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To receive the 'MOON TIDES' newsletter and the Moon Web rituals send $3 cash to: Moon Web, c/o Po Box 4538, Sunnyside, New York 11104-4538. RITUAL FOR THE HEALING OF THE OZONE LAYER OF THE ATMOSPHERE July 29th, 1988 at 8pm, local time Moon in Aquarius A circle is cast. The four quarters (elements) are invoked as the four winds. They are; East- Eurus South- Notus West- Zephyrus North- Boreus. As the winds are called individuals dressed in flowing scarves enter the circle and bring their 'influence' to share. If possible you may have a cauldron or simmering pot in the center of the circle and they may drop sweet- smelling herbs into it. An atmosphere is created. When all of the winds are gathered they invoke Astraeus, the diety of the starry night. Astraeus should be attired in a dark cape with stars on it. Astraeus speaks about the problem of the ozone layer of the atmosphere in simple terms (see attached info). Then with Astraeus and the four winds in the center energy is raised that they will direct. All chant: The earth, the air, the fire, the water, Return, return, return, return. The winds assist in focusing the energy which Astraeus directs. When the peak is reached Astraeus is transformed! The cloak of the starry night is reversed to reveal one of the colors of the dawn. Pieces of cloth have been attached that may be taken home by folks after the ritual. Astraeus has become Eos-the dawn. The magic is done. Eos speaks. The winds are thanked and the circle is opened. **Info for the moon web**distribute widely** What and where is the ozone? The ozone layer of the earth's atmosphere is between the stratosphere and mesosphere. It is about 20 miles about the earth's surface. The ozone protects us from ultraviolet light. This increase might increase skin cancer rates by as much as ten percent. It may also cause damage to crops, marine life, and other life. How was this problem discovered? Scientists noted the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica. It is growing. What is causing the damage? A group of substances called chlorofluorocarbons (cfcs). Freon used in refrigeration, the gas in aerosol cans, gases used in the manufacture of styrofoam and certain plastics (supermarket check-out bags) all are cfcs. What can be done? A great deal of damage has been done. Researchers say that cfcs in the atmosphere last for 100 years. Right now we can stop using aerosol cans and styrofoam. The Moon Web enclosed will help to raise consciousness of the problem. Write to your federal elected representatives to tell them your views. Stress the urgency of the problem.


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