The Trumpet Blows A Sour Note. In reply to Ben Obina's +quot;THE LAST TRUMPET,+quot; The S

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* The Trumpet Blows A Sour Note. In reply to Ben Obina's "THE LAST TRUMPET," The Story Of One Young Man's Desperate Struggle To Believe The Impossible, And Succeeds. It has been observed that one may go to any Fundamentalist Christian Revival meeting where "exorcisms" are being performed, and someone will vomit a demon into a paper bag if you ask them to (and often when you ask them not to). There's great power (in covertly manipulating others) from believing that the devil is out to get one, personally. Think of all the lively conversations one could have with others, with one the center of attention, as one relates how the devil caused one to do horrible things like (horrors!) masturbate, steal, or work on Sundays. ["Confrontations With The DEVIL," by Robert W. Pelton, Pocket Books, 1979, pp. 126-127] It has also been observed that one may go to any UFO convention and someone will relate, under hypnosis, how they were abducted and implanted and screwed and poked and peeked and sampled. Try to get them to shut up. Just try, and see if they will. Good luck. ["Flim-Flam," by James Randi, Prometheus Books, 1987, pp. 71-92] It is important to remember that one's religion must be held inviolate. One must be allowed to believe and practice religious forms of expression freely and without intervention, provided that such practices do not harm others. What's a little vomit between True Believers, after all? As long as they use a bag, and I don't have to clean up after them, fine! It is also important to realize that, real or not, the Abduction Phenomena is valid, and real to those who have experienced them. As such experiences cause the individual a great deal of mental anguish in many cases, and a great deal of income in others, one should not scoff at the individuals who relate abduction stories. To scoff is paramount to laughing at the pain of hunger or loneliness. What's a few tears between abducted support group members, after all? As long as every member benefits and is not harmed, fine! But what about the True Believer and the Abducted who has made it one's calling to inform us how little we know about life, and that they are there to help us? Both have said that the "common man" (i.e. you and I) are not enlightened enough to understand. Consider the following: ". . already I have been referred to as a 'crackpot' and also have been ridiculed. But I assure you[,] people will 'definitely' understand in time, their minds aren't yet trained to handle this sort of information." This tells us flat out that we are not capable of understanding the abduction phenomena, as our minds are not developed for (presumably) rational thought or observation. This is a ploy that religionist hysterics have used for 5,000 years, telling us that only through their intervention will we be able to understand the improbable, impossible, and mysterious. Sadly, millions buy into this. I do not. "U.F.O's are definitely real, and are here for a purpose." Says who? We were told before hand that we are not able to understand, so therefore we must not question what was to follow! It was just left for us to believe, without proof or qualifications. "The occupants are the 'guardians' of humanity. The occasional appearances of these 'cosmic missionaries' is living proof that we are not alone in the universe. Throughout time and history they have kept a 'watchful' eye and have been always interested in the affairs of man. Sadly though, their existence has been concealed, ignored and ridiculed. It is only just recently that they have been alarmed by the dangerous turn of events on earth." I can no more argue against humanity requiring "guardians" that I can argue that falling trees are soundless if unobserved. We are told that "living proof" is offered us, but alas, I guess I'm just not mentally developed enough, as I think the above quote is pure hog-slop. Where were these "guardians" when we butchered fifty-million humans, almost one million a year, during the second world war? Was this horror below the "guardians" intervention level? Or is it my poorly developed brain that assumes that fifty-million murders is small potatoes, cosmically speaking? Several reasons are given us as to why these "guardians" have come now, and not in the past. "we are not taking care of ourselves enviromentally and spiritually." I submit that if we take care of our environment, a great many of our problems will be eased. Why throw "spirituality" into the pot? If one does, the question then becomes: "WHO'S spirituality did you have in mind for us to emulate?" This ties in with the "you aren't capable of understanding so I'll think for you" crap. "they are dissatisfied with contemporary social and economic injustices." Who has NOT been, masses speaking, over the past 5,000 years? "religion has been twisted and turned into fanaticism." Such as equating UFOs to "guardians," perhaps? As the guardians of mankind, they can only 'condemn' our actions, but they realize that a wasted evolution and an inescapable cataclysm will be the final consequence of our 'inhuman' behavior. A hearty "disagree" here. Why is it assumed that the human race is destined to destruction? Or is this something us lesser mentality folks can't understand? Civilizations have always come and gone, and so will the present ones. With better understanding of our international neighbors, the extinction of the species can be prevented. It will hardly be easy, but it is by no means definite that we will destroy ourselves. And now the waste material really hits the ventilation duct. "What does this all mean? As prophesied in the Bible, "On judgement day, Christ will descend from the heavens in a cloud with great power and glory, and will reveal himself to all the tribes of the earth." Luke 21:28. Also foreseen is the fateful course we are presently taking, "The heavens shall pass away with a great noise, the elements shall melt with a fervent heat, and the earth, and also the works therein shall be burned up." Peter 3:10-14. In the Old Testament there are 30 references to Christ's first coming. In the New Testament there are 50 specific references to Christ's 'second' coming. I also stress that the earth is not following a path towards complete annihilation, as in 'blowing itself to pieces'. Our planet 'will' stay intact, and it will enter a 'new age', a 'transition' for all that is left. The people who gave us the Christ myths are STILL waiting for the "first coming," but Mr. Obina would have us believe it has come and gone already. Kabalists generally agree that the Christ will come some time around 2200-2300 ce, coincidently at the same time the "Aquarian Age" roughly starts. Why throw Messiah myths into the UFO picture? What is served by using allegory to support one's reality-structure? "Our planet's destiny can only be decided by mankind's actions." This is self-evident. It also makes one wonder, though, since this is the case, where do the "guardians" come into the picture?! If our destiny is for us to decide, who needs "guardians?" "I have read many versions of the catastrophic events leading up to judgement day, and also what will actually 'happen' on judgement day. Everything from a nuclear war, to an axis-shift, to a mass suicide by those who cannot accept the facts. Do we really know the truth?.. only 'they' know." This supposes that "judgment day" is a fact, and not allegory as it was originally meant to be. It also supposes that what has been written about future events will happen, which has never in history been demonstrated. The massive volumes written about the end of the world are usually considered to be active meditations (like various Midrashim as Alpha Beta Ben Sira), and were not meant to be taken as attempts at fortune-telling. "In the near future, an important event that no human mind should be uninformed about will take place. It will come unexpectedly at a time of great need. There will be no need to ask 'why' or 'how' because all questions will be answered and all doubts will be laid to rest. Look forward to this event, and do not fear it, because soon 'all' will awaken and realize that 'fiction' will become 'fact'." Unfortunately, there are also those human minds that are very disinformed. Ben Obina tells us that no human minds should be uninformed about what WILL take place. Has there ever been a time where a human mind has been so informed about future events that can still go in any of many directions?! Fiction has often become fact, but hardly all! Those who do not understand do not want to know. The truth is disturbing and will make one feel skeptical, but if understood with an open mind. it can and 'must' be accepted. When the time comes, my purpose is to 'assist' and to let the people know and understand. I am just one of the many thousands around the world who have been randomly selected to slowly prepare the people and to gradually spread the message. We are all part of a worldwide program of 'psychological conditioning' before, and when this moment arrives. I do not understand, and I very much want to know. What does this do to Mr. Obina's theory? Or is this more "you're too stupid to understand" crap? "Space beings are the guardians of humanity. They are the messengers of the Ultimate Creator." Human beings are the guardians of humanity. We are the messengers of the Ultimate Creator, being one of Her creations. "Traces of the beings 'basic message' can be found in the Bible passages relating to judgement day, despite the fact they are written in vague and symbolic terms. Notice how the people are to be "judged". Notice how the believers of God's word are to be "raised from the dead". Notice what is meant when the Bible mentions the "home of the saved". Is it purely coincidental that most contactees have similar thoughts of 'permanent relocation' and a different earth within the next 10 years? In reference to judgement day, the Bible often "implies" the word "rapture". The actual word is not found in the Bible because sometimes Christians have a tendency to toss out misunderstood words which have no meaning to the Non-Christian. I suggest that you look up the word in the dictionary, you will be astonished at it's meaning and how it ties in with the beings 'basic message'." I am often astonished how one will use a hammer to drive in screws-- a job that the hammer was not made to do. Why use the Bible to drive mythological screws into the real world? "If you are shaking your head over this right now, please remember how many 'impossibles' you have said in your lifetime. Or how many 'impossibles' men throughout the ages have said to many things God has revealed through His spokesman. And yet they were possible, because nothing is 'impossible' for God." God has yet to reveal anything through "spokesmen." All that's required to know Her is to look around. When someone opens his mouth and spews out "God told me to tell you. . . ." is when the impossible is forced into the mold of the irrationality. "I could tell you how their ships travel through space; how they tie in with religion and the Bible; how they tie in with the destruction of previous civilizations that once flourished on earth; how they tie in with ancient mythology etc., etc. .. but I won't. I already revealed to you what one 'only' need to know.. how they will influence the future. Those questions and others will be definitely answered very soon, highly likely within our own lifetime." I have absolutely no doubts that Mr. Obina can! "Whether this so-called catastrophe is physical, natural or spiritual, I know 2 things for certain. An event of great importance to mankind will occur prior to judgement day. An event that will enlighten us about the nature of our existence. An event that will signify that mankind is entering a 'new age', a 'transition', .. perhaps the end." Ah, a qualifier! Now when the alleged catastrophe fails to materialize, Mr. Obina can claim it happened on some astral plane. "'In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet; for the last trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall all be changed.' I Corinthians 15:52 NASB." "The world of fools has such a store / that he who would not see an ass / must bide at home, and boot his door, / and break his looking glass." La Monnaye Which of the two quotes about, Mr. Obina's or mine, is true?


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