ORVOTRON BIMONTHLY NEWSLETTER The East Coast Power Point Transformational Updates November

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---------------------------------------------------------------- ORVOTRON BIMONTHLY NEWSLETTER The East Coast Power Point Transformational Updates November/December, 1993 Solinus and Kortron ---------------------------------------------------------------- OUR MISSION OF LOVE IS WELL UNDER WAY It seems like it was just yesterday that we sent out the last newsletter. From our point of view this is just another indica- tion that our concept of time has changed. Now, rather than experiencing the anxiety that came with waiting for things to change or take place, the opposite seems to be true. As time collapses we are amazed that so much is being accomplished within such a short period of time. One by one our goals are being achieved and time related pressures are often nonexistent. Perhaps this is a result of being more "in the flow" these days or more present in the NOW rather than focused on what will be NEXT. Regardless, the attitude at Orvotron is definitely more "laid back" and this shift is a welcomed sign that The Mission to bring Heaven on Earth is well under way. We have noticed that some complaints and frustrations previous- ly voiced within our Star group are being replaced by new con- cerns. In the past folks have been anxious because they were not seeing progress quickly enough. Now they are baffled by the speed at which change is occurring and are disturbed that there might not be enough time left to make changes within their own lives or to awaken those who seem to be sleeping through the entire transition. Rather than viewing the shortening of time as favorable some people want things to slow down a bit. As always, change has created new fears for us to deal with and the acceleration (or collapsing) of time apparently is no excep- tion. So, in this newsletter we will touch upon these fears and have sought some answers from our space brothers. When we posed these questions to The Confederation we knew that the answers might not be to everyone's liking, but we hoped that the answers would reassure those who seemed to be loosing sight of our reason for being here at this crucial point in Earth's and humanity's evolution. Those of you who have been reading our newsletters during the past few years have undoubtedly noticed a change in our format recently. We have received mixed reviews as some folks prefer the old set up which was primarily Kortron's views based on his own channelings and analysis of information received through the computer networks. Our new method of presentation still includes his channeled messages and examination of information gleaned from other sources, but the difference is that we are now includ- ing, in whole or part, much of this data so that you can use your own discernment. In addition, we are relying heavily on the translations of telepathic communications via Tom Smith whom we feel is a very clear channel. Our intention is to give the reader a more in depth evaluation of various subjects through a diversity of viewpoints. In addition, it has relieved Kortron of the burden of writing twenty pages for each issues and has cer- tainly made editing so much alien into English much easier for Solinus. This in turn has released us both to turn our attention to other projects. In this issue we will present new data which caused us to ask certain questions of The Confederation. We were not necessarily just seeking verification but hoped that the answers we received would cause you, the reader, to contemplate the seriousness of certain matters. The "time pressure" some of us are experienc- ing is representative of the fact that what is taking place can no longer be considered a "dry run". Although none of this should be met with fear it is important to realize that this is no longer a game in which the timer can be turned upside down to prolong the end result. We urge you to contemplate and meditate on your role in our combined Mission of Love. It is time to put aside fears, doubts and any feelings of guilt that you are not "doing" enough. Love comes in many forms and gestures and perfection is certainly not the only way to ascension (or re-ascension). Rather, a sincere desire to participate according to your own capabilities and skills is all that is really necessary. Love yourself as you would have others love you and your path will be made clear. Peace and Love, Solinus and Kortron THE POSITIVE SIDE OF ET/HUMAN EXPERIMENTS AND HYBRIDIZATION In the September/October, 1993 Bimonthly Newsletter Kortron wrote about the Secret Hybridization Plan which outlined the breeding programs being conducted by ET's for both negative and positive reasons. It may be of interest to know that many of us are in bodies which have been modified to correct changes which occurred in previous genetic experiments. One of these altera- tions has created a higher intellect, a much better biochemical, computer brain which is more benevolent and compassionate. If Homo sapient had been left alone to evolve at his own rate he would have eventually reached this higher order of Man, but it was necessary to make some alterations in order for Man to ascend with Earth into the Fifth Density. This manipulation of the original seed has been occurring for well over 200 years. In addition to making the necessary corrections, much older and wiser Souls have incarnated into these bodies to assist as stew- ards of correct change. As a follow up to Kortron's information we requested Tom Smith of Louisville, KY to ask The Confederation "about the positive side of the hybridization program related to the love reality." The following Telepathic Communication was received from Ashtar: From most human's perspectives, any efforts at all to breed or cross breed different ones is considered very negative. Most will feel that only God should be allowed to tamper with the human biochemical structure. Since the human is a higher order of being, it is sacrilegious to alter any aspect of the human species, right? To these concerns I tell you this. Any experi- ment or alteration by those of light of the species is accom- plished with love and with the total approval of those involved, and with the blessing of the One Creator, and is within the universal laws. It is when the experiments or procedures are forced upon any individual "then universal laws are violated". So one would wonder why is this sort of thing necessary? Could God just create the exact species It wants? How can there be participant approval when there is no recall of this by the individual? The One Creator can create anything at anytime, including a living species such as humans. This has been done. But you must also remember the One encourages creativity in others, which also includes the creation or enhancement of the various life forms already created, as long as it is accomplished within Its Divine Order. There are Creator Gods who can create life forms as well. But quite often it is the intentions of the positive Creator Gods to improve, enhance or change an existing life form for a partic- ular purpose. Humans have been doing this very thing to other life forms for a long time. Your motives are generally for the enrichment of the human species and not that of the participants. You do this without regards for the participants, simply because you view yourselves as superior. Using your same manner of reasoning, why shouldn't those beings who are "superior" to you be able to also experiment on you? However, those of the light do not view it as most humans do. If it were not for our genetic experiments, the human species would not have evolved. Your specie are also victims of genetic engineering by negative forces. Your cellular structures have been altered, many times over a long period of time. This has been accomplished through genetic engineering as well as hybridi- zation. I will say these negative energies have violated many universal laws in the process of doing this. There has been a great deal written about ET abductions and all the horrifying experiments different people have a conscious recollection of. This would leave the distinct impression that this is the only story to be told. But I tell you there are many, many beings of light and love who work in concert with the different agreements of those who are involved. Many of you have agreed to assist other planetary beings with their cause by way of cross breeding and experimentation. You have agreed to do this out of love for them and the One. It does not matter if you have a conscious recollection of your agreement. This is not necessary. In fact, due to some of your programming, such a recall might hinder the progress that has already been made. At the same time, no one is coerced into it and may stop their own participation at any time. Those of the light will always re- spect the free choice of individuals. There are, by the way, individuals who have agreed to help the negative forces. For such agreements, these are not violations of universal laws by these individuals involved. Where is all of this taking place? These activities occur on all levels - on the Earth, aboard craft and even on other pla- nets. Many of our space brothers and sisters have encountered blockages to their physical evolvement. At times, breeding with humans has been necessary to develop alternative species in an effort to correct or bypass the physical and physiological imped- iments. Many humans have offered their assistance out of love for that particular race. Other times, there may be a planetary seeding underway. We ask for volunteers and many have stepped forward. Sometimes the work must include enhancing the physical form so that it may more easily adapt to a particular planet's atmosphere, we did this for life forms on Earth. This is not intended as an all inclusive list of the different hybridization programs that are underway. This is simply our opportunity to tell you of the existence of the various potential circumstances. We do not adbuct. We have agreements with indi- viduals to allow for the participation of all those concerned. What we do we do out of love and respect for all those involved. We do not infringe on your free will. There is a group within the Ashtar Command that coordinates such activities for those of light. This group does not try to control the different activities since they deal only with those of light. They are a coordinating resource center for the dif- ferent levels of activities and circumstances. I am pleased to have had this opportunity to speak to this concern. It is not something we speak of frequently because of the misunderstanding by most people. Our motivations and inten- tions are based on love and not control. We do not have any intentions of producing a species that is more open to being controlled. We do not intend to create a better slave. NAZI MOON BASE POSITIONED FOR WORLD DOMINATION We have included the following file from our database as a backdrop to additional information we received recently: The Germans landed on the Moon in 1942 using larger exo-atmos- pheric rocket saucers. The rocket craft was built in diameters of 15 and 50 meters, and the turbine powered craft were designed as an inter-planetary exploration vehicle. The craft had a diameter of 60 meters, had 10 stories of crew compartments, and stood 45 meters high. Extensive research of dissident American theories about the physical conditions on the Moon have provided us with the follow- ing information. There is atmosphere, water and vegetation on the Moon, and man does not need a space suit to walk on the Moon. A pair of jeans, a pullover and sneakers are just about enough. Everything NASA has told the world about the Moon is a lie and it was done to keep the club exclusive from any third world countries joining. All these physical conditions make it a lot easier to build a Moon base. Ever since their first day of landing on the Moon, the Germans started boring and tunneling under the surface, and by the end of the war there was a small Nazi research base on the Moon. A free energy tachyon drive craft was used after 1944 to haul people, material, and the first robots to the construction site on the Moon. When Russians and Americans secretly landed jointly on the Moon in the early fifties with their own saucers, they spent their first night there as guests of the Nazi underground base. In the sixties a massive Russian/American base had been built on the Moon, and it now has a population of 40,000 people. After the end of the war in May 1945, the Germans continued their space effort from their south polar colony of New Schwabenland. (Added Note From Kortron: After this there was a alleged Naval attack on New Schawabenland in the 1950's. This was rumored to be a complete disaster to our navy as we were defeated badly. This was not confirmed.) ET CONTACT TO BE ANNOUNCED A short while back Major Ed Dames made an announcement on a major UFO computer conference that ET contact had indeed been made (as he had previously predicted would happen) and stated that this would be announced to the general public soon. He also added that the "hybrids must be dealt with quickly". My (Kortron) concern was not that extraterrestrial contact had been made (for this is old news) or that the public would soon be informed (for this is certainly overdue), but what did he mean by the statement that the hybrids must be dealt with quickly? Being my usual, inquisitive self I started digging for more facts. First I called the person who had authored this statement by Ed Dames but she didn't know what he meant. Not to be de- terred I dug a little deeper to connect with someone who has access to Ed and who could give me an answer. Remember in the last newsletter that I told you about a base on Mars where the Greys and the secret government are conducting a hybridization program. Well it turned out that a star ship is delivering 2,000 hybrid babies to Earth from Mars. This also includes a plan for these babies to be adopted by Earth parents. And the plot thickens! Within just a few days of piecing this together we were visited by someone who announced that he is being guided to open an orphanage. You can understand my inner thoughts at this point as these two possibly related statements surfaced in such a short time span. So, I turned to the Confed- eration for some answers and the following is the information which came forth. THE MARS PROJECT Translations from the Intergalactic Confederation Telepathic Communications - To Tom H. Smith of Spirit-Earth Questions from Orvotron: Can you tell us if there is a Mars base and a moon base that the US is involved with? If so how long has it been there? The United States, under the control of the secret governments and certain extra-terrestrials, have constructed a base on Mars. This was started in the late 1950's as part of the agreement your government made with the dark forces. The facilities are located in areas that are not visible to any normal probe or to any of your observatories. Your government did not have the ability to reach Mars, and certainly not to be able to transport humans there. This is where the negative ET's come in. They provided direct support in these matters, as well as eventually helping with the technologies in the construction of crafts of your own. Although these are limited by our standards, they are advanced in terms of your NASA craft. There are multiple purposes for the locations on Mars. Ini- tially they were exclusively experimental stations, places where they could test out new technologies for building constructions and for weapons. The atmosphere there is not conducive to the normal human functions. Therefore enclosed bases were construct- ed, including some underground. Human experiments were also conducted to determine what adjustments were necessary that might allow life outside the controlled environments. Many human lives have been sacrificed in these endeavors. Many of your planet's citizens have disappeared. This is where thousands have been taken. They all become part of forced slavery in one form or another. Another purpose for the Mars project was to develop a master race that could not only exist there but also could dominate the human species. This hybridization program has been done in con- cert with the negative ET's who really have the control over the facilities. This program had already begun "on Earth" but was taken to Mars in 1965. You may think of these as Martian if you wish, but most of these are no different than other humans. There is far too little understanding about the origin of the human species. You are mixtures of hybrids that at least in part, were neces- sary so your physical bodies could best adapt to the Earth's conditions. So each of you are a part of others, as far as your physical vehicle is concerned. There is no need to feel so pious about your uniqueness. Nor is there a need to have fear of the term hybrid. It is only when this is not done out of love and in concert with the divine plan that you should be concerned with the outcome. There are many beings from other planets who are now on the Earth. There is no alarm for this. Nor should there be any alarm for the presence of those from Mars. Of course you will not be given the complete truth by your government. The Mars hybrids have not been developed with love and are not part of the divine plan as we know it. Another significant purpose for the Mars project was to develop an alternate place to relocate in case of a nuclear holocaust and do to other fears and uncertainties concerning the final disposi- tion of Earth. This is not to be a place for the general popula- tion. There has been no concern for the planetary citizens and their safety, but only for those who consider their selves as part of the "elite". These are often referred to as the secret governments. Of course there is not sufficient room for all of these, but this is not realized by those under the influence of the dark forces. Most of these, too, are pawns who can be dis- carded at the appropriate time. These bases on Mars are not to be confused with the higher life forms that reside there as well. These are of the 5th density and are invisible to the 3rd dimensional beings. Our space friends who are there are well protected from anything the 3rd dimensional beings could direct towards them. Those who speak of the damage and harm by our friends [a previous transla- tion] have no concept of what is actually occurring. This is outside your ability to see and to affect. This is not intended as a complete explanation of the Mars project, but simply a general overview and response to the ques- tions asked. Your government is preparing to reveal the exist- ence of ET's. Mars is part of the story that will eventually be told. We refer only to the existence of life on Mars and not the existence of their own bases and purposes. There is also a facility on the moon, the backside. It is not significant since it was decided to develop more fully the Mars projects. The moon base has been used as a shuttle location for some of the earlier craft. There are also some supplies and equipment stored there, most of which is outdated. CLAIMS MADE ABOUT THE MARS PROJECT Questions from Deland, FL: What really happened to the Mars observer spacecraft? Is it like (name excluded) is saying? What is going on with (name excluded) and his "claims" as to Martians being here and that we need to do something about the hybrids? I would like to know if the various intelligence agencies are in any way connected to this "event" that (name excluded) speaks about (agency names excluded), and if so, what are their inten- tions and motives? There have been certain individuals making claims about the different events and hybridization programs on Mars. One has gone so far as to "predict" when the information will be given to the public. How do you think this information was obtained? How do you think this particular individual could have "predict- ed" the shut down of the Mars probe? This has not been accom- plished through great psychic powers. Information has been given from certain sources within the secret government. This infor- mation was given only to its own members for their programmed use. There have been mentioned some governmental agencies. We will say the following as a general statement in this regard. The secret government consists of many agencies of government as well as certain groups, organizations and individuals who are not official representatives of your government or any other. There is a certain amount of overlap within these groups or agencies with regards functions and knowledge. However, not every group or agency knows everything that the dark forces are doing. Not only is this due to the bureaucracies involved, but also it is a deliberate effort by the power structure to maintain control and minimize what others may know. They realize that power is in information and lack of power is in ignorance or misinformation. Some of the organizations names that were presented with the question are well aware of the Mars activities while others know little or nothing of these situations. It is not our intent to focus on any specific secret government group or on any individu- al. We choose to inform all who will listen concerning the spiritual connection each of you has to the One. We choose not to campaign against anyone. Once you have opened up to your inner guidance, there is no need to campaign "against", as you will recognize the need to pursue only positive energies and positive courses of actions. We also do not choose to single out individuals since this also changes the focus of positive energies. We have already spoken about certain ones in a general way and do not feel the need to add more to that. As we will always tell you, your own discern- ment is far more important than all the detailed messages we can provide. It is understandable that many of you on the Earth would take an interest in the various space probes that venture into the unknowns of space. At the same time there seems to be an over emphasis on the significance of the findings of your space adven- tures. For those wanting physical proof of other existences, it does represent a way to enhance that interest. Yet your technol- ogies in these regards are very limited. Your time would be better spent on learning about the universe within yourself. Many will find this amusing. There is a much more vast knowledge to be obtained by doing this than pursuing the physical aspects of the journeys. It is when you begin to understand the "within" that you can truly comprehend what is "out there". You will realize you do not need craft to go "out there". This you can do at any time, and you will obtain far more information than with your high tech probes. Your probes only have 3rd dimensional limitations. Your internal probe has no limitations and can view many of the other dimensions that are closed to your high tech gadgetry. Your Mars probe was not lost. Its transmitters were simply shut down, at least for part of the time. This was done as a show of force by the secret governments which have the technology to do this. Your space agencies are more pawns to the secret governments. Their technical capabilities have been limited by those in government who have certain technical advancements, and who have wished for the focus to remain on the official space agencies. But there have been times when the various egos could not be tempered to allow for the real power structure to com- pletely dictate all of their missions. This particular mission falls into that category. So the probe was simply shut off to let those at NASA realize who is in charge. BE PREPARED TO SPEAK ABOUT EXISTENCE OF ET'S Translations from Christ Telepathic Communications - To Tom H. Smith of Spirit-Earth In anticipation of some upcoming government announcements concerning the existence of ET's, I am suggesting that light workers be prepared to speak to the various issues that will be raised. I realize some of you are not yet awakened to this aspect of your knowing. In those situations please refer the questions and concerns to those you know who are knowledgeable in these matters. This will be a time of considerable chaos with the masses, as the people begin to look at their belief systems in view of the marketing campaigns that are to be waged. It will be a necessary time to let the people know of other alternatives, should they wish to seek such information. We have been working and preparing many of you in anticipation of these times. The time is drawing close when your services will be much in demand. RESPONSIBILITIES AND RECENT "EXECUTIVE ORDER" Translations from Christ Telepathic Communications - To Tom H. Smith of Spirit-Earth I am the Supreme Commander of all positive ET's who are in this part of the universe to work with the Earth and humankind. This was an honor that was bestowed upon me some time ago. In part this was done because of my love for all those on the Earth. In part this was bestowed upon me because of the level of love I have risen to. I tell you this not as one who wishes to brag on their self, but so you will have better information as to how of these things occur. As Supreme Commander I am "responsible" for all that may occur from the star beings. Do not confuse this term with your normal understanding of responsibility. It is more of an honor for me, since all the star beings are of love and light and do not take actions that are in violation of universal laws and the master plan. Nevertheless, there are times or situations in which I must issue "executive orders". This I will do only after consultation with those of the Confederation as well as other appropriate representatives or representative groups. Such orders may in- clude a change in the way we are communicating with some of you, or they may place a greater emphasis on physical manifestations. These orders may also relate to the emphasis or ways we approach the various government leaders or leadership groups. Included in those who I have "responsibility" over are the ascended masters and others who are available to each and every- one of you. Some of these may be star beings as well but I do not wish to cause confusion in these matters. It is an honor for me to be consulted by so many beautiful beings of unconditional love. Our understanding of Supreme Commander is not the same as your use of this title, yet there are certain similarities so that you may relate to some of what I do. A recent "executive order" has gone out which provides for additional protection to all awakened light workers against the pending actions of the various governments. This is necessary since the dark forces are continually making every effort to develop ways to bypass our protection. They are able to succeed only to the extent they can change the conditions on the planet or distract many of you from your path and available protections. These protections do not necessarily mean physical protections as you might use against physical attack. This will be difficult for some of you to accept. The protections will most likely occur at the etheric level. This alone is usually sufficient to change an offensive act or intention to act, to that of a non- action. So in a very real sense this is a physical protection, but these are not to be relied on as such. Consequently, I suggest that the light workers use their own good sense and intuition in your dealings with those of the dark. In other words, do not do foolish things or deliberately antagonize when silence would be more appropriate. The dark forces are mounting more attacks on the light workers and on those they consider spiritually connected. They are doing this on a global scale but in such a way as to minimize the attention of such attacks. They want the light workers to know what is happening in order to create fear. But the general public is being shielded from these kinds of actions by way of different PR campaigns. These additional protections are not new in one sense. They are simply reminders to each who wishes to call on them. This call for additional protections should not be interpreted to mean we are more concerned than before. This is not the case. It is simply to get all on board with what the dark forces are doing or planning to do. Many things are accelerating very rapidly and there is always the possibility that our lack of communicated response could be interpreted by our Earthly light workers as not keeping pace with all situations. Nothing could be further from the truth, and we want each of you to know this. We are also aware of the human emotion and desire for some physical signs that we remain with you. For now trust that we are always with you and are available to help serve you. THE CREATIVE POWER OF GROUP MIND By Kortron Those of you who have loyally supported our efforts over the years are aware of a topic which invariably creeps into my writ- ing, the need for group consensus and action. Now is not the time to cower in fear or become disillusioned or disconnected from our group aspect. Rather, it is the time to merge our creative energy to bring about a new reality on Earth. One of the first guides to our group endeavor was "The Starseed Transmissions" by Ken Carey. In it we were warned by the Creator that it was possible to become trapped by the veil of the third dimension, the very thing we volunteered to help others to under- stand need not keep them in bondage. As Light Workers we must seek out each other and join together to remove our veils which keep us from being all that we really are. Only then can we effectively help others who are less awake to overcome the same barriers. Perhaps Meredith Lady Young explained it best in her book "Agartha": .LM .50" .RM 5.50" Group awareness, group effectiveness training, group dynamics and group counseling are all famil- iar terms and all hint at the lesson of recogniz- ing and learning to use group power appropriately and effectively. Indeed the world needs to learn of group dynamics in order to move into its new course of harmonious realignment with the spirit. The usual attitude toward groups is that they are necessary for some decisions. But is the individ- ual aware that the energy or power of a group with a common vision, the actual units of energy gener- ated, increase in direct square proportion to the size of the group? If the power of a group can be the number of the people within a group squared, one can quickly see that each group's power increases exponentially with size. This power is the power of creative energy which can manifest in specific physical form, not only making things happen quicker but making them happen in line with expectation. The actual units of power to change and create thoughts and actions grow in a great proportion when in a harmonious group than in an unintegrated group. ...Remember: group power equals the square of the number of people within a group. If there is a group of one hundred people who share a common vision and interact to achieve that goal, then the number within the group (100) squared equals the group's power (100 times 100 energy units) or 10,000 units of generated energy. And to complete the example, if there is a group of one hundred people who do not share a common vision but are nonetheless thrown together in a group, then that group's power is equal only to the simple addition of the power of each individual member of 1 + 1 + 1 (etc.) up to 100 to equal 100 units of general energy. As one can readily see, those in a small united group would have potentially more power than those in a much larger but fragmented group. ...If there are approximately four billion people on Planet Earth, then it would take a unified group of only about sixty-four thousand to effectively shift the mode of the planet in favor of that group's energy (64,000 times 64,000 equals 4,096,000,000). In the United States where there are approximately two hundred twenty-five million people, fifteen thousand persons with a unified vision would have equivalent potential power. It is also possible to effect the necessary planetary changes through combining smaller but already aligned groups. The key is man considering himself in the broader context of a planetary being and working toward this end rather than seeing himself as only one insignificant part of a fragmented world. .LM .00" .RM 6.50" Perhaps you can understand better why WE must set aside our individual egos, for this is what is fracturing our group and keeping us from combining our energy as one. Now is the time to unite in our Mission of Love, putting aside all our differences to get the job of Creating Heaven on Earth done!!! I need you, you need me and we ALL need each other. The battle cry of the destroyer is and always has been DIVIDE AND CONQUER! This is what is being implemented against us as a group. What power structure rules without the combined energy of the masses behind it? We can do more by supporting each other than we can by being disjointed and divided. In Earth's past there have been whole races that have evolved and could just think themselves off this planet. This was not accomplished by turning away from their potentials but rather by accepting their full potentials to eliminate limitation. None of us are trapped here unless we limit ourselves by believing we are. By exploring who we are and then saying I AM we can create and experience any reality we wish. Just imagine the world if the negative reality creators have no one who is willing to experience their idea of reality but themselves. Do you know what I want? I want all incarnate Light Beings to unite by the end of 1993, to stand up and be counted and to once and for all create Heaven on Earth. Let's DO IT! ATTACKS ARE UNDERWAY AND LIGHT WORKERS MUST UNITE Translations from The Sun God Telepathic Communications - To Tom H. Smith of Spirit-Earth There is so much happening on your lands that we have to decide what is most important to communicate. I have spoken mostly of Earth changes and of ways to assist each of you in broadening your awareness of yourself and all others around you. However, I wish to speak of other issues at this time. There is very much confusion in the hearts and minds of people throughout the planet at this time. The confusion is magnified by all the many energies that are moving about. I speak here of the changes to the Earth. But there are many other energies that are essentially derived from the affects the Earth is having on each of you. Many of the secret governments are feeling these "pressures" as they are accelerating their own activities, many of which are causing direct harm to the planetary citizens. The crimes in your cities and towns are also on the increase. Again, confusion in the hearts is causing actions, which in some instances are the programmed outlet for many of those with "criminal tendencies". There are efforts underway at this very time to create fear and intimidation against those who are considered a threat by those with the real power. There are physical attacks against many of you who are embracing your inner guidances and rejecting the dictates of the systems. These are taking place in all parts of the planet. Those who are being directed to initiate these ac- tions are the ones who have undergone intensive mind controls from the dark forces within these secret governments. These individuals are pawns in their own right, and are of value only as long as they carry out the mandates of those who maintain control over them. In other words, they can be sacrificed to a justice system should such a system "accidentally" prevail over them. The efforts, which are underway to stop or even eliminate those who are considered a threat, are being orchestrated by the rela- tive few in power. At the present time the incidents are distant enough that the general public will consider these as no more than small, isolated situations. Of course this is the intended desire of those perpetrating the harmful activities. They wish to have an open and free hand to do "justice" to those who are not considered in the mainstream of society. The general public may not tolerate massive persecutions, but they will permit attacks on certain types of groups or individuals. The secret governments are busy trying to misinform all who are open to mind controls. The disinformation concerns those who are not part of the orthodox belief systems. I am speaking of more than just the religious beliefs. I refer to basically all ideological beliefs that are commonly held as being supportive of the taught goals of capitalism, materialism and even totalitarianism. Churches sup- port these goals in ways most are not even aware. It is the plan of those in power to continue their attacks upon others as long as there is no shift in the mass consciousness that will detect or object to their actions. The attacks will become even more blatant as the momentum continues and is allowed free reign. If not restrained or detected, there could be whole- sale incarcerations that will completely avoid the judicial systems which are already in a shambles. The increased criminal actions will overburden the courts and keep you "law enforcement" officials occupied. This will become an open invitation for even more deliberate attempts to control those individuals who are free of the controlled thought patterns embraced by your systems. Anyone who is perceived as having the connection of their spirit- ual self to the universe is considered a candidate for attack, in one form or another. The fundamentalists are already softening up the "beachhead" with their verbal attacks on anyone who does not agree with their black or white dogmas and decrees. It should be coming more and more apparent that those who are of the light must work together. As individuals you are powerful against attacks on your beliefs and character. As individuals you may make good martyrs. But then what has been accomplished for the whole? If you will accept each others differences and agree that you sincerely and truly have a common goal, you will begin to generate the kinds of mass energies that can have a most positive, geometric influence on all others. If you decide to recognize that your personal goals and egos are a hindrance to bringing the collective consciousness together, you will be taking a gigantic step forward. Everything must be accomplished with and in love in order for it to create the level of mass vibrations which are needed to overcome the efforts from the dark forces. You are not alone. Yet we cannot fight your physical battles for you. Many physical battles can be avoided if you place your trust in the power of mass consciousness. The Earth will be assisting in her own way as she continues to cleanse herself of the negative energies. Many of those same dark forces - the pawns - will feel the affects of the changes at times and will have no control over the destructive forces that are directed towards them. But it is not good to rely on these situations as a way to escape the grip of the secret governments. Only through positive, loving and united actions can you feel the certainty of being able to counter the attacks upon you. Think about what I am telling you. Listen as others will be providing these same types of messages. I love each one of you. I love the Earth and I love the One Creator of us all. NEW WORLD ORDER Translations from the Intergalactic Confederation Telepathic Communications - To Tom H. Smith of Spirit-Earth Questions from Stone Mountain, NC: Is there a time schedule for implementation of the New World order? Can you share it if there is? What happens to the star people if the dark forces begin to round us up and place us in concentration camps and then try to eliminate us? Do you have a message for the Star People? Most by now are at least familiar with the term "new world order". Unfortunately relatively few associate this with its true significance. The new world order is simply the consolida- tion of world power into a single "constitution" of united na- tions. It is the official recognition of what already exists de facto. It is the formalization of the various structures of order that are deemed necessary by the power brokers to promote greater rigidity and control of the masses. It has many ramifi- cations, most of which are not positive, unless you are part of the "elite" power structure. The purpose of the new world order is to have total control of all those on the Earth, without consideration of individual rights and freedom of choice. It is the epitome of power, greed and materialism and is absolute control. Several plans have been devised that would lead up to the final implementation of the new world order. Many of these plans are already underway. We are aware of a target date or time period when the announcement is to be made to all of its official begin- ning. There have been many false start dates given. These have been based on deliberate erroneous information. Should we di- vulge the planned date, the focused energies would be on that date and will without a doubt give energy to its inception. Should we not provide the date, we will be accused of not pro- tecting the light workers with sufficient warning. But we tell you, you already have sufficient warning. It is always best to prepare with self preparation in the way of love and discernment development. Then it is not of the same concern when the event occurs, if it does. To this you have added positive energies which can cause change in the given plan. This is really what we are asking you to do. Create your own new world order, one that is based on love and mutual respect. When the majority of the citizens have embraced this, who will be left to carry out the orders of the new world order? No one will, but for the power structure itself. But without slaves to enforce its directives, there can be no power structure. This is what we suggest you do. PROTECTIONS ARE ALREADY IN PLACE Every human wishes to feel secure in their own way. We cannot fault your desire to be safe from harm. It is your birthright. We have just explained in a simplistic way of how the collective consciousness can eliminate the need for a power structure. Nevertheless there is considerable concern by many light workers that the storm troopers of the new world order will cause harm to them. This is a planet of free will and free choice. Those of us who are of love and light do not interfere or infringe upon your choices, even when we are aware of the consequences. Should the planetary citizens as a whole choose an order that consists of control and suppression of individual freedoms, then this is a choice you must live with. We cannot and will not interfere, except to the extent the actions increase harm to the Earth. Then we will work with the Earth to eradicate this as part of the cleansing process. Therefore, at this time we do not anticipate any massive, direct involvement on our part to rescue the people. This is not to say you are helpless. In addition to already having all you need to turn the Earth inhabitants into a loving and harmonious society, there are other protections available to you. These are no different than the protections you should already be aware of. Also, many will be leaving by way of ascension. The remaining starseeds will also be removed at the appropriate times. You have all you need to protect against any incursion by the dark forces. Many of you have chosen a path that will have direct encounters with the dark forces as a way of exposing them and their own vulnerability. To others of you we suggest use of restraint and wisdom when these are the called for virtues. A MESSAGE TO THE STAR PEOPLE This is a war, understand that for certain. But it is not necessarily a war that must be physically fought. The battles are to be won by those who can master the creation of their own realities. This is most affective when the mass energies join to create a common reality. It is time for each of you to decide which reality you wish to create and be part of. It is time for those who claim to be workers of light to be just that and to set aside your personal goals, petty differences and the egos. IF YOU ARE NOT NOW ONE, UNITED BY CHOICE, YOU WILL SOON DISCOVER YOU WILL BE BUT SEPARATE ENERGIES, WHO IF UNITED COULD HAVE MADE A MUCH GREATER DIFFERENCE. This is the message we wish to leave with you. Do not fear the days ahead but look forward to them as the time of opportunity for the graduation of the planet Earth and of the human species to a higher level of know- ing and of love. SATELLITE PUBLISHING SERVICE We are constantly tossing around ideas here at Orvotron about how to expand our network by getting the newsletter out to more people. In the past we have made it available through the com- puter network, but this did not generate funds for our various projects - after all why would anyone pay for something they could get for free? We continue to explore the option of having it translated into various languages, but unless someone is willing to manage the printing and mailing from a foreign country it only increases the time and expense on our end. We were pleased to discover recently that a satellite publish- ing service has been created whereby folks can use a computer network to buy whatever information is available through this source. After considering this it became apparent to us that it was a worth while direction to pursue as it will only cost us a small percentage of the subscription rate. This should be offset by a decrease in printing costs, time and postage and provides a way for us to distribute a more affordable version overseas. If you are interested in receiving the Bimonthly Newsletter through this method please let us know what networks you are on that will allow us to do this. Upon request we will gladly share informa- tion on how you can obtain these services for your newsletter as well. SEARCHNET OUR STAR SEED WORLD NETWORK Several issues ago we mentioned that Searchnet is now available to folks with computer/modem systems. It is a world wide network for Starseed and was brought into reality through the efforts of Glenda Stocks. Needless to say, it was both expensive and very time consuming for Glenda to setup, but set up, she did! In our opinion this little lady should get one very big round of ap- plause for her dedication and perseverance in this endeavor. She was willing to do whatever it took to make this mode of communi- cation possible including financing it herself which is no small matter. As Administrator of Searchnet Glenda spends most of her time (while not working her regular job) either collecting informa- tion, corresponding with Light Workers or sorting and sending data and mail to all those connected with the network. We are quite dependent upon Glenda for a lot of the information we pass on to you and this global means of communication is very impor- tant to our networking efforts. Recently Glenda sustained an injury at work and was unable to spend as many hours collecting a pay check. On top of that she had the flu for two weeks and this further hampered her ability to keep things going. Meanwhile the phone bill keeps coming and the expense of keeping Searchnet viable increases. Many of you have totally taken our word for it when we say we are doing this or that for the Mission. There are certainly those who have supported our efforts without ever visiting with us, and some we have never even spoken to by phone or computer. In the very near future all that we have accomplished together will be invaluable to The Mission and your encouragement and assistance is what has kept us going. The foundation is nearly finished. There are times when certain things are difficult to pass on to our group and discretion is a must because we do not want to feed sensitive information to the Dark Forces who would manipulate it for their own self serving purposes. The computer network is one means to bypass these entities. Many key players who indirectly provide you with sensitive information are connected through this network. This system helps in the unification of Light Workers around the globe and is definitely one way that we can be ONE, united by our choice to make a difference as the InterGalactic Confederation has advised. We ask you, our Star Group, to open your hearts to this sweet soul and give what you can to help support and keep the network healthy to inform and update those who are communication points that pass information to those who inform you. If you want to donate you can send your gift of love for Glenda to us, we will pass it on, or you may contact her directly: Glenda Stocks, 1344 Park St., # 187, Stoughton, MA 02072. SANCTUARY By Solinus After a very hectic summer things are starting to wind down a bit here on the home front. We were bottle-necked for most of July, August and September with so many projects on going. There was certainly no lack of diversity. When we grew tired of siding the pyramid or the weather made it impossible to garden, there were always vegetables to be stored for winter or the lower level of the house to remodel for the constant flow of visitors who come here. The east, west and south walls of the pyramid are now shingled and water tight. When we were about half way up the third side we ran out of shingles so I made yet another trip to Boone to the construction supply store. Lo and behold I was told that the particular color we had been using was discontinued by the manu- facturer and there were none available anywhere. We would have to order something similar and wait three weeks for delivery. This would not do, of course, as the Fall rainy season was fast approaching which would mean further delay and we did not wish to finish the building when the weather turned cold. So, I came home empty handed and Kortron and I had a good talk with Spirit that night. The following day Kortron was led to another supply store where he found shingles which match (almost) perfectly with the ones we had been using and so he bought enough to finish the pyramid. I guess this was just another one of life's little tests. So now we are shingling the north wall which in one way is the easiest as there are fewer windows to work around, but in actual- ity may be the hardest as there is no porch roof to perch our ladders on to reach the highest points. This is also the side which has been designated for the fireplace chimney and there is a hole cut for a pipe for the wood stove which was used there last winter. We're not ready to build the chimney just yet so we decided to board over the hole in the wall, shingle that area and put off building the fireplace until next spring. At least the pyramid will be water tight in the event that the next activation requires a dry building. We have purchased the fireplace insert, cement, brick and chimney block so we'll be ready to go come next year. The Autumn leaves are absolutely gorgeous now, but soon they will begin to fall. Adel keeps asking when we will be raking the leaves as she loves to hide in the piles and throw the remnants of summer toward the sky, scattering all my efforts to the wind. As the cycle continues we will then busy ourselves bringing in wood for our winter's heat supply. We enjoy this activity as we are warmed by the task of cutting the trees, again in the split- ting and once more in the stacking. The second bathroom which is located on the lower level of the house is now complete with a toilet, sink and bathtub/shower. We papered the top half of the walls, painted the bottom half and put down linoleum, so all that's left is trim work which I project will be accomplished on a cold and rainy day somewhere out there in the future. This should be welcomed news to those who have visited here and had to climb the stairs in the middle of the night to get to the one and only bathroom. Kortron loves to make doors so we spent an entire day cutting, planing, sanding and nailing together one of his rustic creations for the bath- room. We teased about going into the door building profession; surely it would pay better than building a Light Center! We have received inquires about Wayne (Sundance) who joined our efforts a year ago and parked his backpack here last winter. His smiling face has moved to a cabin about a mile down the gravel road and he is now happily landscaping and providing fire wood to the entire county. Being out in the open, moving rocks and dirt and felling trees is his passion and Orvotron has ample evidence of his art work. Not only did he keep us in fire wood last year, but he devised a split rail fence the old fashioned way which marks the border of the parking lot and garden. With a little help from me and a lot of laughs amid the falling snow he and I envisioned and then developed a heart shaped flower garden and rock path which leads the way to the entrance of the pyramid. He dedicated seven months of his time, energy and love to us and we wish to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and love to him. Sundance, THANK YOU and may the great Spirit bestow upon you many Blessings. Interesting how when a door is left open someone will enter. Sundance was instrumental in helping us prepare and plant the garden, but he moved on down the road just as the corn, beans, tomatoes and summer squash all decided to come to fruition at the same time. I was absolutely inundated with vegetables and giant zucchini were chasing me in my dreams. Toward the end of August I was stooped over yet another tomato plant when a voice called from the parking lot inquiring where to find Kortron. I looked up to see a young woman whose bright pink aura vibrated out two feet from her body and I motioned down the driveway as I said, "He's down at the house" (while grouching that he should be crawling around in the dirt with me). Stephanie floated into our lives and has steadfastly remained at my side through hundreds of jars of green and red vegies, untold hours of slicing and freez- ing and now is helping to process the apples for winter pies and applesauce as I write this. Not only that, but she helped Kor- tron dig a 300 foot ditch to lay a new water line from the spring house while I put the finishing touches on the last newsletter. We are certainly grateful for her impeccable timing and faithful service to Orvotron and our family. In our leisure (?) time we sit at the bar in the upstairs living area with containers of magnificent crystal, glass, natu- ral rock and unusual plastic beads spread out before us. Last December we activated some crystal jewelry points in the pyramid and then learned to let our minds wander around in an altered state while we design one-of-a-kind necklaces. We often exchange these with members of our Star family for love donations and it gives us such a feeling of connection with folks around the world. If you would like an original and very powerful crystal necklace for yourself (these are not for women only) or to give as a gift for Christmas we will happily create one according to your color preference or ask our guidance to advice us what would be best to send to you. We encourage a donation of $20 - $35 which specifies the type of beads used. In addition, we still have lots of bigger and smaller, gem quality single and double terminated crystals which are too big to mount for necklaces but make great personal meditation crystals. Your contribution will go toward our many and varied projects to Create Heaven on Earth. I've been writing this instead of translating alien in another part of the newsletter, so I will bid you a fond farewell for now. We wish you a fabulous holiday season and ask the One Creator to protect you and your loved ones and to send forth an abundance of love and joy, peace and harmony so that you might better serve the Divine Plan. We LOVE you, ONE and ALL. SUBSCRIPTION AND LOG-ON INFORMATION Send us a friend's name and we will mail the most current issue of the BIMONTHLY NEWSLETTER as a "Love Copy" compliments of you. You are welcome to log-on to Spirit Bulletin Board, a computer/modem system which includes message sections for the exclusive use of Star People. Call via computer 1-704-297-5973 or by E-Mail: 1:379/703. Applications for Searchnet, an ongoing Star conference, are also available through these numbers. Love donations are greatly appreciated and go to Spirit's work to create Heaven on Earth. Subscriptions to the BIMONTHLY NEWS- LETTER are $30 (U.S.) or $40 (all other countries; International Money Orders only, please) and are available through: Judith A. Wells Route 2, Box 309B Vilas, NC 28692 704/297-2342


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