■000 Beginning Paganism■000 ■000 A series of classes for the beginning pagan■000 Prepared

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■000 Beginning Paganism■000 ■000 A series of classes for the beginning pagan■000 Prepared by Lady Gillian of the Grove of the Silver Light■000 ■000 I do thank all who were responsibile for my training and some of their excelent ideas and words remain in my teachings.■000 ■000 ■000 ■000 The Wiccan religion has it's roots in the basic beliefs from several areas of the world from about 3000 years or longer ago. The religion is a matriarchal based religion,and believes in both a God as well as Goddess.■000 While in the current form for about 50 years or so,as best as most people can determine,the roots for the system of beliefs do extend back thru the prechristian era.■000 I tease most of my students that this is not a democracy but instead is a benevolent dictatorship.And Yes... I am the dictator.■000 In the Wiccan religion,The High Priestess is the final authority on matters.The reason for this has to do with the nature of the concept of universal energies.Man or male energy is seen as active,force and female as receptive form.Therefore the female takes the active male energy and transforms it into receptive or creative form.Just as in real life,the female takes the seed from man and creates new life.■000 In the beginning of mans understanding,all new life came from the woman,and while they were not aware of how it got there,they knew that life did not come except thru woman. Today we do understand how this new life was placed there,but even so,new life comes from the woman.So we do strivce within the Wiccan religion to place emphisis on balance and we do use a duality of male and female.■000 At one time,the pagan religions or dual diety religions were the most prevenalt on the earth.During the coming of Christianity,the Clergy of the pagan religions and the clergy of the Christian religion in some areas,would fill in for each other when necessary.A lot of the current Christian holidays and celebrations were derived from the pagan holidays and celebrations.■000 The officials of the Christian religion felt and rightly so,that it would be easier for the people to change over if the celebrations were similar.Some of the old pagan power points for worshiping were used by the Christians as well. Indeed,some of the major churches and cathederals were built on these areas.■000 In many of the older Chrictian churches,some of the Pagan symabols are still seen and often they also had a seperate altar room for the pagan people to worship at. These were frequently called the horned altars for the horns that represented the Horned God Or Pan or Curnnunos as he was called.■000 This should not be confused with the Christian concept of the devil or Satan.Infact,the sterotype of Satan is much different than he was mentioned in the Old Testament ofthe bible and is basically an archetypal creation of the Christians. The Wiccans did not have such a figure as with the brlief in Karma and reincarnation,there was no need for a "boogie man" to scare the peopel into acceptible behavior.■000 The atempt to transfer the Horned God into the form of Satan was to try and root out the remaining influence of the pagan religion.Many of these people also had land that the church officials desired and it was also an effective way to remove what they could then call undesirable persons and take their land and posessiona. This was the beginning of the burning times when it was estimated that 9,000,000 peopel were starved,hung,burned,drown or otherwise killed by the religious persecution of the Christain church. The Bubonic plage was also atributed to the pagans and did more to further reduce the population as well as frighten the people into the supposed protection of the Church.■000 It was indeed a dark time for the human race as a whole.■000 Most pagans today,or Wiccans as most of us are called haveexperienced in some form a continuance of persecution and misunderstanding.This is te reason that most of us keep quite about our religion and why Wiccan groups are difficult to locate.■000 The word wicca is said to derive from wicce,and older engligh word meaning wise.So the followers of wicca are said to be witches and practice wise craft or witch craft.Most of us call it just the Craft.The word witch had been used in a very derrogatory manner for a number of years as can be evidenced thru literature and Hollywood productions. One of the few well known "good " witches is that of Glenda in the Wizard of Oz. So we must endevor to overcome all of this very bad P.R. and try and enlighten our fellow man when possible so that we are removing the burden of fear and misunderstanding from ourselves as well.■000 This course is designed to cover all of the material that is needed to be learned for first degree initiation into the craft or for a simple pagan dedication. However,Initiation is also based on the maturity of the person and their knowelege of self and how they handle their self in other areas of life. A student cannot just come to class on Sunday evenings and then be a drug dealer or ax murderer the rest of the week. I also do not allow any of my studnes to associate with known Satanist or black magic users.And I do expect courtsey.If one can't attend class or a ritual,have the courtesy to call an say so,rather than just not show up.We are stressing responsibility here...for your own life.■000 We do also operate as on energy exchange.I give my energy to help and teach you,to counsel and advise when necessary and tho I do not charge for lessons,I do ask that that energy is returned in some form.As a normal person myself,I may need a favor some day too. We do ask for donations when you have a bit of spare change,to cover copying,candles,charcole,incense,our P.O.Box that we maintain and such things.So if you can give,please do...if you can't..that's ok too.You can do the dishes instead■000 For those who are getting this from the computer boards.I am on Network, The Guardians, The Beauty BBS metaphysical conference as well as Illuminet.Please feel free to leave messages and or questions at any time. The P.O.Box for the Grove of the Silver Light is Box 464596; Lawrenceville,Ga.30246■000 Those of you who wish to attend class in person..please contact me.If you ask around your BBS you can prob.find someone who does know me and if you are vouched for..my phone number is available.■000 Enjoy,further classes will be forthcomming and please do not use any spells or such you may learn or read untill you know what you are doing.■000 ■000 I remove all of these lessons from the laws of cause and effect for my self and my Grove. So Mote it be.■000 ■000 ■000 ■000 ■000 ■000 ■000


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