I have uploaded this file as information only. By doing so, I am not in any way recommendi

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I have uploaded this file as information only. By doing so, I am not in any way recommending or attesting to the veracity or usefullness of any material contained in any of the listed books. I have found John (Ballantrae) to be an excellent source of out-of-print material and there have been very few books that I have requested that he has not been able to locate and I hope that he will be a valuable resource for the members of this forum also. Blessed Be! Alan Sante ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I am sending you a descriptive listing of a number of BALLANTRAE REPRINTS that you may find of interest and use. We publish approximately five hudred different titles in such areas as: Alchemy Astrology Biography/Autobiography Celts and Druids Egypt/Ancient Egypt Folklore and Customs Health and Healing Kaballah Magic/Demons/Witchcraft Mythology Numbers Origins of Man Philosophy/Spiritual Understanding Religions, Ancient and Modern Sex and Sex Worship Symbolism The Tarot Templars and Rosicrucians Words/Names/Language If you wish to purchase any of the books on this list, Please add 10% for -surface- postage or 25% for -airmail-. We will bill or credit you for any difference. A complete catalogue is available for $2.00. We are expanding our selection all the time. Let us know if there are any books you have not been able to find and we shall see what we can do. THE UNIVERSE BOOKSTORE 10 George Street North Brampton, Ontario L6X 1R2 CANADA (416) 454-4523 BOOK OF CHARMS AND TALISMANS - Sepharial. History and background of magical talismans and charms with illustrations and directions on how to make talismans for success, prosperity, etc. 118pp $8.75 US BOOK OF WITCHES (1908) O.M. Hueffer. "I have sought to show whence the witch came and why, as well as what she was and is; to point out, further, how necessary she is and must be to the happiness of mankind, and how great the responsibility of those who, disbelieving in her themselves, seek to infect others with thier scepticism." x+333pp $23.25 US. BRITISH GOBLINS (1880) Wirt SIkes. Welsh Folk-Lore, Fairy Mythology, Legends and Traditions. "In a certain sense Wales may be spoken of as the cradle of fairy legend. It is not now disputed that from the Welsh were borrowed many of the first subjects of composition in the literature of all the cultivated peoples of Europe." xvi+412pp $28.50 US CAT IN THE MYSTERIES OF RELIGION AND MAGIC M.Oldfield Howey. "The Cat, like the Serpent, conveys, though necessarily imperfectly, the thought that God is all... The Cat is the symbol of Good and Evil, of Light and of Darkness, of Christ and of Satan, of Religion and of Black Magic, of Sun and of Moon, of Father, Mother and Son." 254pp. $17.50 US CRYSTAL GAZING (1924) Theodore Besterman. A study in the History, Distribution, Theory and Practice of Scrying. viii+183pp $13.25 US DAEMONOLOGIE IN FORME OF A DIALOGUE (1597) "The fearefull aboundage at this time in this countrie, of these detestable slaves of the Devill, the WItches or enchaunters, hath moved me (beloved reader) to dispatch in post, this following treatise of mine...." The author is seeking to prove that Satanism and suchlike do exist and that they ought to be punished. 94pp $6.75 US DEMONOLOGY AND DEVIL LORE (1881) M.D. Conway. A wealth of research on Demonology and Devil Lore from East and West, North and South, from the past and distant past. Volume 1. Chapters on Demons of Hunger, Heat, Cold, Elements, Animals, Barrenness, Obstacles, Darkness, etc. Decline of Demons, The Serpent, The Worm, The Dragon Slayer, etc. xvi+428pp $29.50 US Volume 2. Chapters on Diabolism, Ahriman, Elohim and Jehovah, Paradise and the Serpent, Eve, Lilith, War in Heaven, War on Earth, The Holy Ghost, Antichrist, The Curse on Knowledge, etc. xii+478pp $32.50 US DEVILS (1904) J Charles Wall. "The mosaic here displayed makes but a very imperfect picture of a widely distributed subject; yet...there may be found sufficient remains to indicate the original design conceived in the minds of men of past generations". Chapters on Devils, Origin of the Devil, Hell, Proverbs, Legends, etc. x+152pp $11.50 US DOWSING (1939) W.H. Trinder. The theory and practice of dowsing xiv+137pp $9.75 US ELIZABETHAN DEMONOLOGY (1880) Thomas Alfred Spalding, LL. B. An essay in illustration in trhe belief in the existance of Devils, and the powers possessed by them, as it was generally held during the period of the Reformation and the Times immediately succeeding; with special reference to Shakespeare and his works. xii+151pp $11.50 ENCIRCLED SERPENT - M. Oldfield Howey. A study of Serpent Worship in all countries and ages. Chapters on The Caduceus; The Serpent and the Tree; Women Serpent SUbduers; The Brazen Serpent; The Great Red Dragon, etc. xii+411pp $27.00 US HISTORY OF THE DEVIL AND THE IDEA OF EVIL (1900) Dr. Paul Carus. The Devil form the earliest times to the present day. Chapters on Devil Worship, ANcient Egypt, Israel, Buddism, Demonology of Northern Europe, the Inquisition etc. xvi +496pp $33.25 US INQUISITION OF THE MIDDLE AGES (1887) Henry Cahrles Lea. The Organization and Operation of the Inquisition. Eight chapters from the classic three volume "History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages". From this book emerges a comprehensive and vivid picture of a system which, as Lea points out, "might well seem the invention of demons, and was fitly characterized...as the Road to Hell". vi+260pp $18.75 US MATERIALS TOWARDS A HISTORY OF WITCHCRAFT (1890) Henry Charles Lea. PART ONE - THE OLDER BELIEFS A The Powers of Evil B Magic and Sorcery C Popular Beliefs Accepted by Churchmen PART TWO - HOW THE WITCH THEORY DEVELOPED A Assimilation of Sorcery to Heresy B Witch Trials to the Middle of the 16th Century C Treatises of Witchcraft to 1550. D Views of the Protestant Reformers E Mysticism and Witchcraft. PART THREE - THE DELUSION AT ITS HEIGHT A Its Promoters and Critics B Witchcraft as viewed by Secular Law. C Witchcraft Literature of the Roman Inquisition. D Demoniacal Possession E Witchcraft by Regions PART FOUR - THE DECLINE OF WITCHCRAFT A Witchcraft and the Philosophers B Witchcraft and Moral Theologians C The Final Controversies D Surival Into Later Times. Volume 1 xlvii+434pp $31.00 US Volume 2 603pp $38.75 US Volume 3 509pp $33.00 US OBSERVATIONS ON THE POPULAR ANTIQUITIES OF GREAT BRITAIN (1853) John Brand, M.A. Chiefly illustrating the Origin of our Vulgar and Provincial Customs, Ceremonies and Superstitions. A wealth of Information on customs, traditions, holiday celebrations, etc. Volume 1 xx+539pp $36.00 US Volume 2 vi+522pp $34.25 US Volume 3 iv+499pp $32.75 US PAGAN AND CHRISTIAN CREED: THEIR ORIGIN AND MEANING - Edward Carpenter "The main Christian Doctrines and festivals, besides a great mass of affiliated legend and ceremonial, are really quite derived from, and related to, preceding Nature worships; and it has only been by a good deal of deliberate mystification and falsification that this derivation has been kept out of sight". 318pp $20.75 US SACRED BEE IN ANCIENT TIMES AND FOLKLORE - Hilda M. Ransome. 308pp $21.00 US SATAN'S INVISIBLE WORLD DISCOVERS (1789) George Sinclair. A Choice Collection of Modern Relations, Proving eveidently, against the Atheists of this present Age, that there are Devils, Spirits, Witches, and Apparitions, from authentic Records and Attestations of Witnesses of undoubted veracity. To which is added that Marvellous History of Major Wier and his Sister, the Witches of Bargarran, Pittenweem, Calder &c. vii+174pp $12.95 US SEX SYMBOLISM IN RELIGION (1922) J.B. Hannay. "All the Ideas in the Bible, the nature of the Gods, the stories of creation, miracles, life and death, the manner of sacrificing, worshipping, vowing, building altars, arks, dress, altar furniture, and symbolism - in fact the entire religion as taught us in the Bible - are absolutely and totaqlly founded upon and saturated with Pallism; and the Phallic cult is that on which Christianity has been founded. Phallism is sex symbolism, and all creative power in a god is symbolized by the actual facts of creation of life in nature by means of the organs of sex. In my preface to Christianity I wrote, 'Any work on the symbolism of religion, without treating its pahllic basis, would be like Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark". Volume 1 ii+540pp $35.00 US Volume 2 644pp $40.75 US


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