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Peace, Tolerance, Truth; Salutation on All Points of The Triangle; Respect to The Order. To All Whom it May Concern: Greeting and Health. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Thank you for your interest in Nuit Unlimited Imports. Our company was established   in  1986  when we saw  a need for LEGITIMATE, NATURALLY MANUFACTURED PRODUCTS. We have passed into a New Age. People are starting to take responsi- bility for their own awareness and expansion. Some of the ancient ceremonies which are again being practiced by modern day Sages requires the use of incense, oils and other items which are virtually impossible to acquire in this country. As a result, the demands are harder to supply as the years go by. This has provided many companies with the opportunity of selling unnatural, look alike products to the Metaphysical, and Occult supply houses. The consumer believes he is buying Sandalwood, when in fact all he has done is purchased a composition of chemicals designed to smell like Sandal. We have a commitment in supplying you, the consumer, with the highest quality merchandise which is available to us. We are not interested in indulging in the prostitution of the Metaphysical Arts by selling make-believe items which our competitors sell as "Devil be Gone", "Quick Money", "Love Spell" etc. To this end we will continue to do our share of service to those who are following the path of Initiation. We assure you a pleasant sensory experience. Love is the law, love under will. Sincerely, Gerald del Campo Nuit Unlimited Imports *************************************************************************** STICK INCENSE In all of our travels over the world we have only been able to find one manufacturer who could meet all of our rigid specifications. We are proud to bring you stick incense which has been hand rolled using a formula which originated 4,000 years ago; as laid out in the Holy Books of India. This product is imported exclusively and is only available through Nuit Unlimited Imports. MEDITATION INCENSE: (Mild blend, subtle scents.) Lotus Lily Rose Patchouli Sandalwood $2.99 per box Musk (20 sticks per box) Jasmine Frankincense Exotic TEMPLE INCENSE: (A stronger blend, appropriate for Temple Work.) Jasmine Rose Musk Sandalwood $2.99 per box Amber (20 sticks per box) Patchouli Meditation SPECIAL BLENDS: (These are incredible!) Nuit, Hadit, Ra-hoor-khuit (9 of ea. 27 sticks per box.) Anubis (25 sticks per box) Pan (15 sticks per box) Shiva (15 sticks per box) Babalon ( 9 sticks per box) $3.99 per box. Isis ( 9 sticks per box) Horus (10 sticks per box) Kephra ( 9 sticks per box) Valhala (15 grams.) ************************************************************************** POWDER INCENSE There are two kinds of powder incense. The first requires the use of a coal which has been saturated in Potassium Nitrate. This interferes with the aroma of the incense because Potassium Nitrate has an odor of its own. This robs the incense of its integrity. The second type has the Potassium Nitrate mixed directly into the incense to make it burn without the coal. This is the greater of two evils. Our powders are manufactured in India by the same company that manufac- tures our stick incense. The same care has been taken to create this incense using only NATURAL INGREDIENTS. The extract is taken from the herb/or flower. It is then allowed to ferment. The herbs/or flowers are thus left scentless, all of their odoriferous qualities having been removed in the oil extraction. This neutral, scentless herb is then ground into a powder, and the oil is returned to it. The result is a powder incense which requires no coals or harmful chemicals to help it burn. This product is imported exclusively, and is only available from Nuit Unlimited Imports. These fine powders are available by the pound, or in 2oz. containers. Please specify when ordering. SPECIAL POWDERS: QABALISTIC INCENSE: Ambergris Kether Civet Chokmah Musk Binah Myrrh Chesed Frankincense Geburah Cedar Wood $24.00 per Lb. Tiphareth $26.00 per Lb. Benzoine or Netzach or Galbanum $3.00 per 2oz. Hod $3.50 per 2oz. Almond container Yesod container Lotus Malkuth Rose Jasmine Sandalwood ************************************************************************** OILS All of our oils are undiluted. They are alchohol free, and like our incense no solvents or chemicals have been used. These are pharmaceu- tical quality oils. They are available in 16 oz. bottles for $50.00, and in 1 dram vials for $3.00. *NOTE: Because our oils are full strength, human consumption is not suggested.* A G P Abra Melin Galangal Passion Flower Absinthe Gardenia Patchouli Acacia Geranium Pennyroyal Allspice Ginger Peony Almond Ginseng Peppermint Ambergris Pikaki Anise H Pine Azalea Hemlock Poppy Honeysuckle Primrose B Hyacinth Bayberry Hyssop R Benzoin Red Rose Bergamot J Rose Jasmine Rosemary C Rue Camphor L Carnation Lavender S Cedar Lemon Saffron Cherry Lilac Sandalwood Cinnamon Lime Sesame Citronella Linden Spearmint Civet Lotus Spikenard Cloves Cumin M T Cyclamen Magnolia Tangerine Cypress Mandrake Tuberose Mint D Musk V Dragons Blood Vanilla N Verbena E Nutmeg Vetiver Eucalyptus Violet O F Olibanum W Frangi Pani Orange White Rose Frankincense Orchid Winter Green Wisteria Worm Wood *************************************************************************** WANDS Our wands are made from solid ash, beautifully stained in medium walnut, and are 11 inches long. Three solid copper bands are placed on the wand: one in the middle, one on each end. These are held in place by 11 copper nails. The last band holds a beautiful quartz crystal. The core of the wand is made of steel. When the copper nails touch the steel core, a phenomena called "ELECTROLYSIS" occurs. A slight electrical energy field is created. These are beautiful, functional wands. QABALISTIC WAND: Copper bands are etched with TETRAGRAMMATON formula, I.N.R.I., and the three mother letters. (Correspondences derived from Qabalistic references.) THELEMIC WAND: Same as QABALISTIC WAND, but contains uniquely Thelemic formulae (in Greek language), numerology, and symbols. (Correspondences derived from HOLY BOOKS OF THELEMA, and LIBER 777.) EGYPTIAN WAND: Same as above, but contains Egyptian Hieroglyphs. (All correspondences derived from the EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD, the STELE OF REVEALING and other Egyptian sacerdotal references.) These wands are available for $50.00 ea. We can also provide you with custom made wands, banners, lamens, robes etc. These will be made to your specifications, so please specify size, and send picture or drawing. You will receive a quote and estimated time of completion within a few days. ************************************************************************** ROBES We have a limited supply of very light cotton black and white robes. These are hooded and have a draw string in front. They will fit people up to 6'4". TAU in style. Robes are $50.00 ea. Please specify black or white. ************************************************************************** SANDALWOOD INDIAN PRAYER BEADS Made from solid Sandalwood. They smell great! These are used in India by the Yogi's as they repeat Mantras, recite prayers etc. Sandalwood Prayer Beads are $4.18 ea. ************************************************************************** SWORDS AND DAGGERS We are currently hand crafting ceremonial swords and daggers to the specs laid out in Crowley's BOOK 4. Because Copper plating wears out so easily we have used Brass for the Hilt and Pomel instead. (Copper is derived from Brass). The handles are made of your choice of 11 exotic woods. When ordering please specify which of the exotic woods you prefer for your Sword or Dagger. The Daggers are made from steel containing a Rockwell hardness of 45Rc. The long and narrow stiletto shape gives it extra reach. The 3/16 spine on this 420 stainless steel blade makes this Dagger more than a beautiful Ceremonial piece. Overall length 11 inches. The Swords are made in the same way as the Daggers, using the same materials and plating process. The blades have been made in Toledo, Spain. We have used the finest materials in the manufacture of these weapons. Overall length is 36 inches. Choice of Exotic Woods. King Wood Olive Wood Ebony Blood Wood Goncalvo Alves Lignum Vitae Amazon Rose Wood Cocobolo African Black Wood Tulip Wood Iron Wood Prices for Daggers: $156.00 Prices for Swords: $352.00 Because these items are hand manufactured please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. ************************************************************************** SCENTED RITUAL CANDLES If you are allergic to the smoke produced by incense, or if you just like Working in a smoke free environment, these are for you. These are not machine made. We make these by hand and care is taken to ensure true Sephirotic colors and scents. We have used our own oils in order to insure ourselves of the quality of the scents. These candles are four inches high by one inch thick. *NOTE: Some Sephiroth may have more than one perfume assigned to them and care should be taken to order the one which you will need. SEPHIROTH COLOR SCENT PRICE EA. Kether white Ambergris $2.50 Chockmah gray Musk $2.50 Binah black Myrrh Binah Civet Binah Mix of all above $2.50 Chesed blue Cedar $2.50 Geburah red Dragons Blood $2.50 Tiphareth yellow Frankincense $2.50 Tiphareth yellow Cinnamon $2.50 Tiphareth yellow Mix of all above $2.50 Netzach green Rose $2.50 Netzach green Sandalwood $2.50 Netzach green Benzoine $2.50 Netzach green Mix of all above $2.50 Hod orange Storax $2.50 Yesod Violet Jasmine $2.50 Malkuth Brown Dittany of Crete $2.50 ABRA MELIN CANDLES! YELLOW $ 3.00 EA. You can buy a package of 10 candles, one for each Sephiroth, for $20.00 Specify scents when ordering. ************************************************************************** TERMS 1. Minimun order is $10.00. 2. All orders must be pre-paid. 3. All orders will be shipped Parcel Post. 4. Orders paid by check are subject to delay until such a time when the funds have been transferred into our account. 5. If your payment is returned to us by the bank as a "refused payment" for any reason, there will be an additional $10.00 SERVICE CHARGE. Payment must be then made within ten days by Cashier's Check, Certified Check or Money Order. 6. Should you desire to receive your merchandise sooner, arrangements can be made to send your order U.P.S. However, before we ship we must have received and cleared your payment with our bank, there- fore it is recommended that you send Money Order, Certified Check, or Cashier's Check. U.P.S. shipping charges will be billed to you C.O.D., at the time the shipment arrives. 7. All orders will be shipped FOB-- Van Nuys, CA. 8. We will ship your order on the day that yor payment has cleared our bank. Normally you can expect to receive your order within seven to fourteen days. 9. CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO ADD 6.5% SALES TAX. 10. Unless you have requested your order to be shipped U.P.S., please add 10% of the total order to cover Postal Fees. 11. If you are ordering U.P.S. disregard term number 10. Make all checks and money orders payable to: NUIT UNLIMITED IMPORTS 15236 VICTORY BLVD. #156 VAN NUYS, CA. 91411 Dealer and Distributor inquiries are welcome.


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