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Public message # 14 entered 15:32 Friday 30-Jan-87 From: SYSOP To: ALL Re: Occult and paranormal files This board presently has four different file areas for various occult and paranormal files. They are OCCULT, MAGICK, MYSTERIA, and PARANET. We might even add more file areas as we get more files. Most of the paranormal material comes from ParaNet and is in the PARANET file area...To see these files, select F and then C and then ? and type the name of the section you want. (There are presently 19 file areas in all). You can type out the material with T or download it (using XMODEM protocol) with S... //Phil// Public message # 80 entered 22:51 Tuesday 10-Feb-87 From: DON GOLDBERG To: ALL Re: Healers I'm in my last year as a practitioner student in religious science (science of mind) and i'd be grateful if you might send me a message if there's a prayer you need for yourself or a friend. it's just fine to be anonymous. please be specific as to what you wish. it's important that i do my work in the real world. i'm also interested in other methods of scientific prayer and faith healing. won't you share your experiences and practices with me. i'll try to check in to the board a couple of times a week. thanks. don. Public message # 92 entered 00:20 Thursday 12-Feb-87 From: MIKE SMITH To: ALL Re: Fringe Science For information on all sorts of interesting and "fringe" technologies, Write to: REX RESEARCH P.O. Box 1258 Berkeley, CA 94704 and ask for their catalog. It contains information on things like free energy, anti-gravity, high M.P.G. cars and engines, medicine, aircraft, and much, much more. Over one hundred topics. Write today! Public message # 93 entered 12:46 Thursday 12-Feb-87 From: ALLEN STEPHENS To: ALL Re: Astral Projection Robert Monroe Writer of "Jouneys out of the body" has a six tape training course, called Discoverey which trains one to enter altered states and thus achieve Astral Projectn. The tapes use a process called Frequency following responce, which entrains the brain/mind to the Brain/Mind brain wave states required for OOBs. The states aimed for are FOCUS 10 in which the body is asleep and the mind is awake. FOCUS 12 in which awareness is expanded beyond the Public message # 94 entered 12:52 Thursday 12-Feb-87 From: ALLEN STEPHENS To: ALL Re: Continued physical body. FOCUS 15 A state beyond time as we know it, is achevied. there are of course many more levels, much to many to go o in full detail here. If you are intrested in the Course of traning contact: The Monroe Institue of Applied Sciences Route 1, Box 175 Farber, Virginia 22938 1 (804) 361-1252 Deleted message # 138 entered 21:22 Monday 16-Feb-87 From: LEON PAGE To: SYSOP Re: Trance Phil I was talking to James Jacob(sysop of freethought) and he said to me that you had actually gone into a trance a few times.Is this true?-if so,just how do you do it? Leon Page Deleted message # 142 entered 00:36 Tuesday 17-Feb-87 From: SYSOP To: LEON PAGE Re: Trance Hi! Long time no type! There are many kinds of trance. I'm not quite sure what you mean...You yourself go into a type of trance when you concentrate on something, even as simple as watching TV. I am not a 'medium', if that's what you mean. I have been hypnotized, and I have entered 'magical trance'. What context do you refer to? //Phil// Deleted message # 156 entered 20:17 Wednesday 18-Feb-87 From: LEON PAGE To: SYSOP Re: 'Magical Trances' Phil In my former message I was refering to the kind of 'magical trance'.It s about this that I have many questions.First,is it similar to dreaming?-Second,do you 'fly around' and see a silver cord as in the movie 'Out on a Limb'.Third,how do you enter the trance and what does itfeel like?. I have many more questions which i would like to ask but i will save them until i am able to chat with you. Leon Page Deleted message # 158 entered 20:54 Wednesday 18-Feb-87 From: SYSOP To: LEON PAGE Re: astral projection Hi...Sounds like you are talking about 'astral projection' or 'OOBE' (Out Of the Body Experience)...Numerous cases of this phenomena have been recorded since antiquity. Yes, it is very similar to dreaming, except that the experience can be very vivid (lucid dreaming?). A 'silver cord' sometimes is observed, but not always (the Bible even refers to the silver cord, by the way. The old idea was that the silver cord connects your 'astral body' or spirit to your physical body). Yes, you might fly around, visit places. Lots of things...One 'simple' way to do this is to become aware that you are dreaming. (Probably much easier said than done). IF you can become aware that you are dreaming, then you can alter your dream (control it) and that is an OOBE. Studying your dreams can give you insights into your life anyway, so if you really are interested, you might try keeping a dream diary of all your dreams. (Best time to write them down is first thing when you get up in the morning). The dream diary will also help you remember your dreams... If you are ever 'out of your body' and return to it, you *may* feel a very wierd feeling of sliding back into your body (sort of like putting on a coat). If you then 'wake up' in your body but are unable to move, concentrate on moving your little finger and your will break the temporary catelepsy...We have some files on the subject online here and more to come. Try reading MIAS.DOC and MONROE.DOC (at least I think they are .DOC). You'll find them over on the PARANET file area. (To get to the files, select F, then C then ? and enter the word PARANET). //Phil// Deleted message # 159 entered 20:57 Wednesday 18-Feb-87 From: SYSOP To: LEON PAGE Re: astral projection (more) Just looked at the PARANET file area and found there is also the file OOBE.THR...//Phil// Public message # 210 entered 04:51 Thursday 26-Feb-87 From: DON GOLDBERG To: JIM SPEISER Re: SCIENTIFIC PRAYER I've been involved with the science of mind since '82 and in a couple of months will have finally completed the 4th year on my way to being a licensed practitioner. there really isn't any mumbo jumbo to it -- no laying on of the hands or odd incantations. we simply begin with the premise that there is one mind-- a single collective consciousness beyond time and space that is for good and available as a person attunes him/herself to it. through vision/focus and an almost childlike faith, something happens setting mind into motion toward an absolute effect. my prayers are always effective in some way -- some take longer than others. let's face it, an encouraging outlook is a real wonderworker. now if a person isn't particularly receptive, the prayers work accordingly. i take no credit for the healing (that's up to god), but i have seen cancer completely disappear over a weekend, and pain dissipate. habits are especially worthwhile in healing -- we believe that there is a divine and perfect pattern -- spiritual prototype, if you will that is at the center of all creative objects. by aligining with that prototype, healing and revitalizing take place. even in regards to money, and emotional well-being is this so. the science of mind is a most practival, upbeat philosophy and is easy to get. as one studies more, it can become as "deep" as you please, but in essence it's simple. What you think tends to manifest in your life according to your faith in it -- which determines your ability to act in the situation. virtually all the som ministers are wonderful speakers -- many with great senses of humor -- not pompus or orthodox and if you'd like to go to a meeting or service, let me know. by the way -- i'm also teaching a course called d.m.a. -- a powerful couse in making choices and the technology of "creating." it's remarkable. finally -- here's an example of complete faith. i type stuff into the computer and have no idea how it works. i can't see the little electrons move and surely can't see the outpost computer, but i have 100% faith that you'll see this. imagine if you had the same faith in your own life as you (we all) do in a calculator or computer? happy thinking to a guy wo calls bbses at 2:3- am from one who calls at 4:50. don. Public message # 211 entered 04:59 Thursday 26-Feb-87 From: DON GOLDBERG To: ALL Re: jewish meditation I've been attending services at makom ohr shalom -- a synagog for jewish meditaty reading MIAS.DOC and MONROE.DOC (at least I think they are .DOC). You'll find them over on the PARANET file area. (To get to the files, select F, then C then ? and enter the word PARANET). //Phil// Deleted message # 159 entered 20:57 Wednesday 18-Feb-87 From: SYSOP To: LEON PAGE Re: astral projection (more) Just looked at the PARANET file area and found there is also the file OOBE.THR...//Phil// Public message # 210 entered 04:51 Thursday 26-Feb-87 From: DON GOLDBERG To: gets three or four calls a day at her Starfire Journeys agency inquiring about the trip. This weekend, Lando fully expects to commune with the earth's space brothers," extraterrestrials who she says she has already seen outside her house several times in the past week. "They look like a certain type of cloud formation," she explained, "but they certainly are ships." SIGNIFICANT DATES Ed Steinbrecher, a Hollywood Hills astrologer, said he has been using the August dates since the end of the "60s. The dates are significant and the change will be dramatic, no matter what happens, he said. This weekend, an energy will be released that among the unaware could cause death or psychosis. Indeed, he he insists that energy is already seeping into people, causing madness and eating away at the immune system--witness freeway shootings and AIDS. The intricate dating systems of the Mayas and Aztecs and those cultures' prophesies of world upheaval also fascinate anthropologists and Mesoamerican Indian experts. But they contend there are obvious flaws in the date cited by those who support the notion of harmonic convergence. In creating their calendar, the Maya counted back about 3,000 years, to a mythical zero point that anthropologists have calculated to be Aug. 15, 3114 BC, explained Cornell's John Henderson, conceded by many to be the nation's foremost authority on the Mayan culture. To retroactively fillin those years, the Maya developed a set of myths and prophecies that Henderson likened to the Bible. The culture believed in cyclical reoccurence, and thus believed that events on a give date are likely to mirror the events that took place at that point in the previous cycle. "According to the Maya,[the end of the Grand Cycle] is a likely time for the end of one creation and the beginning of another. and is accompanied by all sorts of unpleasant events, like rains of fire and such," he said. CIVILIZATION COLLAPSED He put the end of the Mayan grand cycle at May 15, 2012, but he pointed out, there is no indication that things would start changing 25 years before then. That assertion was echoed by Alana Cordy-Collins, curator of the Latin American collection at the Museum of Man, San Diego. "There seems to be a lot of reinterpretation involved here," she said. "[Arguelles'] theories are truly out to lunch," said Mayanist Rosemary Joyce, assistant director of the Peabody Museum for Harvard University. "And I'm being polite." Arguelles' assertion that the Mayans were extraterrestrials who disappeared from the face of the earth between 800 and 900 AD "would be news to the several million people who speak Maya in Guatemala today," she said. The Maya greeted the Spanish in the 1500s, and their dPK { K  6    %    %%


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