VATICAN APPROVES GHOST SEEKER'S SEANCE The Vatican for the first time has authorized one o

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VATICAN APPROVES GHOST SEEKER'S SEANCE The Vatican for the first time has authorized one of its top theologians to make contact with the spirit world. Monsignor Ernesto Pisoni, 56, is spending his days and nights "walking and talking" with ghosts to find out exactly what's awaiting us in the afterlife. The highly respected roman Catholic churchman says his experiences already have proven: there is life after death ghosts not only exist, they walk among the living Purgatory, a frightful dimension between life and death where souls are purified before they can enter heaven, really does await us all. "the church has always urged us to contact sould, especially saints, through prayer," Pisoni told Globe. "In my work, I've gone a step further and tried - successfully - to communicate with the dead." Pisoni, the former editor of the Catholic newspaper L'Italia and author of several books on religion, became interested in ghosts when his brother, who died of a heart attack in Milan, apeared to him in spirit form. "After his death, I began meeting him around the city," says Pisoni. "He said he was moving toward the 'light,' but that he was being burned by fire and the pain was unrelenting". "He said the pain was necessary to prepare him for the light, and from all this, I know he was in prugatory." Pisoni says his anguished brother "returned" about two months later, but this time, "he was out of pain and more serene." The Catholic church doesn't generally approve of seances, so Pisoni asked and received a "special dispensation" from the Vatican's College of Cardinals to pursue his study of the spirit world. Since then, he has met hundreds of spirits - including those of great historical figures like Cardinal Barberini, who lived in the 15th century. "He spoke in Latin and dictated passages to me," says Pisoni. "I later compared the style with his earthly writings and they were identical." Pisoni says one of his most dramatic experiences came from a spirit who complained that he had been buried in unconsecrated ground. "He told us his body was buried under the cellar of a very building we were in." he says. "We went down after the seance and started hacking at the old floor. Sure enough, we found a human skeleton." But not all spirits are so even-tempered. "One night a spirit called Gaston threatened to kill us." says Pisoni. "furniture started to tremble and pictures and vases smashed to the floor. He told us he had killed his wife and three doughters with a hatchet in a drunken rage. I later traced him to France and found that he had been a notorious criminal." - The Globe- At first this story sems so absurd that it is almost humouous. Actually, it is alarming. It disturbs us that a religious man can believe - and then propagate - such satanic lies. Worse yet is that his church sanctions these occultic, satanic investigations.


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