It is most enjoyable to be here again. As I look around I see the expectant faces of your

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It is most enjoyable to be here again. As I look around I see the expectant faces of your smiling and hot countenances this evening. For it is a pleasure once again to encounter your communication, your understandings. In the last lecture I gave, I spoke about the Self in all its ramifications, the Self as an ever-evolving source of awareness, as an ever-evolving form of self-communication with Self, the Self as catalyst, a most provocative and I hope inspiring piece of communication for you. This evening I wish to elaborate on the theme or title "Peace in the New Age"; for you are all very concerned now about this very point in time and space, whether you shall continue in your lives peacefully or not. The idea of peace now has become most paramount in the minds and hearts all around you. You hear it in the news Will there be 'peace or pieces', so to speak. You hear it from your children, you hear it from your friends and your neighbors. Can we live peacefully with each other.' Can we learn to live in harmony and understanding with one another?' It seems so difficult to do so at this time, does it not, when you see so much around you that say we cannot have peace, we cannot live peaceably, we do not know how to compromise - we do not know how to coordinate our activities in a way that is balanced, in a way that's loving. We see this reflected in the radio and on your television sets as people wage war in a concerted effort to obliterate the other so as not only to see their faces but to see their internal war and conflict within. For you understand that the war that you see outwardly is merely a projection of a war that is created inwardly first. Thus to say, the harmony or conflict, the disharmony or unity that you find within yourself, or outside of yourself originate first within your own psyches, first within your own consciousness, first within your own hearts and minds. This has been an idea dragged on and around a bit in recent time. As you understand in your metaphysical meanderings, in your occult learnings that You Create Your Own Reality, that your consciousness is the sole originator of your circumstances and that is the truth. That is, truth that need not have verification. It is a truth beyond all truths. It is the truth for you to understand. Thus to say, that which you find in your present world, that which you find on the tips of tongues of all around you is a reflection of a reality created by those around you, by that which you have created for yourself as well. Thus to say, if you find that you hear about war, disharmony, conflict. War, disharmony, conflict, rage, violence and aggression, then you need to know you need not understand other than that you have these very same qualities within your own psyches, these very same concerns that are raging within your own awareness and understandings. Thus to say if you find that the war without and the wars within are the same you will have made a great accomplishment for yourself. A great discovery.... That is part of the process of understanding your own creaturehood, your own abilities as spirit, clothed in flesh; that you have the ability to create your own reality and that is done through an intricate series of projections, visualizations and manifestations. Thus to say, what you see around you is a manifestation or a projection of an internal state of awareness within. This is how consciousness operates on the human plane. This is how consciousness operates within the space time continuum of the earth plane, and other planets of course. You need to understand that you have within you the inherent abilities of all consciousness to project inner reality states outward onto a visual physical field that you call the earth plane and that what you see through a physical apparatus, what you call the eyes, are merely cameras registering the film or imprint or pictures that have been created already internally through the inner senses, the inner awareness, the inner psyche. Thus to say, I talked about the self as having both an inward and outward focus. Thus to say, you need to understand this in order to understand that the self in its inward focus creates reality inwardly first and then projects it outwardly onto a visual plane. It is a three dimensional hologram, if you were, that you understand to be the earth plane. Thus to say, if you find in your lives certain qualities around you, then you are concerned with those qualities around you, then you are concerned with those qualities inwardly. That these are issues or lessons even, that you are dealing with on an internal level, on a deep inner psychic level that you feel the need to project or manifest outwardly onto a visual plane or field to see or get feedback from, to reassure yourself about. There are many reasons why you project inward psychic states outwardly. There are many reasons but they all boil down to the same reason and that is too self-realize, self-assure, self-verify your own internal states. Again I come back to the issue of war and peace. The big issues today in the collective psyche, in the collective consciousness of man. The issue of war and peace is one that has been on the minds of many, including those you call 'in the higher realm'. For we see now that these lessons, these understandings that you have about war and peace, are culminating, are coming to final fruition, are coming to final resolution in the passing of one stage or state to another. That is to say, the lessons that you have learned about war and peace will finally bear fruit in the coming days ahead, in the coming new age, in the Age of Aquarius. Thus to say, the ideas of war and peace are becoming intensified within the understandings of all mankind. For that is a natural process in the process of resolution of understanding these concepts themselves. You are feeling the final flowering of your own work, your homework so to speak, within this area of understanding. Thus to say, the idea of war and peace is becoming extremely intensified within you. And you want to know 'Why, do we have war? And you want to know 'Why can't we have peace?" And you want to know 'What is peace?' You already know what war is. You have worked with that issue for a long time. You have projected outwardly many different wars, for many different reasons and now we feel that you have a good understanding about what war is and consequently you now turn to its polar opposite, to its polarity, to the balancing or compensating influence, for that is part of your lesson, that is part of the human psyche, to understand polarity, to understand good and bad, black and white, Yin and Yang, war and peace. For now itis your turn to resolve the understanding ofwar through a definition, a new definition of peace. What is peace then, you ask? What can peace possibly be? How can we manifest peace in all of its perspectives and all of its rays or shades of nuances and understandings? You will do this very naturally. You will do this as naturally as you have done with war and it may take you as long as well. For as we understand it, you are heralding in a new age that will last many thousands of years, an Age of Peace you see. Thus to say, you ask yourself, what is this peace? I want to achieve it. I want it now. Some of you have it now. Some of you don't. Some of you are learning. Some of you are not. This is all part of the general learning process that humankind is undertaking at this time. So do not worry if you do not have peace. Do not worry if you are still working on it. Mankind in general will be working on it for thousands of years. Let it be said that you will understand peace first as a compensatory mechanism to war. That is to say, you will understand peace in terms of counterbalancing the effects of war. That is to say, what you have learned about war, you will apply to peace. Thus to say, you will give certain definitional qualities to the concept of peace based on those realizations achieved through a perspective about war. 'Think about that. Think about that....' For the mass understandings of peace, a general consensus about peace, is that it exists where there is no war. Peace is a state of mind where there is no conflict. Peace is a state of mind where there is no siege. And that is the first definition of awareness of peace that you will come to. And many of you have that. And that is all for the good. For that is the first step in an understanding of what peace is all about. Thus to say, you understand that you cannot have war if you want to have peace. That you cannot have conflict if you want to have peace. There cannot be any violation if you want to have peace. This is the first and primal understanding, of necessity that you need to have peace. The second understanding that will come to you is that peace, alone, is a state of mind That peace in and of itself, is a state of harmony, of grace, of balance. That peace, in and of itself, is a virtue to be aspired to regardless of its function as a compensatory mechanism to what you understand as conflict or strife. Many of you on the path of spiritual evolution have understood this about peace, that you know that it is not just a lack of conflict; that you know that it requires a certain frame of mind, state of mind or attitude. Thus to say, those on the spiritual path have understood that peace can be achieved or acquired through various techniques, and that you understand this through the techniques of meditation, affirmation, prayer, right action, right thinking, being in the moment, being in the present, surrender. These are all concepts that you have played with recently. In the last twenty or thirty years, say, these understandings have come to a head. These understandings have become more understandable and approachable and have been disseminated to a wider audience, and for that purpose, to create a more sophisticated viewpoint about peace. Those on the spiritual path, then, know that peace can be achieved not only through a resolution of conflict but in and of itself as an aspiration towards a certain attitude or frame of mind. And then those, even more evolved than that, understand that peace is a way of life, that peace is a way of being, that peace involves a state of knowingness that transcends the very basic understanding you have today about peace, that transcends the peace that you know into even a greater peace, into an even greater awareness. Those who are evolved understand that peace then, becomes synonymous with love. That peace then, become synonymous with being, that peace, then, become synonymous with ALL THAT IS. There are various stages of understanding, then, that you all need to go through or understand in order to achieve this state of peace. And you are all reflecting rightly within and without your own internal understandings of peace. As I have said before, the self is continually projecting outwardly on a three-dimensional framework its own internal states, its own internal attitudes, its own internal understandings about itself and its relationship to the three-dimensional earth plane. Thus to say, you will see reflected outside of your own level of awareness, your own level of understanding about peace and about war and about love and about being. Many of you wish that you could have peace of mind, that you could live in a world that is peaceful, without strife, without conflict, Then you will think that you have achieved peace but then again, as I have said that is a rudimentary or basic understanding of peace. On a mass level, mankind is working towards that understanding, that condition. Thus to say, in the New Age as the New Age draws upon us, you will find that peace will be understood in terms of that very basic understanding, that very basic condition. There will be less conflict. There will be less war. For that is how you have approached the understanding of peace. Thus to say, there will be more and more peace centers, peace centers which will involve themselves with conflict resolution. They will actually involve themselves with balancing or compensating for the effects of war, the effects of conflict. New Age peace centers. Thus to say, in the New Age, you will first see peace centers that will concern themselves with conflict resolution, with learning cooperation, compromise, diplomacy, the finer points of communication. Thus you will find in the New Age that these qualities, these skills, will be stressed not only in peace centers but in your educational system. For as mankind rises from its awareness to higher and higher states, it reflects within and without these understandings through manifestations of physical structures and societal structures. Thus, you will see social structures set up for the purpose of conflict resolution, for the purpose of learning diplomacy, cooperation, etiquette, tact, the finer points of communication; understandings that you need to know in order to create a conflict free world, a world that learns both points of view and learns how to blend points of view; one that learns how to sympathize points of view and learns how to transcend points of view. Thus to say, you will see, not only in peace centers, the skills of conflict resolution being taught, but those of learning the qualities of higher mind of transcendency, and of surrender. Thus you will see that in peace centers, meditation will become very important. Classes devoted to the higher qualities of mind will become very important. The spiritual and the psychological will be blended together in a new form, in anew science. I would like to call it, myself, Meta-psychology. These are prognostications, these are predictions, these are probabilities I see in the future. These of course may change, there will be variants. There may not be peace but from what I see and from what I feel and from what I hear and from what I sense, there is a forward thrust towards a transcendency of conflict, towards a transcendency of disharmony at this time. More and more people are becoming disgusted with war, tired of conflict, wanting desperately to find peace. And yet they must realize that their disgust, there fatigue, there inner urgings are part of a greater movement, a greater thrust forward of mankind to a greater awareness of self. That this is all one wonderful lesson, one wonderful education, as it were in understanding self. For as I have said before, the qualities of peace, whether it be, in the social sphere, the political sphere or psychological sphere, are ultimately qualities found in the self. Thus to say, for all of you involved in the quest for peace, you need to look inwardly and to see if you are creating for yourself peace of mind. Are you peaceful within yourself? Have you learned to resolve inner conflict? Have you learned to compromise with different facets of your own self? Have you learned the art of diplomacy between different aspects of your own personality? Have you become your own good friend, do you love yourself enough? These are questions you need to concern yourself with in order to gain peace of mind, in order to then project outwardly a peace in the land, a peace around you. This is where the spiritual and the psychological blend. In learning to achieve peace of mind you then, can synthesize various therapies, therapeutic techniques as it were, to create for yourself peace, to create for yourself those qualities which participate in developing that state of mind you call peace, a state of harmony, a state of being, focused in the present, a state of grace, a state of inner acceptance where you accept yourself. Acceptance is very important here to understand. Self acceptance here is the key, for the future, in understanding peace of mind Self acceptance involves self forgiveness. In order to achieve a sense of peace of mind you need to forgive yourself. You need to learn to forgive yourself, for in forgiveness you extend to yourself compassion, self love. You are practicing how to be your own best friend, how to be your own best teacher, how to be your own best guru. For all of it is in preparation for you to learn how to be your own god. I hope I have made my points clear. To reiterate then, for this is an important topic at this time, peace is an inner state of mind that manifests itself on a three-dimensional physical plane or focus that you call the earth. It materializes itself in a social, physical, and psychological way. That the peace that you see or do not see around you reflects that which is internally organized within the self. That if you wish to see more peace outside of you, then you need to achieve this state internally first.That the New Age will dawn in a new understanding of peace. There are those who will understand peace in its very basic or definitional quality, that is, lack of conflict. There will be others who understand peace as a certain attitude and there will be others yet to understand peace as a way of being. All of this will be reflected, projected, if you will, in the New Age in various levels. On the psychological, where you will have a blending of both the spirit and the psychological understandings and on the sociological level where you will see peace centers and educational centers set up. You will also see it on physical levels and biological levels, genetic levels as well. For all levels are affected, all internal states are affected. And as all of continue forward in your understanding of internal peace, you will then see it rightly reflected about you in these new structures, in new ways of relating, in new ways of communicating, in new ways of understanding yourself and others. For all of this ultimately leads to self understanding and transcendency; to higher and higher states of understanding and of being. So that ultimately you become your own best friend, your own guru, your own teacher and ultimately you achieve godhead, god qualities through this simple process of understanding what peace is. I am finished my lecture now. I will now open this up to questions and answers hopefully. Daniel: Are there any question now? Person: How are you Daniel? Daniel: I am fine, and how are you John? John: Good. This question goes back a little to a certain topic about the dynamic between inner and outer areas of consciousness. One thing I was curious about is at the coordinate point of a particular balance, is it at this time that the greatest influence of aspects are focused on the personality when this balance between the inner and outer are achieved? Daniel: We would say so, yes. Good point. Well, spoken. John: Thank you. Daniel: John was asking a rather technical question that had to do with the concepts explained in the last lecture. Concepts having to do with the fact that the human being is in a very interesting position where it finds itself wanting self awareness on both a very personal grounded way, a very deep psychological way, a way focused inward into the understanding the self as he knows it and yet at the same time there is a tendency of mind to expand ever outward to understand the higherself, to understand one's higher purposes and higher mission. As I previously explained, there is an internal dynamic created between both tendencies of mind within the individual, so that up until this time there has been a favoring of understanding the self on the ego level as opposed to understanding the self in terms of its transcendent. That what John has asked me is that there are those individuals who have achieved a balance, those individuals who can look inwardly and look outwardly, so to speak, in a balanced way, in a graceful way. This is not easy and in the New Age you will find more and more individuals who will have achieved this state. They are now what you would call your gurus, your guides, your teachers, your transcendent beings, your super beings, your ascended masters and the like. John has then asked me that for those individuals who have achieved such balance, at that point, are they then open to influences of other aspects of personality. And I say, of course, for that is part of the balance and those aspects of personality are in turn that which he refers to from the writings of my friend Seth, Aspect Selves, in the book Aspect Psychology. Seth is very interested in these ideas and so is John. Thus to say, I hope I have defined and explained the question and answer for you. Person: Good evening Daniel. Daniel: Good evening. Person: I have a question that I concur with the thought that peace begins with self awareness. Without self awareness there can't be peace, but it appears to me that those "gurus" as we see them on this plane are focused more on the transcendental nature of man, and that they are not particularly aware of how they are. Group mirroring techniques`perceived. I guess my question is, 'How do you see group mirroring techniques for self awareness?' Daniel: Give me a moment then... here are those on this plane with whom you can trust enough to reveal yourselves to so that you mirror each other in a give and take fashion. Thus to say, you create for yourselves, in your life, friends, associates, liaisons with individuals, with whom you have a certain trust so that you can reflect yourself and they in turn can reflect themselves. And for each other you see each other in yourself and in the other person. The mirroring, as you call it, is going on constantly, consistently, for as I have said to you, a basic of fundamental aspect of human consciousness is its projective quality. You are continually projecting yourselves onto the three dimensional plane and that does not limit itself to your immediate surroundings, the chair, the couch, the person with whom you live, but also your neighbors, your friends, the television that you watch, the plays that you read, the books that you read, the telephone calls that you have and so on and so forth. They can all be seen rightly as mirrors, as symbols if you will, of your consciousness and yet done so in a loving and cooperative manner. For, you must understand that beneath what you see, apparently, as all this conflict and all this disharmony is a great loving cooperation among all the elements, among all the people, places and events. At this time, they are constantly interacting with you in ways that continually mirror yourself. Person: Well, I don't think that awareness can be expanded as long as we are self-deceptive and I see that a lot of people whom I love and are intimately involved with on this plane are full of self deception. I'm sure I'm guilty of the same thing and therefore the mirroring process to be functional has to get .... There can't be peace without good deception. And I see a lot of deception, people full of deception. Daniel: Yes, mirrors are accurate and if what you see accurately is self deception then that is what is being projected. However, at a deeper level, the self knows itself quite well. Self deception is a methodology or style of learning. If a person deceives itself it does so for the purpose of learning more about itself through trial and error, through betrayal, through isolation. These are hard lessons, but those who self deceive choose it, choose the style for their own idiosyncratic purposes. You may be tired of this style. You may be wanting to learn to mirror yourself in ways that do not involve self deception. Thus to say, you may now be choosing a new way of learning about yourself. Person: Thankyou. One other thing from a pragmatic standpoint. You talked about the development of peace centers. How do you expect them to be sustained in an economic sense? Do you see them as a community developing out of a community effort will there be voluntary donations? Do you see them being run as an autonomous profit centers that will self sustaining? How do you see this developing? Daniel: Give me a moment then... It could that there will be various undertakings in various forms. But there will be many experimental centers that will come and go. But as your consciousness changes, as new ways of conflict resolution occur, compromises are achieved, the structures of these centers will reflect that awareness accordingly. They will generally will be of a cooperative nature, perhaps communally owned or communally operated, subsidized by donations, grants, salaries and so on. Very much like non-profit organizations today. Person: Do you have any specific advice for pioneers in the area since we are not aware of other centers? Daniel: I will say that you are doing well. That this channeling center, for example, is the prototype for new structures, new organizational structures, new ways to structure our consciousness, our society our way of being. The attempt in itself, the intention, the desire is so strong that it carries with it such high integrity that it will be sufficient in and of itself for some time. The momentum will carry it forward and others will strike up in the hearts of men and women an inspiration, an inspired state and this, in itself, will gather around you followers, supporters, money. Daniel: Anyone over here? No. Anyone else? Person: What advise can you give me on making this transition, not just thinking, but actually achieving it? Daniel: And what makes you think you have not achieved it? Person: I am still trying to take control of what is best for me rather than allowing it to happen. Daniel: What you need to understand is that you need to accept yourself first. Acceptance of self automatically achieves. Acceptance of self is acceptance of one's godhood acceptance into or unto God. Acceptance of self is acceptance of one's godhood. Thus to say, if you deny the basic integrity of your own needs, if you cannot forgive yourself, if you cannot love yourself and all that you do, you will never let in God. You are still holding onto beliefs that are dismissing the God in you, dismissing the good in you. For here, good and God can be seen as synonymous. Thus to say, surrender to your good. Surrender to your own innate intelligence. Love yourself more. This is how you let go and let God. If you let go of old conflicts, of old beliefs, of distorted thinking patterns, if you let go of that, then you will let in the good and then you will let in God. Daniel: Anyone else? Person: You have used the word God twice. Could you explain what you mean by Godhood? Daniel: Yes. Give me a moment... The word Godhood is a convenient term. It is one in which you have all commonly accepted understandings or reference points. That is to say, it is a state of transcendency,it is a state of achieving transcendency, as you would understand it, or achieving a greater state of being. The way that I wish to express it as a greater sense of self, a greater assuredness of self, a greater sophisticated sense of self. That is what I wish to impart to you as to what is Godhood. For you are already in your Godhood. You have not lost your Godhood. You are finding in the process of finding it again. Thus to say, to achieve Godhood, just to surrender to it is to see it, is to feel it, is to be it. It is to know that you are already God. Does that answer your question? Person: Yes, thank you. Person: I have two questions, Daniel. One, do you know everyone in the room? Daniel: I know them now. Person: Secondly, what is the best method or methods of achieving self inner peace and do they vary with the individual? Daniel: Give me a moment then... They will vary with each individual. For you all are at various levels of understandings of yourself. For all of you have different agendas, or different styles of understanding yourself. Thus to say, the prescription I give you may not equally apply to the prescription I give to others in this room. But I will try to commence with a general prescription for peace of mind, if you like. Number one, I want you first to hark back to a time when you were happy, when you felt good, when you were joyful. You may want to first look back in your memory pattern and your past associations to the time of your childhood and think of the first time you were happy. Think of the joyful times you achieved in childhood. Those times indicate the quality that I wish exemplify to you as peace of mind. It may have been a time when you were merely sitting and watching something, when you were interacting joyfully with a friend, when you were gleefully swinging on a swing or jumping into a river, or skating down the street. It may have been after you told a good joke and laughed yourself silly. Those qualities that you hark back to in your childhood exemplify those qualities that I consider to be that of peace of mind. And once you have remembered, even if it is one memory, even if it is half a memory then I want you to examine that memory in the meditative state. Put yourself in a meditative state if you can, relax, breathe deeply and think back to those times and I want you to re-experience that memory as completely as possible. Feel yourself as you were then, feel the environment, smell the smells and feel your feelingsdeeply. That is the key here, to feel your feelings. For in this society, the process of maturation involves a process of denying feeling, of repressing the full range of feeling and expression of feeling. That is part of the reason you feel that you do not have peace of mind. For you feel that you only have pieces of your mind, so to speak. You do not have all the pieces. They have been lost or denied or repressed. Thus to say, it is important to recapture these feelings, to reintegrate them now into your adulthood so then you will feel this peace of mind. Then you will know what this peace of mind is. This is your first lesson. This is all I will tell you today. That is enough. Do you understand? Person: Speaking of becoming at peace with all do you feel the harmonic convergence in the middle of all this will affect us individually and collectively in terms of peace? Daniel: Good question. Give me a moment then...That which you know as the time of harmonic convergence is that which heralds the break from the past, it is a dramatic release of the past from your race memory and from a certain probable focus. What we see here is that mankind will change its focus into a new probability, into a new realm which will allow for the expansion of its power, the expansion of man's awareness. The development of what I have called peace, will accelerate in its development. There is an acceleration here. There will be an acceleration here as a consequence of this convergence. All things will accelerate. ..There will be a vibrational acceleration on the physical, biological genetic level. The consequence, then, will be social, psychological, political change. They will not be manifest immediately, as time in your system extends itself in a certain duration of space and of a certain sequence. Thus to say, these changes will be felt but durationally, and consequently the sequence of events that will take place months and months from the original time of convergence will vary. What you are asking is what will you feel. On that date, there will be an upliftment, a sense of joy, a sense of peace, if you will. You will feel joy, joyful, almost ecstatic if you will. It will be a time of great joy. And a time of spontaneous expression. That, again, is what I stress, for that is what has been lacking in your society, an allowance for spontaneous expression. Thus to say, you will find many street theaters, performance art happenings occurring, very much like the time of the hippies as you understand them, in the 1960's and 70's. A resurgence of spontaneity, of creativity and expression will be found from that time on. It will be wonderful, a wonderful event, a wonderful occurrence. Nothing to fear, everything to gain. Person: Will this energy level coming upon us in effect change any of our psychological patterns? Daniel: It will allow for the release of emotional blocks more easily and less painfully, so as to the allowance for spontaneous expression and for the need to express oneself now in greater ways. Individuals will find that they had blocks where they did not know they had blocks. Thus to say, they may seek therapy to release such blocks for themselves. Thus to say, the workers in the field of body work as you understand it will find their clientele increasing as more and more people become aware of the effects, the releasing effects of therapeutic beadwork, therapeutic movement, therapeutic body awareness and education. Person: On the other end of the spectrum, will it, in turn, open up various abilities that have been sealed off or held back from us up until this time? Daniel: Give me a moment, then. No. That is in itself a psychic process. What we see here is that the convergence will work more on the emotional level. The psychic or spiritual levels, of course, will be enhanced and of course will accelerate but it is the emotional levels that need their releasing, their expression so that other aspects of self can develop more clearly, you see. Person: Is there any work that we should be doing in preparation for the convergence? Daniel: Make merry. Just enjoy yourselves those days. Have picnics, have celebrations, get together, entertainment, enjoy yourselves. That is the lesson here to be learned. Taking pleasure in yourself and in the company of others and in taking pleasure in spontaneous expression of self. Thus to say, do not plan too much. That would not be spontaneous. Person: It seems that children have much more spontaneous expression and inner peace and if that is so, why do we seemingly lose it as adults and have to learn how to regain it? Daniel: Good question. Give me a moment then. As children you are in a state of grace. You come into the physical realm prepared for learning. And in that state of preparation you are in a state of grace, expressing and not expressing. For that is the state of the perfected student. And that is all what you are when you enter into the physical realm. And as a student you begin to learn. And as you begin to learn you begin to experiment. And you begin to create with what you learn. And you begin to manifest with what you learn. And you know it is perfect, it is absolutely perfect to fail. It is absolutely wonderful to make mistakes. And that is what you do, because it is wonderful, because you learn more, because you learn more. And in the process of failure and in the process of making mistakes, you come across fear, you come across pain. You feel conflict. You feel what you call undesirable emotions. And through the feelings of such undesirable emotions, you learn how to work with them, so that you could either create more or less of these feelings. For to be human is to explore the emotional state. That is one of the prime purposes of human life, is to give full expression and full feeling to feelings, of emotive states, whether they be desirable or not, painful or not. So you learn these feelings. So you come across these states of mind that you do not quite understand. Certain states of mind put you in a panic, for you have certain beliefs about these states of mind, these feelings that you have learned as a child. Thus to say, you need to learn how to juggle both your beliefs and your feelings; and whether they come into conflict or not with each other, whether they complement each other, whether they cooperate with each other. That is an aspect of self which I have not elaborated on today but one which is very important to understand. Part of being human is to learn how to creatively cooperate and work with belief systems and your emotive states. Though belief systems create emotive states, emotive states take on their own coloration and their own life and their own intensity which seems far removed from their genesis, from the original thought which created them. Thus to say, the child is in a state of grace, in a state of peace, if you will, of a sorts for it is a blank slate, a clean slate that has not interacted yet with the environment in a human like fashion. It begins to and thus learns about itself in the human like way. And in human fashion, the child changes, feel, does not feel, does not feel so good, feels better, does not feel better, feels good again. It hates. It lusts. It hurts. It fears. All of these feelings are wonderful. All of these feelings are meant to be felt and felt deeply. The process of childhood into adolescence is one where feelings are felt even more intensely as you understand it. Teenagers go crazy, so to speak. That is because the process of feeling becomes more intensified. Adulthood is when feelings then are conjoined or cooperated with or complimented with or melted with beliefs, ideas, new concepts, and a new, sophisticated sense of self. Thus to say, adulthood is that process where feeling and belief are conjoined anew in creative fashion. And this process then takes place for many years. I hope that answers your question. Person: Amy had mentioned that she sensed you were preparing this talk. I was wondering, are you taking from the humanities, past ideas or understandings of war and peace and trying to sprinkle them onto our current understanding of war and peace and then projecting a probable reality? Daniel: Well, that's the technical aspect of it. I am trying to address myself to a consensus opinion, to a socially or generally accepted version of the concept of war and peace for the purpose of this talk. Person: You, obviously, Daniel, do not mean that everybody, when you talk about childhood development in this plane, is at the same level because there are a lot of children in this world, I would say the predominant children in this world, are concerned totally with survival and there isn't the opportunity for them to develop emotionally that they might have had if they were in our society. We're only one aspect, we're only one society here. How do you explain that? Daniel: It is a complicated affair however, your soul, your higher self, your spirit chooses to operate within the three dimensional focus within a certain space-time continuum and a certain environment. It chooses its environment for its own purposes, for its own eccentric reasons, for style, for sentiment, for karma. Thus to say, those individuals who find themselves being born into a society where there is poverty, where there are the most direst of circumstances, where they need to survive are concerned with the issues of survival and their emotions will develop accordingly. They want their emotions to develop in a certain fashion that they did not have the chance to say, to develop in that fashion before. That is to say, if a child was born into a family of rich parents, it too develops emotionally in a certain fashion. But the crux of its emotional development revolves around its wealth. Person: I concur. Without suffering, without the problems and learning to over our problems we can grow from the solutions. But there appears to be more poverty in this earth and projection of more poverty. I've seen population statistics and so forth and is that because there has been too much, too much wealth in the past, in general? I'm talking averages now. I'm not talking specifics. I'm talking about mankind in general. Is there more poverty? Do you feel there is more poverty or the same amount of poverty that there has always been. Are these individuals shifting? Daniel: Give me a moment then. Consciousness does not work on the law of averages. Consciousness does not seek out situations so as to balance or compensate a certain idealistic state. Consciousness is a little more complex than that. What you see here through your statistics is a version of your reality that you are working with. That you, in yourself, have chosen to work within this setting or framework which concerns itself with the development of poverty. For you yourself have come from a rather well-to-do background and thus you are concerned with poverty as that is acompensatory attitude you have taken for what you feel to be an easy life, one that was given to you. You do this out of a sense of guilt. Thus to say, your concern with poverty is based on a personal sense of guilt for your own circumstances. Ones that you did not think you created, thus to say, you wish you had been able to create for yourself a life that had perhaps more personal meaning. Thus, you turn to the opposed or polar opposites of your life, that is one of being poor to look for the qualities in that life which you feel may be of merit or value unconsciously. You rationalize it by thinking that you are concerned about the plight of mankind. But your concern for poverty is a deep one that has deep psychological ramifications for you. For you have seen that thought you have grown up well- to-do, you were impoverished on an emotional level, so to speak. Thus to say, you seek this impoverishment, you seek to understand this impoverishment by projecting it into realities outside of yourself. Thus to say, you seek this impoverishment, you seek to understand this impoverishment by projecting it into realities outside of yourself. Thus to say, you are attracted to the concept of impoverishment as it manifests physically in poverty stricken individuals. Consider this now. THE CHANNELING SYMPOSIUM Lecture #3 - Recorded July 7, 1987 Mellrose Park, Penna. c. 1988 AC Productions PEACE IN THE NEW AGE Channeled By AMY BORTNER A. C. Productions PEACE IN THE NEW AGE I feel now that the channeler is tiring. However, I am not and I would be glad to speak with you again and I hope you would be glad to listen to me as well. It has been most delightful to be with you this evening and I hope you have taken in my words, my viewpoint as one that has been developed from a long series of what you call failure, trial and error, human error, if you will. That this information does not come from an bstracted, cold viewpoint but one from having lived many lives and having asked the same questions as yourself to others like yourself. I thank you and I send you my peace and blessings.


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