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====================================================================== <> * 416-237-1204 * PC-Pursuitable * File Requestable * HST * 24 Hour Operation * Sysop - Tom Mickus * Toronto * FREE ====================================================================== ====================================================================== OSSETTE.TXT - Text file that was scanned and processed via OCR by ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Harvey Stewart [UFONET I] . The file was run through the Microsoft Word 5.0 spell checker following conversion so most errors in character recognition should be ok. Now that I finally have OCR software that works there should be lots of files on the way so stay tuned. Do you have important material that needs to be shared? Contact us here at UFONET I and perhaps we can convert your document to a text file for you using our OCR software and hardware. You can contact either myself Harvey Stewart or the Sysop of this board Tom Mickus for details. ====================================================================== ====================================================================== NOTE: THAT DUE TO THE USE OF A SPELL CHECKER IN OCR PROCESSING ERRORS PRESENT IN THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT HAVE BEEN CORRECTED!!!! ====================================================================== SPEECH FOR OSSETTE CONFERENCE SEPTEMBER, 1989. ---------------------------------------------- Start speech with the quotes from the MOD re UFO not coming under the Official Secrets Act. Then quote the American document. (Slide 1) The fact that we are such close allies. Also if UFO don't come under the Official Secrets Act why is it that so many are retained under the 30 year rule. I am Tony Dodd and my friend is Dr. Henry Azadehdel. Both Dr. Henry and myself were originally geared to speak about our own particular experiences in the UFO field, but due to information which came to us several weeks ago in relation to an alleged crashed UFO in South Africa, we have spent a considerable amount of time engaged in an in depth investigation into the information received. Due to the complex nature of the investigation both Dr. Henry and myself will take turns to speak and will hopefully give you a picture of the sequence of events as they occurred. You will be shown slides of certain documents which were passed to us and also of the person who passed the information. Unfortunately it has been necessary to blank out certain names and places but this has been done to protect the identity of our informant who is no longer in this country. He stated that he is a South African Air Force Intelligence Officer and would be charged with Treason in his own country should his identity be revealed. I have been corresponding with this man for a long time but was not aware of his Intelligence Connections until the last few weeks. At this stage I would point out as stated previously, that certain omissions have been made in the talk we are about to give. It is of the utmost importance that our sources of information are totally protected for their own safety. By protecting informants in this way we hope that other Intelligence sources will come forward and eventually the full picture of what is going on will emerge. If when we have finished giving details of this incident there is time we will be happy to answer questions but we reserve the right not to answer if we feel that our continuing enquiries or source of information would be compromised. ************************************ *** *** *** END OF PAGE 1 *** *** *** ************************************ During the first week in July I received correspondence from Mr. which stated that a UFO had crashed in the Kalahari Desert and ha been recovered by a team of South African Military personnel to secret Air Force base. He also informed me that two live alien entities had been found in the craft. The information also stated that a group of American Military personnel had arrived and had taken over the investigation. He stated that he would forward a copy of the Official South African Top Secret document to me but would send i later in a letter which would not contain any details of the sender in case the letter was intercepted. (Slide 2) A week later I received the document which consisted of five pages and was headed with the South African Air Force crest. Every page of the document was marked Top Secret. (Slide 3) The story told by the document was as follows: (Slide 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. At 1.45 pm on the 7th. May 1989 a Naval Frigate of the South African navy was at sea when it contacted Naval Headquarters to report an unidentified flying object on their radar scope, heading towards the South African continent in a North Westerly direction at a calculated speed of 5746 nautical miles per hour. This message was acknowledged and confirmed that the object was also being tracked by airborne radar and military ground radar installations. The object entered South African air space at 1.52 PM and at this time radio contact was attempted but to no avail. As a result two Mirage jet fighters were scrambled on an intercept course. At 1.59pm. Squadron leader ------- the pilot of one of the Mirage fighters stated over the intercom that they had radar and visual confirmation of the craft. The order was given to arm and fire the Thor 2 experimental laser canon. This was done. (Thor 2 is a Top Secret experimental beam weapon) The Squadron Leader reported several blinding flashes emanating from the object which had started wavering and it started to decrease speed and altitude at the rate of 3000 feet per minute. It eventually crashed at a 25 degree angle into the dessert in Botswana A recovery team was dispatched to the crash site where it was found that the UFO was embedded in the side of a large crater in the sand. The sand in the vicinity of the object was fused together due to the intense heat. One telescopic leg protruded from the side of the craft as if caused by the impact. Large recovery helicopters were flown to the site and the first one reaching the scene overflew the object at a height of 500 feet and immediately stalled and crashed. Five crew members were killed. It was found that vehicles approaching the object also developed engine trouble due to an intense electro magnetic field coming from the object. ************************************ *** *** *** END OF PAGE 2 *** *** *** ************************************ Eventually a paint like compound was received at the site and painted on the object which appeared to neutralize the magnetic field. The object was eventually conveyed to an Air Force Base and was taken to the sixth level underground. At this time it was totally intact. Whilst this was going on the American Team from Wright Patterson AFB arrived. Whilst the recovery team and scientists were mulling over the object their attention was suddenly attracted to a noise from the side of the craft. They noticed that an opening had appeared in the side. It was doorway but had only opened to a small gap. Attempts were made to open the door but without success so hydraulic pressure gear was used to force the door open. As soon as the door opened two small alien entities staggered out an were immediately arrested by security personnel present. A makeshift medical holding area was set up. One of the entities appeared to be seriously injured but doctors withdrew when one of them was attacked by one of the aliens. The attacked doctor received severe deep scratches to the face and chest from the claws of the alien. (Slide 8) Arrangements were made for the UFO and the aliens to be transported to Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton Ohio; USA As a result of this information a person who will remain unnamed telephoned the South African AFB where the Mirage Fighters had been scrambled. This man was a Private Investigator in America for many years and therefore well versed in speaking American. He asked to be connected to Squadron Leader XXXXXXXXXX the conversation went as follows: Is that Squadron Leader XXXXXXXXXXXXX REPLY Yes. QUESTION. This is General Brunel speaking from Wright Patterson. I have the document in front of me code named XXXXXXX REPLY. Yes. QUESTION. I am confused, this document does not say how many times you fired at the object. REPLY. Who did you say you were sir QUESTION. General Brunel, surely Squadron Leader it's a straight forward question, how many times did you fire at the darn thing. ************************************ *** *** *** END OF PAGE 3 *** *** *** ************************************ REPLY. I fired once sir, could you hang on so that I can go to safe phone. QUESTION. That won't be necessary Squadron Leader, you have told m what I wanted to know goodbye. --------------------------------- In the meantime military personnel were contacted in America to try to find out what was happening at Wright Pattterson AFB. REPLY. Can't get any information about arrival of UFO but established that Wright Patterson was put on Red Alert on 23rd. June, 1989. (This is the day the UFO was proported to be shipped to Wright Patterson.) ------------------------------------------------------------------ On July 31st. this year our informant arrived in this country and by prior arrangement took up temporary residence with Dr. Henry. He informed us that he was on route to Wright Patterson AFB on a military mission and would depart on the 6th. August. He contacted the South African Embassy from Dr. Henry's home to let them know where he was staying in case they needed to contact him. He later made a sworn statement to us confirming his story. (Slide 9) He had photographs taken with us (Slide 10. 11. 12.) We were informed that various hieroglyphics were found inside the craft and stated that the military had been unable to decipher them. (Slide 15) Dr. Will talk about this. He also did a drawing of the interior of the craft and the general layout. He also showed us and permitted us to photograph two NASA passes which were for his use at Wright Patterson AFB At this time we made contact with a second intelligence officer in South Africa who spoke to Dr. Henry personally. This officer told us that he had seen and had access to a series of black and white photographs of the captured aliens and their craft and a 50 page telex message from Wright Patterson AFB relating to the recovery of the UFO He stressed how dangerous it would be to get the papers but stated that he would forward a set of the black and white photographs and a copy of the telex as soon as he was able. One of the named American personnel who was present at the retrieval was later spoken to at Wright Patterson AFB by Dr Henry at the OSI department. (Henry Will speak about this) ************************************ *** *** *** END OF PAGE 4 *** *** *** ************************************ Within 24 hours our informant staying with Dr. Henry received a telephone call from the head of South African Intelligence informing him that the mission was cancelled and telling him to report back to Military Headquarters Pretoria forthwith where he would face a Court Martial. I will now hand over to Dr. Henry who will tell you of the series of events which took place at his home and of the various telephone calls which were made and received in the next few days. I NOW HAND OVER TO DR HENRY WHO WILL TELL YOU OF TELEPHONE CONVERSATIONS MADE BOTH TO AND FROM HIS HOME BY INTELLIGENCE SOURCE CONNECTED WITH OUR INFORMANT. INCLUDING A CONVERSATION WITH AN INTELLIGENCE OFFICER IN SOUTH AFRICA WORKING IN THE TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS AREA. ************************************ *** *** *** END OF PAGE 5 *** *** *** ************************************ ________________ | | | picture of | | winged bird | | crest | |______________| S O U T H A F R I C A N A I R F O R C E THIS FILE HAS BEEN CLASSIFIED BY D.A.F.I. INFORMATION NOT TO BE DIVULGED - TOP SECRET ************************************ *** *** *** END OF PAGE 6 *** *** *** ************************************ This page has a star and the bird crest at the top The page appears to be a cover/abstract page A PCX file (graphic) of this page is available in the UFONET I file library. Hopefully a GIF version of the file will be available shortly. ************************************ *** *** *** END OF PAGE 7 *** *** *** ************************************ ************************************ *** *** *** 14 Pages of Material follow *** *** but we are unable to convert *** *** via OCR due to inter mixed *** *** handwriting on the pages *** *** *** ************************************ The transcript of my telephone Conversation with the Chief of Military Intelligence in South Africa, Aug. 1989 ------------------------------------------------------------- Henry: H General: X H: Mr. X X: Yah. H: Hello, I am calling from Hawaii X: Yes... H: I would like to ask you about this UFO crash in Kalahari. X: You what? H: A UFO crash in Kalahari dessert. (Talking rather loud) X: I can't hear you very well, just say it again. H: A UFO crash in Kalahari desert, May 1989. X: May 89 ( Thinking about my above comments). B: Yes. X: Who is speaking? H: This is Jonnathan speaking from Hawaii. X: What is your surname? H: Jonnathan Smith. X: (He repeats my name, giving the impression of writing it down)'O.K., so WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW? H: I want to know where did it go eventually? X: I can't hear you. H: Where did it go eventually? Did it go to Wright Paterson, or you kept it in South Africa after it crashed. X: WHY DO YOU WANT TO KNOW? H: Well. I've been investigating UFOS for 20 yoars. X: I think you...you are talking to wrong person, whore did you get my number? H: Well, we have contacts to get numbers everywhere. X: I CAN NOT GIVE YOU THAT INFORMATION: I'VE NOT GOT IT. H: It crashed in May 89, and was shippad to Wright Paterson in June, am I correct X: (stammering) No....n....no, I am not sure, I don't thinkyou have got the RIGHT information, whera did you get that? H: Well, information comes to us from all over thr world. X: What kind of crash was it? (Remember I had alraady told him) H: It was an Unidentified Flying Object. X: In the Kalahari? H: Yes. X: 19...? H: 1989, Botswanna. X: Ah...Ah..h..., No, I haven't got that information. I think perhaps it is a rumour. H: I think I would be very much surprised if it was a rumour. ************************************ *** *** *** END OF PAGE 22 *** *** *** ************************************ ******* X: (Now trying to meddle the subject) So, What are you saying? You are sitting in Hawaii and you got that information. Where did you get that?? H: As I said, we are operating a UFO network. X: Well...Ah...well, I can not give you ANY FURTHER INFORMATION, I do not know anything about it. --------------------------------------------------------------------- ************************************ *** *** *** END OF PAGE 23 *** *** *** ************************************ ************************************ *** *** *** 3 Pages of Material follow *** *** but we are unable to convert *** *** via OCR due to inter mixed *** *** handwriting on the pages *** *** *** ************************************ These 3 pages consist of a transcript of the telephone conversation between Dr. Henry Azadehdel and Mr. L at Wright Patterson September 15,1989.


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