A Small list of Pagan Publications Ancient Ways: +quot;Ireland's Pagan Alternative magazin

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A Small list of Pagan Publications ---------------------------------- Ancient Ways: "Ireland's Pagan Alternative magazine." Articles, editorials letters, poetry, magic, herb lore, seasonal celebrations, sacred sites. 75p/issue. Write for currect subscription price. Address: Ancient Ways, c/o The Alachemist's head Bookshop, 10 East Essex St., Dublin 2, Ireland. Awen: "A new magazine of Keltic-Pagan poetry." Named after the primal Kymraeg Goddess for poetic inspiration, the magazine is devoted to publishing the rich stream of modern-day Celtic and Pagan poetry. Published by Kaledon Naddair, who publishes 'Inner Keltia'. $5 for each issue. Address: Kaer Eidyn, 8 Annandale Street, Edinburgh, EH7 4AN, Alban (Scotland). The Bard: A herditary-Welsh journal of Celtic religion. Published to coincide with the four Celtic festivals by the Annwn Temple of Gwynfyd. The journal and the Temple are concerned with the presentation of a family-based Celtic religion. "We do not pretend to practice ancient Celtic religion--only Celtic religion as it survived as folk religion. Our main focus, then, is the presentation of our family religion's teachings, beliefs, practices, while showing how they evolved and their basis in ancient Celtic belief... We concieve our journal as a traditional Celtic publication... We are not neo-Pagans and our journal is not a neo-Pagan creation. It is a traditional Pagan publication; we consider ourselves traditional Celtists (Our family religion is called, by us Celtism)." Celtic history, lore, poetry, rituals, festivals. Subscriptions: $9/year in U.S. and Canada; $12/year foreign airmail (U.S funds or U.S. money order only); $3.50 for sample copy. Checks payable to R. A. DeVowe, Address; Annwn Temply of Gwynfyd, 5102 N. 16th Dr. Lor#3, Phoenix, Arizona 85015. Cainteanna na Luise: A quarterly journal of modern Druidic arts. "The concern of Cnl, is the multiplicity and mutability of reality, linked with ancient Celtic mythopoetica. Cnl, believes that most 'druidism' today has nothing to do with ancient form, but that much can be learned by going to scholars and Irish sources. Cnl, emphasizes the study of Irish (Gaelige), as a thaumatergic--liturgical language, believing a person's language determines his/her reality.: Articles, linguistics, discussions, book reviews. 16-24 pages. Subscriptions $9/year in U.S and Canada: $11/year overseas; sample issue: $3 in the U.S; $4 elsewhere. Checks must be made out to John Kellinhauser. Address: Cainteanna na Luise, 805-85 Wellesley East, Toronto Ontario, M4Y 1H8 Canada. The Cauldron: "An independant pagan journal of the Old Religion founded in 1976." Articles on Wicca, Paganism, earth mysteries, sacred sites, book reviews, history, festivals. This is one of the most respected British Craft publications. The journal is dedicated to presentind a broad spectrum of Pagan belief. It has a wide reasership throughout the Pagan movement. Published four times a year. Subscriptions: $6/year U.S (bills only). Address: M. A. Howard, 4 Llysonnen Cottages, Llysonnen Road, Carmarthen, Dyfed, SA 33 5ED Wales, United Kingdom. Circle Network News: One of the largest, best, and best-known Pagan newspapers--filled with articles, rituals, illustrations, invocations, contacts, news, photos, herbal formulas, reviews, magical development exercises, chants, and other material contributed by newtwork members. Emphasis on Wicca, Shamanism, Goddess-Worship, positive magic, and related Pantheistic ways. Published quarterly. At this point Circle can lay claim to being the largest, most visivle, and most important Pagan networking organization around. Circle has taken on the responsibility for being a contact center for Pagan folk throughout the United States and around the world. Subscriptions: $9/year bulk mail in U.S.; $13/year first class in U.S. and Canada; $17 airmail elsewhere (U.S. funds); $3 for sample copy. Address: Circle, Box 219, Mt Horeb, Wisconsin 53572. The Druid's Progress: The journal of Ar nDraiocht Fein ("Our own Druidism") edited by P. E. I. Bonewits. Scholarly emphasis. Bonewits is creating a Pan-European reconstructionist tradition of Neo-Pagan Druidism. The journal is opinionated, intellectual, fascinating. The organization is hierarchial--or at least not democratic to the point of overthrowing the Archdruid (Bonewits) himself-but really good for people searching for a structured form of study on the Druidic path. Discusses beliefs, linguistics, training, history, research, art, music, ritual. Subscriptions: $20 for four issues minimum donation (Canada $30; overseas $40). All subscriptions start with the first issue. Checks payable to P. E. I. Bonewits. Address: P.O. Box 9398, Berkely California 94709. The Faerie Folk Newsletter: A quarterly Wiccan publication published by Lady Eillonwy and the Children of the Moon Grove. The grove is part of Y Tylwyth Teg (The Faerie Folk), an ancient Welsh tradition. Articles, poetry, rituals, herbs. Subscription: $5/year; $1 for sample copy. Checks payable to Mary Santangelo. Address: The Faerie Folk Newsletter, c/o Lady Eillonwy, P.O box 100585, Ft. Lauderdale Florida 33310. Inner Keltia: "The Leading Journal of the Keltic Renaissance." A well produced, illustrated journal devoted to "re-animating virtually every aspect of Keltic-Pagan culture and spirituality." Each issue is more than 100 pages, with articles, poetry, reviews, news, designs, music, history, festivals, symbolism, rituals. Each issue is $6 in the U.S.; $7 in Canada. The editor is Kaledon Naddair, who believes that the "Ancient Shamanistic Wisdom of the Druids is being re-born, and it is taking many Native Pagans very much deeper into Initiation than Wicca or Crowley-Mania ever could!" Naddair also publishes two other journals. The first is The Pictish Shaman, a magazine which " focuses on the Initiatory Wisdom of the Primal Kelts--the Kruithni/Ffichti/Picts." Approximately 80 pages, illustrated. Same prices as Inner Keltia. The second is Awen, a poetry magazine featuring religious, mythological, erotica, and romantic poetry from the leading Celtic-Pagan poets. Approximately 80 pages, illustrated; $5 an issue. Address: Kaer Eidyn, 8 Annandale Street, Edinburgh, Eh7 4AN, Alban (Scotland). The New Celtic Review: "The Quarterly Journal of the Golden Section Order Society for the Preservation of Celtic Lore." This Druid revivalist group puts out a beautifully produces journal, many pages are hand-lettered. Celtic news, festivals, philosophy, poetry, bardic lore, artwork. Subscriptions: $6/issue in U.S. Address: The G.S.O. Society, BM Oak Grove, London WCIN 3XX England, United Kingdom. Paganspoof: This is a one-time only spoof on Pagan periodicals. If you're getting bored with most of the journals listed here, this will give you a chuckle. Cost: $3. Write to Moonstone Publications, Our Lady of the Woods, P.O. Box 176, Blue Mounds, Wisconsin 53517.


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