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Comments are welcome via MCI E-MAIL: 419-8594. Internet e-mail to MCI. From Compuserve type: MCIMAIL: 419-8594 Other on-line services have varying procedures for sending e-mail via MCI. by Bruce Daniel Kettler -- Copyright 1993 NOSTRADAMUS PROPHECIES The prophecies are here shown through the book *Conversations With Nostradamus*, by Dolores Cannon. My writing shows how news items relate to Nostradamus prophecies. A section shows how prediction is possible -- with examination of the phenomena from a metaphysical perspective. Items covered include the impact that nuclear weapons of the former USSR can have in the mid-East, and how Nostradamus prophecies correlate with such events. The prospect of the formation of a major nuclear power in the mid-East is examined. The possible near future death of Saddam Hussein is written of. The drought of 1988 is shown to have been written of in 1986. The aftermath of the Persian Gulf war is shown as having been written in this 1989 publication book, with clear indication of the mid-East as the region of the globe where the events occur. Quotes from *Conversations With Nostradamus* with permission of the Author, Dolores Cannon. Written and edited by Bruce Daniel Kettler (C) 1992 About one week prior to the aborted coup in Russia, I placed the following publicly viewed statement, derived from my own astrologi- cal interpretation: "The eclipse of July 11, 1991; 19:06 GMT, found Pluto near the ascendant in Scorpio and Square to Jupiter in Leo. This is a time of deep uprooting on our planet, politically, economically, spiritually and emotionally. Changes to take place over this decade will affect us as in- dividuals and nations more deeply and for more time than changed philosophies and political structures have thus far been ex- perienced by this generation. We are truly feeling the effects of our entrance into the Aquarian Age." That was a general prediction. Many of the predictions shown here are more specific, showing startling accuracy for particular persons and countries. Dolores Cannon is the author of the most amazing Nostradamus book. She's the writer (though expert compiler and editor might be a more accurate description) of Conversations With Nostradamus, Volumes I, II, and the yet unpublished Volume III. As the title indicates, these are conversations with Nostradamus, as he's been speaking through the barrier of time directly to us in our late 20th century. These are not merely interpretations. The book will show you how and why these conversations started and continued. Since this communication began in 1986, certain people have emerged upon this planet's stage, playing prominent roles in our unfolding drama. Some you've seen on TV News for the first time, years after Mrs. Cannon's book showed them. Hopefully, you'll read her book for the next important news before it happens. Here I quote from Volume I, page 186, showing a near recent emergence of a yet to be well-known person in the mid-east, one you probably haven't heard of yet: "Century II-98 He whose face is splattered with the blood of a newly sacrificed victim. Jupiter in Leo forewarns through prediction. He will be put to death for the promise. ...Jupiter is in Leo from August of 1990 to September of 1991. Is this the period when the Anti-Christ will be taking power? He says* this is when he is beginning the realization of his ambition. This is when he is able to start his political career, so to speak. He will start on a so-called 'local' level, that is, within his own country. From there he will just keep growing and becoming more greedy." This is from Volume I, page 121: "Century II-62 Mabus will then soon die and there will come a dreadful destruction of people and animals. Suddenly vengeance will be revealed, a hundred hands,** thirst and hunger, when the comet will pass. He says* the comet will be clearly visible in the country where this world leader died. The country involved is in the Middle East. The dying of the world leader in this middle eastern country and the passing of the comet will provoke a revolt. Part of the reason why the revolt is provoked so easily is that there will also be major crop failures that year. Many people will be hungry." **A hundred hands -- the five fingers on a hand multiplied by one hundred -- 500 days. If you write the Word "mabus" and place in a mirror, you'll see what looks nearly like SUDAM. The word "mabus" was penned by Nostradamus about 400 years ago, and the two "He says.."* above refer to Nostradamus speaking directly to all of us in this important time of our planet's historical unfoldment, rather than information handed down through his old writings. Looking at our planet's recent history, one must ask how revolts and more widespread hunger in the mid-east was known while Conversations... was compiled during 1986. Knowing that Nostrada- mus encrypted his messages, can one consider Saddam Hussein's appearance mere coincidence? And, if Saddam Hussein dies in the near future, won't that add confidence to our quest from these messages to learn of this yet unfolding drama, before it happens. Conversations With Nostradamus can be obtained in major Bookseller chains such as B. Dalton's, Barnes and Noble, etc. However, it's often been difficult to keep copies in stock. For that reason, I suggest you phone your nearest bookstore before taking the time to travel. An autographed copy of Conversations With Nostradamus is available directly from the Author: Send $13.95 + $2.00 shipping and handling for Vol I -- $14.95 + $2.00 for Vol II Volume I and II together is $31.90 including shipping. Dolores Cannon P.O. Box 754 Huntsville, AR 72740 NOTE: Not all future prediction can be absolutely correct in every detail. That's because free will is always present with in- dividuals and world events. The interaction between free-will and destiny is a complex one, not easily explained by logic. The value of any source can be noted by its abnormally high frequency and detail of correct predictions. Who were the "Spirits" he was talking to? The following is from Conversations With Nostradamus, Volume II page 315: "He Says there's no such thing as sufficient proof when you're dealing with a true skeptic... He really doesn't care if the skeptics believe or not because his main desire is to get those who are open minded to thinking about the events coming to pass and having a different way of looking at them. He says one or more of these thinkers will be in a position to do something about it. And some of the decisions they make will be colored by what they have read in your [Dolores Cannon's] book. He says this will be sufficient to alter the events toward favorable outcomes." "He says..." is a reference to Nostradamus' communica- tion. Nostradamus was in his century, talking to someone in this one. Was he talking with one of the "spirits" referred to in a letter to his son, a letter gathered after Nostradamus' burial? Is the following about David Duke, the former Klan grand wizard and neo-Nazi, who ran for Governor of Louisiana? Perhaps it's too early to know. Conversations with Nostradamus, Volume I, pages 154-155: "Century V-75 He will rise high over his wealth, more to the right, he will remain seated on the square stone; towards the south placed at the window, a crooked staff in his hand, his mouth sealed. B: He says that this refers to a man in the United States. A man who is very wealthy. Wealthy to the point that anything he wants done can get done instantaneously, for he has the money to get it accomplished. He says this man will be well known and famous because of his wealth, but his true mission in life will be secret, for this man will be a fanatic of sorts. He will be involved with such organizations as the American Nazi Party and the Ku Klux Klan. That's why he put in the phrase, "the crooked staff," to represent the burning crosses of the Ku Klux Klan and the swastika of the Nazi Party. This man's sole ambition in life is towards the overthrow of the American Government as it is presently constituted in the twentieth century. He says this man naturally enough will also be involved in politics. But even though his main ambition is to change the form of the American government, he has to stay low-key in politics so that he may continue spinning his webs of power, and continue making new contacts and expanding his range of influence. The groundwork that he has laid will come to fruition at the time of the troubles caused by the Anti-Christ. D: At this present time does anybody know who he is? B: Those who follow him know who he is. D: But the other people don't know the danger he poses? B: No, for he has been very sly, very careful. D: Would that explain the phrase, "he will remain seated on the square stone?" B: Yes. He will be in the center of the entire organiza- tion, but he won't be the figure of power that people see. He will have a puppet, someone who will appear to be the one in power, but he will be pulling the strings. He will have a figurehead, but he will remain seated behind, on the square stone that is, in the center of this organization. D: 'His mouth sealed' would mean that he is secret. B: Yes, he is secret. The phrase 'toward the south at the window, means that due to his Political beliefs, what open activities he does indulge in and the mayhem he likes to cause is more often to appear in the southern part of the country where such mayhem has been somewhat traditional. D: Then no one's going to know who he is until he comes to light at the time of the Anti-Christ. B: This is true.--He says that he's hoping these messages he's trying to convey will get across in time. He is hoping the people will be open enough to see this and perhaps help with spreading this core of knowledge to help avert the disasters that he has seen, for they are avertable. This is why he [Nostradamus] is always willing to communicate. DROUGHT -- SOCIAL UPHEAVAL: Conversations with Nostradamus, by Dolores Cannon, Volume I Page 169-171: "Century IV-67 In the year that Saturn and Mars are equally fiery, the air is very dry, a long meteor. From hidden fires, a great place burns with heat, little rain, a hot wind, wars and raids. B: He says that he personally refers to this as the dry quatrain (She laughed.) I think he's trying to be humorous. He says that in this year he's speaking of... he will give you the circumstances of it and perhaps John [the astrologer] can find the year involved. He says it's in the not too distant future. When Saturn is in a fire sign and at the time the Sun moves into a fire sign, there will be a comet. This will be a very bright, easily seen comet. But it will be perhaps previously unknown. This coincides with the time of great geologi- cal troubles. There will be earthquakes and volcanoes erupting, and this will mess up the weather systems so there will be great famine and drought. He says this will cause social upheaval in unexpected places. Nations that are considered prosperous and powerful, particularly western nations, will be revealed as being not as prosperous as everyone had thought. And they will be torn with civil strife and rioting as people try to move out of the areas of drought toward areas that still have some water and where they can grow food. He says this has been alluded to before, and this will be a very traumatic time. This will cause upheaval in various parts of the world because this will be a widespread condition. The social upheaval caused by this will assist the Anti-Christ in gaining power in certain areas of the world. It will be one of the contributing factors of things being weakened and ready for the takeover by the Anti-Christ. J: (He had been looking up these signs.) Mars and Saturn will be conjuncting in Sagittarius very shortly, sometime in...February of 1988. D: Why, that's just a few years away from now! B: He says that from what he can see, that appears to be very close to the time that he is seeing. It will be a very fiery time, very dry and very hot and fiery astrologically. And he says that the common everyday people will feel mentally and spiritually battered, because of all these cosmological disasters coming one right after the other from all directions, beating them down. This sounded very similar to the 'Rainbow Quattrain' #1- 17, which is covered in Chapter 25, The Far Future. Nostradamus indicated that one of the signs that the Anti-Christ was coming would be a whole year without a rainbow. This sounded symbolic rather than actual. Nostradamus said there would be droughts with little rain until this dramatic year without a rainbow, indicating extreme dryness. That year would be the sign that the Anti-Christ had come and the predictions concerning him would start to come to pass. These two quatrains are connected in this symbolic way. J: Mars and Saturn conjuncting in Sagittarius would also show us some type of religious-type of strife or some type of religious fervor or fanaticism that could be very harmful to others. Does this quatrain refer to that as well? B: Yes, he says that it's one of the social upheavals that will contribute to laying the way open for the Anti-Christ to take over. Certain countries, their social and political structure will be turned totally upside down. And that religious fanatics -- he says he's not referring to spiritual people but to religious fanatics. He's making the distinction: poles apart, this is very definite and clear. He says religious fanatics will come into power and believe that they are doing what should be done. There have been other groups come into power believing they are doing what should be done, even if it takes drastic means, and they've always come to a bad end. He says this religious fervor also affects the Anti-Christ's side of things, too. It helps him to come into power for he has a very guileful tongue. And the people whom he influences will venerate him as a religious figure, as well. D: It's interesting that he calls this his dry quatrain. B: He says that the world will be very thirsty. They'll be thirsty for water and they'll be thirsty for comfort, spiritual comfort. Because the religious fanatics will offer no spiritual comfort, only power plays. The date, February 1988, came while this book was at the publish- ers, and we were able to see yet another of Nostradamus' quatrains come to pass. I do not believe that he meant that all of the portions of his explanation would come to pass in that month, or even in that year. I think he gave the astrological signs in order to date the beginning of his vision. The winter of 1987 and 1988 was declared to be one of the strangest in 100 years. The summer of 1988 was said to be the driest in 50 years. We were in the midst of a terrible drought that equaled, if not surpassed, the drought of the Depression era. For the first time in shipping history barges could not navigate the Mississippi, but became stranded as the river receded to the lowest levels on record. In the Arkansas River 100 year old ship wrecks were exposed to the light of day and archaeologists were able to examine them. Was all this coincidence? Or is it the beginning of the times leading to the year without a rainbow? Also no one can dispute that the year 1988 was filled with religi- ous turmoil and upheaval, brought on by the Bakker and Swaggart scandals. A general feeling of mistrust was spreading through the church community." NOTE: B: Brenda J: John, the astrologer D: Dolores Cannon Prophecy and Recent World Events What is the relationship between prophecy and the latest news? 11/25/91 NEWS: The Washington Post said that according to senior U.S. officials, the administration is considering such ideas as providing Iraqi rebels with military training and assisting a provisional govern- ment in Iraq. This would be done with the idea of having Saddam overthrown. "There are a lot of ideas out there ... I would not rule out that we would move in more aggressive ways," was told to the Post by a U.S. official. The above 11/25/91 reported news, was shown to indicate how this could be the cause of Saddam Hussein's death, his death having been presented in the beginning of this message as prophecy. While the 11/25/91 and 12/25/91 news indicates discussion of various nations about Saddam does not definitely point to his death, the news seems to show a trend in that direction, since any defeat of the Saddam regime would probably bring with it his swift physical death. This, of course, does not mean that the regime that fills Saddam Hussein's shoes will be a great improvement for the world. Those instrumental in toppling him may believe that it is, however. -------------------------------------------------------------- 12/25/91 NEWS: The Lebanese daily newspaper, Al Hayat, reported that Tehran delegate Atallah Mouhejerani discussed a plan to topple Saddam Hussein. Al Hayat said Tehran and Damascus are discussing crossing Syrian-- Iraqi borders to assist an intended revolt by coordinating with Iraqi-based forces. They are also considering secretly contacting Iraq's army officers to gain additional support. Al Hayat said that Syrian President Hafez Assad has brought about the committee to study plans to push Saddam Hussein from power. Amidst assurances of a nuclear arsenal under control, by both leaders of Russia's Yeltsin and Gorbachev, Newsweek's Dec. 16, 1991 issue printed an article, "Nukes on the Loose." On Dec. 17 Kazakh- stan (a nation that US News and World Report shows is "forging new ties with their Islamic neighbors") indicated it's desire to retain its nuclear arsenal if Russia keeps its weapons. Secretary of State James Baker wasn't expecting to hear that, right after Yeltsins statement that only Russia would keep nuclear arms.** The Dec. 16, 1991 issue of US News and World Report's article states, "Central Asian Muslims are finding ready partners in Middle Eastern nations seeking new spheres of influence."** During the past 30 years or more, it's been interpreted, prophesi- ed, and communicated that there will be a major nuclear power in the mid-east, led by a person known as the anti-Christ who was born in 1962, and who's presence will be felt in the world around age 30. Some of the above was shown in a 1981 Orson Welles documentary, "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow." [Nostradamus] The front cover of the video contains, "Out of the country of greater Arabia shall be born a strong master...This King will enter Europe wearing a blue turban...he will be the terror of mankind." Other parts of that paragraph are shown in Conversations with Nostradamus and Jeanne Dixon's prophecies. **The references to a particular religion are for identification purposes only, showing the political connection through the predominance of a religion. The political power predicted is not necessarily being identified with the true practice of a particular faith, or the usual practices of any political entity. "Like the rest of the former Soviet defense industries, enterprises involved in special weapons and missile programs that face cuts in military funding may well try to stay in business by selling equipment, materials and services in the international market- place," (CIA Director Robert Gates) "Everyone from Russian President Boris Yeltsin to U.S. Defense Secretary Dick Cheney is trying to determine who has his finger on the button, but the more pressing question may be who has the blueprints in his head." (Dec. 23, 1991 US News and World Report) "Thousands of Soviet scientists, fleeing starvation wages and slashed research budgets, have already emigrated. A highly qualified scientific worker at an institute earns 750 rubles a month -- $8. at current exchange rates." (Dec. 23, 1991 US News and World Report) These are the reports that show how the anti-Christ obtains his nuclear weapons: Hamburg Germany's Abendblatt newspaper's contained an article by Genscher, that proposed the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe and the North Atlantic Cooperation Council take steps to control the weapons stocks throughout the former Soviet Union: "The dissolution of the Soviet Union must not be allowed to lead to the uncontrolled spread of weapons of mass destruction..." Defense Secretary Dick Cheney has expressed concern that the Soviet's nuclear technology could be used in such countries as North Korea and Iraq. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union there have been several reports that Soviet military equipment is being sold abroad to raise cash and Soviet nuclear scientists and technicians are being sought by other countries. It was stated by German Defense Minister Gerhard Stoltenberg last week that "There are reports, which have to be taken seriously, of recruitment of Soviet scientists by Middle East countries." THE METAPHYSICS OF PREDICTION: While I don't necessarily believe, with absolute certainty, all the details of the philosophies here quoted concerning future time and knowledge of its events, I believe the philosophical questions should be explored. The Akashic Records Some people, while living in this world, actually saw these records, called akashic, by astral travel. Examples of such modern days seers are Emmanuel Swedenborg and Rudolph Schteiner. In the old times, the author of Revelations, St. John, reported about them. The Akashic records are not in written form, like books, and no two people understand them exactly the same way. With permission, the records are shown like a 3D movie. How well they are under- stood depends on the viewer's enlightenment level. Those perceiv- ing gain a sense of the information from symbolic pictures. Right now Elijah, St. John and Nostradamus are in charge of the records. The one who has the key to the records is Jesus Christ. In a previous life he was called King Agasha, in Atlantis. The name Akashic originates from the name "Agasha". The Akashic records are like record albums, in a way. The past history is the records already played and future history is the records to be played. Ordinary people don't know what is on them until they are actually played. But those who are enlightened are like reviewers, who have already heard the material. Angels of light, or Bosatsu... can see someone's previous, present and future lives through his or her "thought belt". The thought belts contain information about karma -- the law of cause and effect." from The Laws of Gold, by Ryuho Okawa. A Theosophical perspective of the Akashic records: "Akasa = The subtle, supersensuous essence which pervades all space; the primordial substance erroneously identified with Ether. But it is to Ether what Spirit is to Matter or Atma to Kama-rupa. It is, in fact, the Universal Space in which lies inherent the eternal Ideation of the Universe in its ever-changing aspects on the planes of matter and objectivity, and from which radiates the First Logos, or expressed thought." Theosophical Glossary, H.P. Blavatsky, 1892 Then, too, there's the time machine fantasy of science fiction, and it will likely be more than fantasy in the future. If one could go back in time and change history, then the present cir- cumstances, including the written history would change. Then, one could again go back and alter the same history. As an example, (The End of Eternity, by Isaac Asimov) one could decide to show someone the cure for a disease hundreds of years before one's present history books show. Lives are thus saved. Then, one can decide that other outcomes, with greater impact on humanity as a whole, were not favorable as a result of that change. Then, one can then go back and change it again. That would then leave the question of what really happened. Well, if one is able to change the reality, then none of those realities in the past were actual. They were, as Seth puts it, "unknown" realities, or one can call them "alternate" realities. The same can apply for future reali- ties; just as one can have knowledge of the past through history, one can have knowledge, through prophecy, of one future alternate reality at a time. Then, some others can see the various "threads" that Nostradamus was able to perceive. When Nostradamus went into trance, he saw threads of time that had junctures. When looking at future junctures there is a choice of which direction to take. Each choice brings certain repercussions, just like you can see in your day-to-day life how the individual decisions you made at any particular time directly influenced the outcome of the events. So it is on a larger scale, a scale of our world's destiny. The events Nostradamus is alerting us to are decisions we make collec- tively, not as individuals. Regarding the above mentioned "threads of time," the "Seth" books by Jane Roberts have an interesting way of looking at that idea. Volume I of The Unknown Reality, by Jane Roberts: Session 682 "One historical event may be simultaneously accepted in several probable realities, for example, while others may occur in one and not an alternate history." The fact that Nostradamus saw more than one reality is good reason for him to tune into this one in our time, and why his writing that has been the same throughout 400 years is not sufficient with all the variations that can take place in our present reality. For those of us wanting the least negative outcome in our reality, it's good reason to tune into statements from his time, directed to us here and now, such as communication contained in Conversations With Nostradamus. About 10 years ago I first heard that the events up to about the year 2000 were predicted. After that time, because of the dawning age of enlightenment, the human race would change its own destiny, so there was little detail predicted for the time afterward. I cannot attest to the absolute truth of that, but it's an interest- ing idea that fits much that I've seen. I could modify that by saying I think there may be a gradual transition from the point of having destiny as our guide, to having more influence over our historical unfolding. An idea of Eastern Philosophy is that reality is illusion, a dream. After reading The End of Eternity about 1975, I was reminded of what Buddhists had written of physical reality's illusory nature, including sequential time. Quantum physics is presently showing examples of how material reality, including sequential time, may not be as solidly real as had been generally believed. I believe that the spiritual climate of this age of enlightenment precludes our misuse of knowledge of a probable future for means that are not for the overall good of life on this planet. In addition, Occult knowledge is, by definition, hidden. It's not completely revealed to all at all times. Perhaps that is the reason Nostradamus was so cryptic, in addition to his hiding the intentions of his writing from those of the Inquisition. Only certain people notice the meanings of his quatrains at certain times, and often after the events. Perhaps no one should have known before their occurrence, because in earlier century's it would have been harmful. And, perhaps, we are going to be better able to understand it now and in the coming years. Perhaps 1986 was too early to read the word "Sudam." And, it could be that now with the Persian Gulf war over, it's permissible to perceive "Mabus" as "Sudam." And, it could well be that available informa- tion of future events in the mid-East are not so cryptic now, because we are at a place in history that the complete knowledge is beneficial. Then, too, that could well be the reason that Conversations With Nostradamus Vol I, published in 1989, will not until 1992 become a best-seller, if it does. Many of the relative- ly few of the world's population who have read it are quite enthusiastic about its contents. Perhaps the many who have not yet been ready, will be ready with its translation into various languages, and after the following two events occur: A TV special showed, featuring Dolores Cannon, author of Conversa- tions With Nostradamus, in Japan. Dolores Cannon will be seen on a PBS TV special during 1992. She will be discussing her book, Conversations with Nostradamus. Occult knowledge is usually only revealed to those who are ready to receive it, and only when they are ready. This can be governed either through cryptic writing or outright purposeful non-disclo- sure. So called accidents, (meaning that all events have a purpose, whether consciously pursued or not) such as the discovery and revealing of the Dead Sea scrolls may be one example of that. For others, such knowledge is only hidden from them by their own will.


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