■LÝ A Project of the Pentalpha Network Have you ever purchased anything for ritual or spi

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■LÝA Project of the Pentalpha Network Have you ever purchased anything for ritual or spiritual use? Books? Incense? Herbs? Have you shopped for items relating to your spiritual path? Do you frequent businesses which call themselves witch stores, magickal supply shops, etc.? If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, you are a Pagan Consumer, and this project should interest you. The idea of associating money with spirituality is distasteful to many of us. However, we are consumers; we use money to purchase goods and services which we feel would benefit us in our religious practices. The Pagan Consumer Guide is being assembled as a guide to goods and services, which will largely be based on the data collected from the survey below. It has been written that one is not to haggle over the price of ritual goods; we hope that the Guide will help individuals find the best VALUE--quality, customer relations, size of readership and breadth of scope, etc. Please send the completed survey to: Pentalpha 152 Bliss Drive Box #3 Tallahassee, FL 32310 You are also welcome to write for free information on the Pentalpha Network, including membership information. As a matter of course, the survey is anonymous. Thank you for your participation! Your sharing will benefit many others! Pagan Consumer Guide Survey 1) Have you ever bought anything for ritual or spiritual use? 2) Have you bought anything in the past: Three months? Six months? One year? Longer than one year? 3) Approximately how much have you spent on ritual or spiritual goods? 4) Do you subscribe to any Pagan periodicals? (Green Egg, Circle, OALM, etc.) 5) Do you purchase Pagan periodicals commercially? 6) If you answered yes to #5, where do you purchase them? 7) If you answered yes to #5 or #6, which periodicals do you read? 8) Have you shopped via mail order? 9) If yes to #9, which mail order companies do you patronize? 10) What are your reasons for shopping by mail? 11) Have you been satisfied with the quality of you mail-ordered goods? 12) Do you buy Pagan-related books? 13) If you answered yes to #11, from where do you buy books? 14) What kinds of books do you buy? (On what Pagan topics) 15) What things do you look for when shopping for Pagan goods? 16) What have you looked for, and not been able to find? 17) What would you like to see more of? Less of? 18) How much are your purchases the result of advertising? 19) What influences your purchases? 20) In general, do you find prices to be high, cheap, or reasonable? 21) If something was too expensive but "felt right", would you buy it? 22) If something was too expensive, would you look into making it? 23) Do you own a Tarot deck? 24) If you answered yes to #23, what kind(s)? 25) Circle any of the following that you own: Computer Car TV Stereo system House Stocks/Bonds 26) What would you like to see featured in the Pagan Consumer Guide? 27) What goods, businesses and services would you recommend to readers of the PCG? 28) What businesses, goods and services would you recommend against? THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME, AND BLESSED BE!


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