#: 122 01-Jan-87 10:40 MST Sb: APwa 12/31 World Peace-Kingdome Fm: Executive News Svc. [72

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#: 122 01-Jan-87 10:40 MST Sb: APwa 12/31 World Peace-Kingdome Fm: Executive News Svc. [72135,424] To: 72135,424 By DOUG ESSER Associated Press Writer SEATTLE (AP) -- If you had sweet dreams early Wednesday morning, felt peaceful while shaving or showering, or experienced a contented bowl of cereal at breakfast, the cause may have been the result of a mass-meditation for peace. More than 6,000 people sang and talked about disarmament in the Kingdome, joining an estimated 400 million like-minded peace lovers in 75 countries around the world who concentrated on peace at Noon Greenwich Mean Time. The participants in the World Peace Event started filing into the domed stadium at midnight Tuesday, although one man said he waited until 2:30 a.m. after the bars closed. Sincere in the belief that their presence would do something, mean something, say something about peace, they listened to inspirational music and words and sat in quiet darkness from 4 a.m. until 5 a.m. "We came here just to say we stand for peace. It helps people realize there is movement to peace, although nothing marvelous is going to happen at this moment," said Terri Pollard of Kirkland, a Seattle suburb. "I think I got myself real clear," said Allan Ament of Seattle. "Peace is an internal thing." The Kingdome crowd filled 6,118 of the 40,000 available seats, said Gib Curry, artistic director for the event. With tickets $5 each, plus donations, the sponsoring Seeden Institute made enough money to pay the expense of renting the Kingdome and will have an undetermined amount of money left over to give to charity, said Larry Kiser, president of Seeden, a humanistic education organization. Two dozen cities in Washington reportedly had peace events. Events were sponsored by different organizations in each city. It was non-political and non-denominational. One of the local ceremonies was at the First Congregational Church in Hazel Dell, near Vancouver. The turnout of 250 people for a candlelight vigil amazed the Rev. Farley Maxwell, who said he expected no more than 100. The hour-long mass-meditation in the Kingdome began with the crowd facing a stage on what normally is a basketball court. A Bud Light billboard on the wall reminded of a different consciousness. A melodic series of notes reminiscent of the sounds in the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" played through speakers. It was followed by a period of silence and piano music. The final minutes were filled with the singing of the song "We Are One Love" by a group calling itself the Peace Choir. The instant replay screen and other screens on the stage showed the emblem for the Seattle event: a globe with a dove and star above it and a bright light shining downward. Curry said critics claimed the emblem used Christian symbols for an occultic or New Age event. But he scoffed at that "Knowing the organizers I would say there's not substance to saying it's occult," Curry said. "Look at that crowd. There's young and old. I see few people who are leftover hippies or dropouts." He said he had studied paranormal psychology as a university student and believed millions of people concentrating on peace could have a peaceful subconscious influence on everyone -- even people at home asleep.


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