+quot;In the near future an event that no human mind should be uninformed about will take

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"In the near future an event that no human mind should be uninformed about will take place. There will be no need to ask 'why' or 'how', because all questions will be answered." Space beings have always lived on earth. They have been among us since the dawn of civilization. Occasional appearances in the skies prove that we are constantly visited by beings from other worlds. Throughout the ages, certain races have chosen to take on human form in order to monitor the development of mankind. As humans they live normal lives, until they reach adulthood. That's when their 'true being' is eventually revealed, which they have kept to themselves for obvious reasons. It was one of these beings who disclosed the following information to me. The pieces of the puzzle now slipped into place. Whether these beings visit us from the skies, or have been living on earth; their intentions and the message they bring has been basically the same: Mankind is entering it's last days. They will be prepared to assist when the time comes. The meaning behind our visitors secret activities now becomes clear. What is a "contactee"? Why have people been abducted at an unprecedented rate? These beings are and have been gradually selecting people for a 'definite' purpose sometime in the near future. All contactees are systematically chosen because of certain qualities they possess. A small portion of all contactees have had minor close encounter experiences, but the majority are subjects of 'implantation'. These people have a 'microscopic implant' surgically inserted into their brain. This 3 millimeter sphere contains a storehouse of knowledge. The main purpose will be to use this information to teach and to raise mankind's awareness. Also, to inform and to gain the people's acceptance. It is like comparing it to a locked drawer. Once the drawer is unlocked, the knowledge will become like second nature. All contactees will have a sudden interest in an area that they never had previously. During the screening process, these beings sought out individuals of 'strong character', and who would have the potential to develop into a 'firm believer'. There are about 3 million people across the world who have been implanted. Only a small percentage actually remember being physically examined; most are 'unaware' of their experience. All will definitely become aware when the 'formation' is to occur. The formation is the global event that will release the information contained in the implants. It is the key that will unlock the drawer. All of the chosen around the world will be simultaneously gathered and transported to certain areas. Each has a designated person or 'guardian' who has been watching over them. Some may have the task of monitoring several contactees. It will be this 'acquaintance' who will notify the contactee in advance of what is to take place. Others who have had close encounter experiences will be given the choice whether or not they wish to gain the knowledge; it was for this reason that they were not implanted. It is also expected that many will choose not to take part in the formation at the last moment, mainly because of personal commitments. What the contactee decides to do with the knowledge afterwards is up to him or her. There are many routes one can take; such as giving lectures, teaching the poor, or generally spreading the word. It's all up to the contactee. All are part of a worldwide program of psychological conditioning, in order to gradually spread the message and to slowly prepare the people. The formation is an actual event that will take place very soon. My intentions are to inform; that's why I ask that you accept this with an open heart and with an open mind. It's not important that you believe this now, but to file it away for future reference. In a year, perhaps two, when the truth finally becomes known, you will look back on this and realize that it was indeed 'actual fact'. "The Angel said 'Do no harm the Earth', the sea or the trees until we mark the servants of our God with a seal on their foreheads'. And I was told the number with God's seal on their foreheads: It was 144,000. They are the predestined." Revelation 7:3-5. ------------------ Send Feedback to: Ben Obina 2 Steeles Ave, W. P.O. Box 125 Thornhill, Ontario, CANADA L4J-1A1


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