659-0178 8585 Melrose Ave. West Hollywood, CA 90069 (large selection of books, including domestic & imported Buddhist titles) * Sounds True Catalog phone: 800-333-9185 735 Walnut St., Dept. SC94 Boulder, CO 80302 (tapes on meditation, buddhism, self-discovery, etc.) * ZIJI Books & Gifts phone: 303-449-6219 2019 10th St. Boulder, CO 80302 (catalog ($1) of Dharma books, practice materials, etc.) * Buddhadharma Meditation Center phone: 708-789-8866 9810 South Kingery Highway Hinsdale, IL 60521 (small catalog of Dharma Books) * Quest Books phone: 800-669-9425, fax: 708-665-8791 The Theosophical Publishing House P.O. Box 270, Dept. M-171 Wheaton, IL 60189-0270 (books on religion, philosophy, etc.) * Dhamma Dana Publication Fund c/o Barre Center for Buddhist Studies Lockwood Road Barre, MA 01005 * Shambhala Publications, Inc. phone: 617-424-0228, fax: 617-236-1563 P.O. Box 308 Boston, MA 02117-0308 (catalog of Buddhist and other eastern religion/philosophy/practice books) * Wisdom Publications phone: 800-272-4050, 617-536-2305 361 Newbury Street fax: 617-536-1897 Boston, MA 02115 (Dharma books, esp. Tibetian, Vajrayana, and Dzogchen) * DharmaCrafts phone: 617-862-9211, fax: 617-862-8824 405 Waltham Street, Suite 234 Lexington, MA 02173 (large catalog of Dharma/Meditation supplies, books, tapes, etc.) * Dharma Seed Tape phone: 800-969-SEED, fax: 413-665-1399 Library Box 66 Wendell Depot, MA 01380 (tapes of IMS Dharma Talks) * South Asia Books phone: 314-474-0116 P.O. Box 502 Columbia, MO 65205 (huge stock of books from Asia, many on Buddhism) * Windhorse phone: 800-303-5728 14 Heartwood Circle Newmarket, NH 03857 (catalog of Buddhist books) * SUNY Press State University Plaza Albany, NY 12246-0001 (Buddhist book list) * Myojo Morning Star 294 Old Route 28 Glenford, NY 12433 (catalog of meditation clothing) * Dharma Communications Inc. phone: 914-688-7993, fax: 914-688-7911 P.O. Box 156DC, South Plank Road Mt. Tremper, NY 12457 (large catalog of Dharma/Meditation supplies, books, tapes, etc.) * Sharchen Imports phone: 800-521-9357, 212-860-8873 1309 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10128 (color catalog of Dharma furnishings) * C. K. Manpolo Int'l Inc. phone: 212-219-3556 137 Hester St. New York, NY 10002 (statues and supplies) * Dharmaware Giftshop phone: 914-679-5417 (store), 914-679-4900 (order) 54C (9) Tinker St. Woodstock, NY 12498 (24-page color catalog of Dharma supplies, books, tapes, statues, etc.) * Caroline Morning Designs phone: 704-683-1843 Dept P, P.O. Box 2832 Asheville, NC 28802 (inflatable Zafu, cushions, books, bells, etc.) * The Mystic Trader phone: 800-634-9057, 503-357-1566, fax: 503-357-1669 1334 Pacific Ave. Forest Grove, OR 97116 (64-page catalog of Buddhist, Taoist, etc. items, tapes and books) * Books for the Nineties phone: 800-331-3761 P.O. Box 588 Scranton, PA 18512-0588 (catalog of books on psychology, meditation, buddhism, spirituality, etc.) * Primary Point Press phone: 401-658-1476, fax: 401-658-1188 99 Pound Road Cumberland, RI 02864 e-mail: (small list of Dharma Books by Seung Sahn and others) * Kanzeon Jade Thread phone: 801-328-8414 1274 E. South Temple Salt Lake City, UT 84102 (small catalog of Dharma Supplies) * Samadhi Cushions phone: 800-331-7751 Dept. TRI, RR 1 Box 3 Barnet, VT 05821 (cushions and related items) * Buddhist Book Service phone: 301-946-7560, or 202-832-9393 P.O. Box 9677 Washington, DC 20016 (large stock of books and pamphlets on Theravadan tradition) * Buddhist Publication Society P.O. Box 61 54, Sangharaja Mawatha Kandy, Sri Lanka (catalog of Dharma Books) G. Others: (1) Bodhi-Line phone service: A telephone information service providing information about Buddhist centers in New York area, including centers' locations, schedules of classes and meditation sessions, and a list of books, tapes and other materials. All services offered by the Bodhi-Line are free of charge. Just dial (212) 677-9354. For more information about Bodhi-Line, contact Michael Wick at Buddhist Information Service of New York, 331 E 5th Street, New York, NY 10003. Tel: (212) 777-3745. Fax & voice mail: (212) 677-9354. ** References: Blackstad, Mark (, "Buddhist Related Books and Supplies", insight mailing list, Oct. 24, 1994. Chen, Ying (, "Introduction to Discussion Groups for Buddhism in the Network", Bodhi News, Sept. 27, 1994. Xu, Dong (, "New Electronic Buddhist Resource on InterNet", Bodhi News, May 10, 1994. [end of file] [DharmaNet International]


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