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====================================================================== <> * 416-237-1204 * PC-Pursuitable * File Requestable * HST * 24 Hour Operation * Sysop - Tom Mickus * Toronto * FREE ====================================================================== ====================================================================== OBINA4.TXT - Ben Obina & the "J" Alien - Part IV - Ben Obina may be reached at the following address: Ben Obina 2 Steeles Ave., W. Box 125 Thornhill, Ontario L4J-1A1 ====================================================================== Note: The following was sent to me this month, and I was asked to distribute it on the network. For background information, please see the other "OBINA" files located with the UFONET File Library. - Tom Mickus 11/24/89 ====================================================================== "B:" = Ben Obina September 11th, 89. "J:" = Space Alien 9:00 PM - 9:30 PM. ------------------- B: When we last talked you told me to watch the news media between the 20th of August and the beginning of September for something that will be revealed. Was it the discovery of the gene that causes Multiple Sclerosis? J: That's correct. B: How did you beings participate in the discovery of this? J: We very simply gave them the correct equations for it. The equations they had up to that point were completely incorrect as a proportion. All we did was put it together for them by showing the correct amount of formula to use. It was gratifying to know that they were on the right path. It was something that was in the works for 3 or 4 months now and we decided to do something for them. B: And you gave it to them indirectly not revealing that you were aliens. J: That's correct, it was very low keyed. It was done through a leading scientist that does happen to know us, and of course he took most of the credit. B: And this will lead to the actual cure. J: That's correct. B: You said that on your trip you were going to talk to your elders about planning future events. What did you discuss with them? J: I can give you a basic idea without going into too much defined detail. One problem we were having was with the Communist countries. There were 2 opposing factors, one was the Russian factor and the other was the Chinese factor. We discussed certain matters with them, but they're not firm believers in us even when they actually see something right in front of their eyes. That was one obstacle that we were really running against, so the plan was to give some dramatic presentation to show people that there is freedom in the world and that there is a lot you can learn from each other. So we did what is called the East German connection, which is why East Germany opened it's doors to West Germany. B: You beings were responsible for that? J: That's correct. This is one experience that they basically agreed upon. If we could help them out in a certain way, they would allow this to happen. B: So you helped them in some way and in return they released all these East Germans? J: That's correct. B: In what way did you help them? J: Something in the form of technology. They were grateful for it, and are now on a different wavelength. East Germany was one obstacle and we overcame that. B: So this is giving them further proof that you beings are peaceful. J: That's correct. B: Last time we talked you wouldn't tell me why you were going to Florida. From what I've read, there's an underground base off the Florida coast. J: There is a base there, I can tell you that now. B: Is that what you didn't want to tell me? J: That is what I didn't want to tell you, but I was given permission to expose that if I had to. All our scientific research is held there and that was part of the scenario. B: But you do have bases in other locations. J: Yes we do, but that particular one is our major base. B: Would this be a base for experiments? J: It's a base for scientific research and it's also a major communications base. The magnetic pull from North to South are extremely strong in that area which is a natural factor on earth. Therefore a signal that had to be relayed could be transmitted within a few hours and finally reach home. B: There have been also reports of a base at Dulce, New Mexico. J: Yes we know of that one. Actually that's the area where a lot of UFO's have been spotted going in and out within the mountain terrain, but those particular crafts aren't ours. B: So most of the bases currently on earth may belong to other races as well? J: Absolutely, but they're not ours exclusively. Like I had mentioned to you before, there are between 12 and 20 other races on this planet that we know of. B: I've read several reports on the Dulce Base, and I find it disturbing to know what actually goes on there. J: I know exactly what goes on there, there's no other way that we're going to interfere to stop it. B: Do they have any right to do what they do? J: The experiments in that area is very limited and there's a tendency for exaggeration. The research is basically performed on wild animals and on vegetation. If there are any stories that come out, they're quite often prefabricated. B: There have been reports of half-human and half-animal creatures at the Dulce Base. J: A lot of these stories are basically fantasy. It probably sells a lot of books and magazines, but it isn't fact. We know exactly what's going on there since we are the eldest one on this particular planet. We don't interfere with them and they don't interfere with us. They're not really changing any great vast plan, all they're doing is just experimenting. But what they're experimenting on is for their own planet. B: How could they benefit by experimenting on animals? J: For food and preservation basically. They don't have any animals such as what you know here. It's for the reproduction of animals, nothing to do with humans. The oxygen content in their enviroment isn't necessarily as what you have here. They may have meteorite storms, nucleus gases, it could be a lot of other things that you don't know about, and therefore only the strong survive. What they are doing is that they are trying to cross some sub-species that can survive and reproduce each other, something like what your cattle would be here. B: Would that be the reason behind some of the cattle mutilations in the past? J: A lot of it has been experimented as such, so it's a strong possibility if that's what you believe. B: So it's obvious that many people prefabricate what is actually fact. J: Well for instance if you've seen a car accident and a person was hit by a car. The car was travelling 30 miles per hour and the person fell a foot or two. You relay that story to one person and that person tells another person and so on. By the time it's completely finished, the car is travelling 90 miles per hour and the person fell 10 feet. B: The story changes with each person. J: Exactly, it's like the preverbial (sic) game of broken telephone. A little bit is added each time, and by the time it reaches the last person the original version has been changed. What is basically going on there is stockbreeding in animal form that they hope to take back to their own planet. There's nothing there that's phenomenal, it's very uninteresting and its very superficial. If you read of half-human and half-animal creatures, believe me that doesn't exist. It's genetically impossible to reproduce that. Even we're not able to do that, and we have no intentions of doing that. We've had interested parties ask us about that and we've checked into it ourselves. People see what they want to see, if one sees a low flying plane then automatically it's a UFO. There's a possibility that there may be 3 or 4 crafts flying in that area, but when all of a sudden people start seeing 20 or 30 going in and out...it's impossible. B: So this is an example of a person seeing what they want to see. J: It's not only seeing, a person can actually believe that they've seen a craft. We actually know that for a fact that there have been many legitimate claims that they have been spotted. From last recollection the most that they have in crafts is about 12, there's absolutely no way there's 20 or 30. Each of their crafts are identical and most of the reports that have been given out claims to be the opposite. I know the area that you're talking about precisely and everyone of these crafts are identical. B: How would the base at Dulce differ with your base off the coast of Florida? J: Our research is scientific to help mankind, their research is scientific to help themselves. We don't need the help, we're way beyond that. I'm not bragging or boasting, I'm just telling you a fact. B: What sort of research would be done at your base? J: Scientific research to cure diseases and communication with other galaxies as well. You people don't realize that the communication is phenomenal based on earth. You're sending out signals into space and hoping that it will come back with some sort of response. You sent up your Voyager craft with a pathetic little record and hopeful that some race wil find it out in space trying to decipher exactly what it is. Even we don't know whats ever out there ourselves, so our base is always trying to communicate with other civilizations and star charts in your galaxy. B: So your base would be mainly used as a communications base and a research facility. J: That's basically it. B: I've read that in some bases there are displays that show what level of technology the earth is currently at. J: Yes, we do have facilities for that. B: Have any humans been inside your base? J: Never, and in order to get into it we would have to switch into our forms again, otherwise we wouldn't be able to exist in that type of setting. Our system itself is designed for our own enviroment. If we entered the base in human form, we would have to change the air content and the pressurized system or we would not be able to survive. B: I've read that they have allowed some people to tour the Dulce Base. I've seen several pictures, but I don't know if those are even legitimate or not. J: I doubt it because they would never allow that to happen. Like I said we happen to know them, it's an unwritten creed. The only way they would happen to come across it is perhaps their own stupidity of stumbling across it because it's so well hidden and so well disguised. B: I'm just wondering why some people have claimed to be inside the base. J: Some people would like to believe what they want to believe. B: I've also read that several scientists and military personnel that have visited Dulce were killed for scientific experiments. J: That's ridiculous. I know who you're talking about, there's no way that they would harm anyone. All they're doing is basically experimenting on animals native to that region and agriculture work. They're working with plants and a lot of vegetation. They're working with meat, but not human meat. First of all they're not even meat eaters, they're vegetarians. The only reason why they would want cattle would be for the actual stockbreeding. Why would they want to kill humans? ..it doesn't make sense. There's always somebody that has to say something downright negative. They're very peaceful and they have no hostility whatsoever. The earth was the only planet close enough that gave some form of vegetation and animal life, which is basically what they want. Their own planet has a tremendous amount of water but very little land, and the land that they do have because of it's soil content cannot grow very much. Therefore with the experiments of crops with their type of soil samples and the types of animals here, they are trying to produce results which they can maintain in their own enviroment. B: Getting back to the Voyager, you said that NASA has found certain things that they haven't told the public. What sort of things? J: What they have found are pictures of other crafts flying along side (sic) of Voyager, whcih they won't expose just yet. The Voyager is supposedly sending back pictures from millions of miles away, and if you think for one minute that those pictures could show everything that goes on..it's impossible. So we've given it that little push and helped it along it's way, because that craft should have quit 5 years ago. B: When I think about it, there's no way the signal would be strong enough to send back pictures from that distance. J: There's no way, but our base has helped chart the Voyager on the exact course it should be taking and it has also given it the strength and power to transmit the signal back to earth. All we're really doing is boosting the signal. As soon as we would tell NASA that we're assisting it, we would be blamed for interference immediately. Plus the fact that the pictures that you've received back aren't exactly accurate, they have been altered to a certain degree not to expose too much. The Voyager has been taking pictures consistently for each particular mile, and NASA has pictures of other crafts which they will not expose to you just yet. B: The key word is yet, because they eventually will. J: They have no alternative because people are starting to question it themselves. NASA can't keep denying it. All of a sudden people are being let go into freedom, cures are being found and nations are talking about disarmament. How come all in one year? ..they're wondering. B: So you're aiming for world peace. J: That's our basic goal. Right now there is world peace, that part of the goal has been more or less achieved. But to maintain it is something else, we intend to make sure it stays this way. Actually several years ago the earth should have been destroyed completely, because you people came very close to pushing buttons. B: Well thank goodness it didn't happen. J: We were very fortunate there because we would have been destroyed ourselves. We know it's very good in planning to make a quick retreat, but sporadically when all those missiles are launched, we don't have enough time ourselves to get off your planet. B: Is that all you discussed with your elders on your trip? Just the situation between China and Russia? J: Well that was part of it, the other was for certain cures. We have to ask ourselves should we do it, should we not do it and weigh out the possibilities. Some of us said that you people aren't ready for it yet and some of us said that you are ready and have been ready for a long time. Yet we were afraid to give you too much too soon because if we give you a cure for one, immediately you're going to want a cure for something else. The evolution of earth is not ready for that yet. It's kind of cold and shallow to say, but it's better if some of you do die. Your population is currently overriding itself, and for those who are really sick and beyond help, it's not fair to invent something and to give them hope where there isn't any hope. People expect us to do something unbelieveable.. we can't work miracles, we can only work fact. Plus the fact that your metabolisms aren't exactly the easiest to work with either, but we did give you something very simple to work with. AIDS would be the ultimate cure which you people would probably want. Unfortunately that's a very new one to us as well, and we're still experimenting with that ourselves. There are things that we can advise you on, but then again if it doesn't work out we get blamed automatically for it. So it's better that you experiment until we are really sure we know exactly what causes it. B: So you're working on it. J: Absolutely, but it's very strange because we don't even know ourselves what it's caused from. If we had the fact of what causes it, we could experiment with that fact..but yet we don't know what that fact is. Your doctors don't know and our scientists don't know either, but we've basically narrowed it down to a couple of things. B: But eventually the cure would be found. J: Eventually yes, I would say in a short time frame. There are some of your drug companies who claim that they have found something, but from our knowledge that's like taking aspirin for AIDS and it doesn't make any sense. I suppose it's alright if it makes the people feel better and if it gives them some hope. I wish I could say a lot of positive things about it, but I really don't at this point. B: Have you found a cure for cancer yet? J: Yes. B: And that is something which will be revealed later on. J: That's something that will be revealed. But like I said we can't give you all these cures immediately, because unfortunately some are destined to die. It's evolution, there's nothing that can be done. B: I thought that with the formulas you beings have created, you can prevent certain diseases. J: We can prevent it, but how many people are willing to take it? Lets take cancer, once it's set in your body and there's nothing you can do..you're beyond any help, even we would die ourselves. B: Then what good are these formulas? J: These formulas are if you're not in the very late stages of it, then you can be helped and cured. Right now you don't even have a cure for the starting or the advanced stages. You don't even have a precaution for it either, we have the precaution. We have the cure if you're not in the advanced stages, but if you're too advanced into it there's nothing we can do. We're not god's we're only scientists. B: So what you have is just a precaution and not the cure. J: Well the cure is there in the respect if you want to take it to prevent from getting it. If people want the cure for those who are completely beyond help, then we're being god and we're not out to do that. If a person is diagnosed with a brain tumour, we certainly have the means for curing it. But if you get someone who is in the advanced stage and try giving them the same formula, nothing is going to happen. There's only so much you can do for a human being and that's it. Unfortunately the human body is one of the weakest in the galaxy. A lot of it has to do with your own natural air which mankind has gradually contaminated. Your ozone layer has completely deteriorated. The only thing that's holding it together right now is a lot of outside intervention, other than that it crumbled 10 years ago. B: What do you mean by outside intervention? J: We put something in your atmosphere which is holding it together, but even that's limited. If you contine to pollute the air the way you do, there's nothing we can do to help. B: So you're saying our atmosphere would be the cause of many diseases which exist. J: Exactly. We've explained this to your leading scientists, but unfortunately they won't accept it. We've given you the cause and we've given you the cure, do something about it yourselves ..and you just don't want to do it. What are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to spank your hand and say that you're going about it all wrong? We can't intervene that way, but we have intervened the other way by putting a nutrient in your systems and protecting it to a certain degree, but even that's going to fail. B: I'm wondering why people are refusing help from you beings. J: It's your financial system. Let's say we give you a complete cure for cancer, what are all these pharmaceutical companies going to do? Who's going to get it first? Who's going to be the one to market it? Everybody. Think about it logically, at the same time what happens to all the companies that have put out vaccines? B: They would go bankrupt. J: That's it. They actually don't want the cure, even for something as simple as the common cold. But yet what would happen? All the aspirin companies would go bankrupt. All the cough medicine companies would go bankrupt. They actually want people to be sick..I really don't understand you people. But if that's the way your economy is concerned, who are we to say different. The rest of it is up to you with what you want to do with your lives. B: You said that after the formation all the contactees will have the formulas for the precautions and the cures for these diseases. You're telling me a lot won't want it, but what would be the point of having it? J: We're offering it to you at that point, but what you want to do with it is an entirely different story. Don't forget if all of a sudden you wake up tommorrow and the cure for the common cold is on the shelves, who's going to buy it? Who's going to believe it? The only way we can present it is if we present it ourselves. It's a little more believeable that way. B: So all the contactees would be just promoting it. J: You're not really promoting it, but you'll be open-minded about it. It'll certainly be a lot easier for people to accept. But like I said we can give you a cure for the common cold tomorrow, but who's going to buy it? First of all they wouldn't want it; Secondly the people wouldn't believe it; Thirdly we're not there to present ourselves showing it to you. There is a vaccine that could be put in your system and in a matter of seconds completely cure it, but unfortunately you people don't want to take it. We have approached you, but you come back with the same world that's out there. People are going to buy it, then what happens to all the other medicine that is already marketed? It leads you right back to the beginning again. If people want to kill each other then that's fine, just don't start any nuclear wars. B: I certainly don't want any nuclear wars.. J: We don't have any intentions of letting it happen. I'm not saying that the earth will be destroyed physically, but it will be destroyed to the point where the contamination will be phenomenal. You would be fortunate to have any survivors because currently there's a great amount of artillery and destruction power. B: I would assume that a lot of land would disappear. J: A lot of land has disappeared already based on your experiments. A good portion of the Atlantic Ocean floor has been damaged through nuclear tests, let alone killed off a lot of your own natural resources which is the actual water itself. You have such a beautiful planet, I don't know why you would ever want to destroy it. Stupidity is one good explanation, and the other explanation is that to us you're only just babies. You haven't even learned to stand yet, never mind walking. And when you can appreciate what you have, then mabey (sic) you can understand and try to help each other rather than to kill each other. Not only will you be hurting yourselves, but consider that there's other races out there besides yourselves that you will be hurting. B: So that would be the reason why I and other contactees would know this information, to advance mankinds knowledge. J: Somewhere along the lines, we hope it takes effect. We decided to tell you all of this in advance so that you wouldn't be in a complete shock. You could believe what you want to, but I'm just giving you basic facts. B: Do you forsee the people accepting this information? J: We forsee a lot of things. A lot of people will accept it and a lot of people won't accept it, eventually they will all accept it. B: Did you also forsee that I would be caught off guard at that point? Which is why I was told several years beforehand? J: Like I said it takes a lot of sinking in. In East Germany's case it just didn't happen overnight. We negotiated with them and they negotiated with us. And what they wanted was actually very simple ..it was a nuclear power plant. It was a generator that was efficient in operating for for their type of terrain. When they first wanted it constructed, they couldn't decide on how to approach it. It was a matter of us spending a couple of hours with them, and we drawn (sic) it up completely. It's no big secret, within the next 3 months from now people are going to hear that East Germany has a nuclear power plant. It's not done through us directly, it's presented by those who are in power in the government. And their sources, which we know are us can never be said or told. They were so grateful, they released more than what we negotiated for as a figure. It was really good on their part because it showed a lot of faith. B: To end off, I'm still unclear on the method of how the implant was inserted into my brain. J: It's directed at you and it's implanted, that's it. You feel nothing, there's no blood and there's no cut. It's basically like shining a flashlight on a wall. B: It's that simple? J: It's that simple. Sorry to disillusion you if you were set for some operating procedure. It's equivalent to taking a flashlight and shining it against a wall. You're not capable of performing that type of procedure, we are. It's an energy itself with a condensed light source, and don't ask me to explain it because I would lose you after the first sentence. Just us being here proves that we're a little beyond you.. ==================================== EOF ==================================== ============================================================================= = IF YOU HAVE ANY UFO RELATED INFORMATION THAT YOU WOULD LIKE US TO SEE = = OR HAVE DISTRIBUTED, YOU CAN NOW SEND IT VIA OUR NEW UFONET FAX LINE. = ============================================================================= = ------>>> UFONET FAX HOTLINE - 24 Hrs - (414) 351-2075 <<<------ = =============================================================================


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