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******************************************************************************* From: Ammond Shadowcraft Msg Num: 95 of 97 To: All Date: 26 Feb 92 08:35:00 Subj: Please consider this Disclaimer Attr: Read: N Conf: Article Echo Of The MagickNet Trio ******************************************************************************* A Request From A Concerned Participant Please accept my apologies for this, but at this point I feel it necessary to ask for the sysop's consideration on a minor matter. WHEREAS: About a year and a half ago Tim Maroney wrote an article focusing on the Temple of Set's Order of the Trapezoid. In this article Tim Maroney attempts to justify his claim that the Temple of Set is fascist, and afterward in other forums, is also racist. When Tim Maroney wrote this particular article I gave Maroney the benefit of doubt and answered his article reasonably by saying that from my personal knowledge the ToS was neither fascist nor racist. Answering along with me was one Oz Tech, a III'd degree (Priestess), a black woman and a Knight of the Order of the Trapezoid. She responded along with me that from personal knowledge the Order was neither fascist nor racist. Some days later Dr. Michael Aquino, the High Priest of the Temple of Set, a minority himself, answered Tim's accusations by responding that the Temple of Set is not fascist (in fact the ToS is greatly concerned with individual rights and freedom of religion) and is relatively indifferent to the state. Further Dr. Aquino told the readers that Tim Maroney did not even extend to Aquino the common courtesy of letting Aquino read and comment on the article before Tim released it to the public. After eighteen months of relatively little continuing dispute the issue was brought up in THE_BASE_OF_SET echo whereupon I reminded the participants of the above facts. In this echo one Balanone, a high Initiate and member of the Temple of Set for over a decade, replied that from his personal knowledge the Temple is not fascist and is relatively less racist than the public at large. In point of fact Balanone is of Jewish heritage. I have informed the participants (which includes Tim Maroney) that while Tim Maroney is baiting the Temple via virtual (or cyberspace) defecation on Dr. Michael Aquino, that Dr. Aquino does not run the Temple. The Temple of Set is run by a duly elected Board of Directors (including women) of which the Head of that board is a person of minority descent--a Jew, and by the Priesthood (of which race is not a qualifier) at large. Thus Tim Maroney's allegations are proved fully wrong. To this date, after more than a year, Tim Maroney has neither offered an apology to those whose reputations he has attempted to damage, nor has he offered to retract his irresponsible and fallacious "Nazi Trapezoid" article. After watching his actions over the years I can only conclude that Tim Maroney is, in this particular matter, acting irresponsibly and/or obsessive/compulsively with respect to the Temple of Set. THEREFORE I ask the sysops to consider the idea that to continue to propagate an irresponsible attack upon an institution (which has survived federal scrutiny and personal deprivations over the years) would poorly serve the network and the participants of that network. THEREFORE I ask the sysops to consider putting a disclaimer with Tim Maroney's Nazi-Trapezoid article indicating something like the following... "In this article Tim Maroney alleges that the Temple of Set's Order of the Trapezoid is Nazi sympathetic and by extension, the Temple of Set is fascist. He offers as proof the fact that the Temple of Set's Reading List Category 14 is full of Nazi sympathetic works. With a few meager points Tim Maroney alleges that the Temple of Set is Nazi sympathetic--ie. fascist and racist. "Tim Maroney fails to mention that the Reading List contains a number of books, some written from a pro-Nazi standpoint, some written from anti-Nazi stand and some neutral. Tim Maroney also refuses to consider the fact that Dr. Aquino is a Phd. in political science and serves his (Aquino's) organization well by assuring the readers of the Reading List they have a complete view of this very emotional subject. Further more, four persons, Dr. Michael Aquino--High Priest of the Temple of Set, one Balanone--a high Initiate of the Temple of Set (and of Jewish descent) and member for over 10 years, one Oz Tech, a black Priestess (III' degree) and Knight of the Order of the Trapezoid, and Ammond Shadowcraft, a Setian I', informed Tim Maroney that from their personal experience *neither* the Temple of Set nor the Order of the Trapezoid is fascist or racist in policy or practice. "To this date (February 1992) after almost a year and a half, Tim Maroney has offered neither an apology to the Temple membership nor has he offered to update or retract his apparently irresponsible article. Therefore please be warned that this particular article is flawed in that the author is obviously in some adversarial relationship with the Temple of Set. There are two sides to this article. Tim presents only his side. "To further compound this problem Tim Maroney has uploaded the article on various machines on the Internet and FidoNet. Tim Maroney has lost control of the article and thus the Temple of Set is robbed of any possible reasonable response to or from the future readers of this article. Ammond Shadowcraft, Feb 1992" While I doubt that any legal problems could resolve from carrying this article it seems unethical to let such an irresponsible article stand alone and unanswered. Apparently Tim has uploaded this article on many different machines and now no one knows where these copies reside. Please look at your text files to see if this article is present and please consider disclaiming the article. The above disclaimer relates only to Tim Maroney's Nazi-Trapezoid article and none other. However should a sysop decided to delete the article entirely I suppose that such an action is entirely reasonable. I apologize for any inconvenience this request might incur. For more information please contact the Temple at the following address: TEMPLE OF SET Post Office Box 470307 San Francisco, CA 94147; U.S.A. MCI-Mail: 314-3953 Telex: 6503143953 -!- QuickBBS 2.75 Ovr ! Origin: CRYSTAL CAVE DAS MAGICKAL TREFFPUNKT 719-391-1092 (93:9510/0)


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