Note: The following 12-page transcript was sent to me by resident of Toronto, and CUFORN m

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===================================================================== Note: The following 12-page transcript was sent to me by resident of Toronto, and CUFORN member, Ben Obina. I received it in mid- Aug. This file was typed in courtesy of Linda Murphy of NEXUS BBS <>, in Flagstaff, AZ. - Tom Mickus ===================================================================== -1- B: Do did you hear anything about what I talked to you about the last time? J: Yes I did. B: What happened? J: Well they came to the conclusion that it wasn't that. I suggest that you get yourself checked out because it is definitely not from that. How are you feeling by the way? B: I'm feeling fine. After we last talked, you said that they would do it within the next couple of days. J: Yes, a day or two. B: I've had a couple of headaches, so they must have done something. J: They have run some tests, but it wasn't from that. So you might have some infection I suppose. B: An infection? But nothing that would affect my hearing though. J: No, absolutely not. B: I see. So can I ask you some questions? J: Go ahead. B: Remember when I was implanted at a young age, I remember being in an operating type room. This would have been done while I was asleep. I really don't understand how this was done, would my body still be on the bed? J: Absolutely. B: So how were they able to operate on me while I was still asleep? J: You were semi-conscious, you weren't sleeping. You would know, hear and see everything around you, but you would be in a state of semi-consciousness. B: But that means that I wouldn't have been in the same room I was sleeping in. J: Not necessarily, but you could have been. B: I don't understand how that works. J: Let me put it to you this way, it could be implanted from any distance whatsoever. You don't necessarily have to be in that same room that it's taking place at. You might have been asleep, or you might have been semi- conscious. It might have lasted an hour or two of your time, but it's really a few seconds. B: So these beings are able to operate from any distance whatsoever. J: Within the range of approximately 50-60 miles. B: And this was the same way they were able to scan my brain. J: Not your brain but the implant. And if you have any headaches, that may have been it, but they're subsided by now have they now? B: Yes. J: Have you gotten a buzzing sensation? B: No, just the headaches. B: You said that during the formation, the implant will be activated by light. J: That's right. The best description of it would be not as a laser light, but a very fine tuning light. B: And how long will this take? J: Seconds. B: Only a couple of seconds? J: Based on your judgement, seconds. It wouldn't even be measured. Depending on the range of course, the farther away you are the longer it might take. B: But these beings will actually be there. J: That's right. B: And besides seeing spacecraft or whatever, will anything else happen at that time? J: This is actually why I'll be leaving out of town for the next little while. I can't really discuss that, I'm sorry. B: You are planning ahead. J: That's right. B: Is there anything else you could disclose other than the activation of the implants and the appearance of space crafts? Will your elders talk to us face to face? Anything like that? J: Let me put it to you this way, stay tuned to the news media between the 20th and the beginning of next month. You might be pleasantly surprised. B: So you're gradually revealing yourselves. J: Very gradually. B: I've read in a couple of newsletters and books that 1991 would be a year of change. Would this be around the time it might occur? J: Approximately yes. I did say a couple of years. B: You also said that some of the information the contactees are to know would be formulas. J: Well formulas to better yourself with, not formulas for nuclear disasters. B: Could you give me an example? J: Medical formulas basically. A lot of formulas on how to provide for yourself as far as food is concerned. B: Could you give me an example? It's kind of confusing when you said formulas because there are so many different types. J: Formulas for expeditions into space; Formulas for food processing and growing; formulas for medical and scientific research, and cures to certain types of ailments and diseases. Without specifically going into one or the other, a cure will be found for something that has been researched for a number of years. This is one way of showing that we are peaceful. B: And all of this will be like second nature to all the contactees. J: That's right. B: We wouldn't even have to think about it. J: No. You people will be shown how to create it by us. B: How are we to be shown if all the information is contained in the implant? J: Because we have to expose ourselves in order to create this. We will be doing a lot of experimenting and showing how some of these things can be actually created, in order to show that we are genuine and that we are trying to help you. B: This is after the formation. J: This is correct, but only after. B: A couple more questions? J: Go ahead. B: Around the times I was implanted, I was always puzzled why I rose several feet in the air at night. J: Like I said you were semi-conscious. Each person I suppose has a different way of expressing it, that might have been your way of interpreting it. Normally you may rise to a certain point. Don't forget that you have created your body and your soul. Your body is basically a cell to house your soul, but your soul is still there. B: So you were just touching on the outer part. J: Yes, the outer shell of the body but not your soul obviously. That's sacred to everyone, even us. B: Another question? J: O.K. B: I was watching a show earlier this afternoon and there was some minister talking. He was touching on how UFO's and the devil were both related. J: Well don't believe much of these ministers. I mean if you listen to the things that happen to some of these ministers, I wouldn't put my faith into any of them. B: It's not that I believe them, I just think that after the formation those are the types of people that we'll have a hared time dealing with. I'm sure that many people will be referring to the Bible, and in it reads; 'In the future, do not worship the false prophets'. That's kind of referring to all the people who were implanted. J: Flase prophets would only mean that they would recreate themselves as being God. That's what a prophet is. B: Tell that to others, because for many people prophets are basically ones who like to spread the message about a certain subject. J: You have to remember that there are others who are not religious. Take even the religious ones, they haven't seen any miracles yet. All they have are these evangelists who go around preaching, but really have no backbone to give actual proof. We're going to give some proof. B: But their backbone is the Bible. J: I'm not saying the Bible is wrong. There's a lot of passages that are correct, but there's also a lot of fallacy in it. B: Yet, but these ministers will believe what they want to belive. J: Well that's fine, they're getting paid millions a year to believe what they want to. If they could push that message to the people, then that's better ammunition for me. B: I see it as being a lot of trouble for me. J: Not really. B: Because it's going to be like their word against ours. J: But they can't produce what we can produce. They can't pick up their hand and raise a house, we can. If you don't see it, you won't believe it..we're going to give them something to see. Believing is fine but you can only believe for so long and then you give up faith and hope. Once you show a lot of dramatic experiences, then people start to believe. We're not going out as prophets, that' not our intention..we just don't want mankind to blow themselves up. That's basically it. You've suffered long enough, it's about time you've had a bit of help. Your Voyager spacecraft is on the outskirts of the solar system right now, and you've found some definent signs of a lot of things out there that NASA doesn't tell you about. B: You mean they have had things come back that.. J: Absolutely. You experiment all you want, and a lot of things you'll find out for yourselves. We are not able to show you everything, a lot of things you've found already.. you just don't know what to do with them. If you can't go out and touch it, then it's not real. Well we're going to show you things that you can touch, that will be real. I think the best thing is to show that there are a lot of cures for many diseases which exist. It's no miracle, it's just that our scientific methods are far superior to any of yours. We are out to help you people. If you feel that we're false god's, were not. I might as well be back home, but unfortunately at this particular point I can't go back. I'm quite satisfied just adapting to the way I am now. I could give cures and scientific formulas, but you people aren't yet ready to accept it. B: I just thought that the contactees would break the normal routine of many people. J: No, not at all. We can't guarantee that everything will be 100%, because we know the way we work and we know the way you people work. It's going to be a rough road for a little while, there's no question there. When you look at the average person on earth that has some of these facts and producing them to other humans, it might be a little more believable. They might be feared of our form for a little while, you might have to get used to it. B: You won't be in your human form any longer? J: Not necessarily. B: I see. J: What I find humorous are some of these newsstand magazines like the National Enquirer and The Sun which each week has a write up on some UFO's or space aliens. If you're ever so inclined to buy yourself a copy.. I don't but we have exposure to them. Some of the stories in there are outrageous. I don't know where they get them from, but I have yet to see one that' even half accurate. B: I read in the Enquirer awhile back that during the testing of a U.S. missile, a UFO approached it in flight and directed a laser towards it. J: And destroyed it. B: Exactly. That was probably true. J: That was true. The guidance system on that missile wouldn't have exploded into space where it was supposed to be destined to actually test the capability of that missile and to find out it's destruction power. Apparently the guidance system was off and the detection devices that were on the ground in the control center had no knowledge of it, and it was foreseen that this missile would crash back to earth again. Unfortunately it would have crashed in the excess of 1500 miles away from where it was supposed to explode in space, bringing it on a population of about 40 to 50 thousand people who would have been annihilated. No World War 3 existing from it, just an awful tragedy. And it was foreseen that this was going to happen. B: And you knew about this all along> J: We monitor everything that goes up there. Therefore it was completely destroyed by one of our crafts. B: SO the place that you went to just recently was to plan the events of a couple years from now. J: That's right, and in fact I'll be going back again at the end of this week. B: This is to meet with your elders? J: Yes. B: Just so that everything turns out perfect? J: It's not only that, but we're just reviewing a few different things which have come to light and we have to sort of prepare ourselves to know how to handle it. There's nothing that's perfect, and we can't say everything's going to be perfect... but it will be very close to it. We don't want to cause a massive disruption in your lifestyle, we just want to better it, that's really all we're planning for. We don't want you people to blow yourselves up and we don't want our planet or atmosphere to be contaminated. Mabey it's selfish, but we certainly like to live too. B: I was thinking that perhaps I would've gone crazy if I wasn't told about what was going on. J: No, you probably wouldn't have. B: Because it was my guardian who saw me putting those ads in, and it was he who eventually told you. J: I know you don't who your guardian is, but during the past 90 day's have you met someone that you've known before that you haven't seen for some time? B: Actually, you've hinted to me a couple of times who this person might be. And I've sort of had an idea all this time, and this person called me up a couple of months ago and asked if I wanted to go out. I told him that I was kind of busy and this person hasn't called back ever since. J: Like I said it was in the 90 day period. It might be very well this person, or then again it might not. B: You said that when I finally do encounter my guardian, I should look in his eyes. Why? J: Because the truth is right there. B: In his eyes? J: Our eyes would be a little bit different from what your eyes would be. B: In what way? J: I'm just disclosing that there's a lot of confidence. The pupils on the eyes are not exactly formed correctly. The retina and the pupil are both the same color, it's very hard to distinguish that there's even a pupil there. That's the only part we could not form perfectly. B: I've looked over many abduction cases, and obviously that was the time when a person was actually implanted. Sometimes they describe these beings inserting needles into their abdomen and showing pictures of their brain. J: These are just newcomers. B: Newcomers? J: Lets call them extra-terrestrials. I call the extra, because they are certainly not what we are. Take an age difference, 10 years old an 50 years old. We are the ones who are 50 years old and they are ones who are 10 years old. They may be very well from other galaxies I don't know. We don't know everyone that's down here, but we do get periodic information to say yes there is another fleet that has landed and is experimenting. They may be here for a month, or they may be here for 20 years... we don't know. B: This is their way of implanting people? J: This is their barbaric way of doing it I suppose. I'm not saying that we're the most advanced. There are more superior that ours, but they are billions of light years away from this particular planet. They have no intention of getting involved because they have no immediate danger of anything infiltrating their area. B: So you're going away soon. J: I'm going to be leaving next Friday on holidays. B: Do you tell your wife where you go? J: My wife goes with me. We're going down south to Florida, and the areas that we're destined to go to as long as we're there with the children would be West Palm Beach. J: But I'll be taking 3 days off on my own because I would have to take care of some preparations, and that would be in the triangle. B: In the triangle? J: Around the triangle area. B: Why in that particular place? J: I can't disclose that, I'm sorry. B: Well from what I've read in books, there used to be some landmass that existed in that area thousands of years ago. J: The city of Atlantis and all that. Yes that's true. B: Does this have to do with that? J: No that's long gone. Now it's just a nice Biblical story, that's all it is. But there is something in there that does belong to us and it's a homing device basically. B: A homing device for what? J: Our ships. B: Is that where you store most of your ships? J: No it's not where we store them, it's a beacon. In other words if we're coming in, we have beacons in certain areas, and if we want to get in's really complex and I really shouldn't be discussing it, I'm sorry. I can give a little bit of a clue though, it's basically a homing device for visitors from other areas besides ourselves. The best way to describe it would be as a.. B: Lighthouse. J: Exactly, that's basically it. It's nothing fancy because our crafts go under there as well and there is storage facilities for certain things. It's all underwater and it's certainly in one of the deepest parts of the ocean. B: Would this be ties in with the number of disappearances of ships in there? J: Yes it would be. If it's any consolation, no harm has come to anyone. B: They're down there? J: They very well may be, I don't know. It's completely vast, you're talking almost 4,000 miles underneath the ocean. B: For what purpose would you bring these people down there? J: We didn't bring them down there. B: Then why did these ships sink? J: Because of the beacon and it's magnetic pull. Don't forget that your ocean is a perfect magnet. Between the moon and the earth there's a gravitational pull, all we've done is latch on to the water. The water is serving as one large magnet, it just so happens that it could be only spread out so far. B: Didn't you foresee that many ships would sink with the beacon down there? J: We did and we've corrected that to a certain extent, that's the reason why you don't hear of these disappearances. Or if you do hear of them it's almost nil. Although when these things were built, we did have our problems because first of all we weren't used to your water depths, we're not amphibious. For us to build or to conduct anything in that type of atmosphere, it was next to impossible but we managed to do it. But no harm came to anybody, and all they've been is just relocated somewhere else. Living very normal lives but unfortunately they have no recollection of who they are, and where they're from or what exactly happened to them. For the past 10 years or so, you don't hear of any disappearances whatsoever. B: It all took place about 50 years ago. J: For the past few years like I said, within a range of about 10 years or less there haven't been any problems. Mabey 1 or 2 but those were just freak accidents. B: Remember I told you that one of the places I'd want to go to and spread the message would be my native country. I was always curious as to why you paused after that, it was as if you knew something. J: I didn't pause because I wasn't sure if you were going to go there or not, you may not want to go there at all. It's your decision where you want to be based, if you want to go there then that's fine. But you have to understand that there are people in that area already, you may not be needed there or even wanted there. B: Would I know if I were not wanted there? J: Absolutely, because you'll all be contacting and seeing each other, if not that same day, then the very next day. B: So we're all going to know each other. J: Yes you will. B: How? J: That's a very delicate mystery. You'll know each other once you see each other. As I said you'll all be going up in ships, and each individual ship is part of a puzzle. And each individual ship will form one large ship. I can't really explain it in your terms, but it's like pieces of a puzzle. Don't forget that it's all light powered. Light you can put your hand through, light blends, light can be reflected. Everything in individual ships can be put together as one large ship, therefore your capability of moving around wouldn't be limited. You'll have all these people in that area, you'll be introduced to each other. B: Approximately how many will we know? J: I couldn't tell you at this point because I really don't know myself. I know the numbers haven't been growing, we haven't allowed it to grow. We've actually diminished some of the numbers because we felt these people weren't sincere enough, or else just plain didn't what to. But the majority of them have been contacted. B: It's strange because I watched this show and a group of contactees were talking amongst themselves, and most were asking, 'Why me? I wish I were never contacted by these beings.' J: Well that's fine but we picked out certain individuals which we knew had traits. But unfortunately some of them had the traits but just didn't want it and there's nothing you can do to force them. We're not forcing it on any individual, if they don't want to...well that's fine. The only thing is once they're blanked out and the implant is removed, they'll have no recollection of it whatsoever. All that knowledge they have keyed in them is completely eliminated. They would just carry on with a normal life as if nothing happened and they wouldn't have any recollection of speaking to anyone of us, and for all they know all those minutes and hours have been lost. B: Approximately how many people have been implanted in North America? J: Anywhere between 5 and 8 thousand at this given time. B: These are the people are to spread all this information around? J: That's correct. B: 5 and 8 thousand, that' not a whole lot. J: Not it's not, but in this general area of North America were talking about. I don't have the figures of what it is completely over the world, I'm only concerned with this area. B: So between 5 and 8 thousand just in North America. J: There could be another 20, I don't know. The world is divided up into sectors, I'm only concerned with this sector. I am not involved in any goings on in any parts of the world other than this sector. It would be impossible, there would be no way I could put myself in those areas. B: And the 8,000 that are implanted are always monitored. J: Absolutely. B: Doesn't that mean that there would be 8,000 of your type here as well? J: Not necessarily. Don't forget that there are 8,000 monitored, but out of those 8,000 there might be one for every 30 people or one for every 100. And out of those hundred people 20 in fact may decline. B: Was an interest in UFO's one of the traits these beings were looking for? J: A genuine interest and a genuine sincerity. First of all a belief in it, because it's impossible to convince somebody that just doesn't believe in it unless they see it. But it's much easier to retroact with somebody that's at least open minded about it. It's much easier to relate to this person because they do have that interest in it. If somebody doesn't believe in it, that's fine. B: Not only the sincerity part, but should a person have a strong character as well? J: Not necessarily, but a willingness to at least improve their character. B: I'm just wondering why my guardian decided to contact you, I would have found out about all this later on. Instead I had to find out about this 2 years before hand. J: But you have to understand that 2 years is not all that long away. And to prepare you for it, it might take 2 years for it to sink in your head. Like I said you are monitored, and when you placed your ad, it was out of your chain basically. We figured it's about time that you better be told exactly what's happening. And if you want to bring this information to magazines and publishing, that's fine. A lot of people will believe it and a lot of people won't believe it, that's entirely up to them. But in most cases if they want proof, we can show them proof right now. But we're not about to reveal ourselves at this particular point and blow everything, it's not worth it to us. We planned this for so long to throw it all away just to prove to one or a 100 people that we're here. Why bother with 100 people when you can save millions of lives.


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