The following is an outline of the late 20th-century events prophesied by the 16th-century

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The following is an outline of the late 20th-century events prophesied by the 16th-century French psychic known as Michel Nostradamus. Nostradamus has predicted in great detail such events as the French Revevolution, World War I, Hitler's Rise and Fall, and even the Kennedy Assassinations. Nearly two-thirds of all his predictions have come true. If two-thirds of this comes true, we're in for some trouble! HBO produced a movie called "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow," which documents the life and predictions of Nostradamus. These prophecies are based on and adapted from the book, NOSTRADAMUS PREDICTS THE END OF THE WORLD by Rene Noorbergen, who wrote several books on psychics. I have drawn on a world map with colored markers all of the invasions, nuke strikes, etc., with the number of each event placed with the respective arrows and circles on the map. Print this up and save it, then compare Nostradamus's predictions to actual world events. You may be surprised! Permission is granted to distribute this file among friends and bulletin boards, so long as the text below this sentence is unchanged. (Sure, you can edit any spelling errors and/or ARChive it). ------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE PROPHECIES OF NOSTRADAMUS, summarized by Mike Brown 4/86 and 8/86 From "Nostradamus Predicts the End of the World," Copyright (c) 1981 by Rene Noorbergen. Note: These are not necessarily in exact order. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (1) Communism in Russia will decline, beginning in the Ukraine as a result of trade differences with the West. This will occur around Easter. (2) The United States and Russia will become better friends. (3) A great power will unify the Far East with negotiation and pressure. (4) This power will disrupt peace attempts, and the Middle and Far Easterners will attempt to settle their differences with force. (5) A meteor will strike the center of the Indian Ocean, causing tidal waves that will heavily damage the surrounding lands. (6) A powerful dictator will dominate the Middle East. He will tyrranize Syria, Iraq, and Jordan. [Maybe Khomeini?] (7) On August 2nd, 1987 he will attack Iran, Turkey, and Egypt with an army of nearly a million men. [This date was reached by astronomy; the astronomical event only occurs on that day.] (8) Arab forces in Tunisia and Algeria and north-Moroccan guerillas will invade Morocco's pro-Western monarchy and overthrow its king. (9) Israel will be defeated by the Arabs, with her airforce destroyed. (10) A Libyan leader will create much tension in Europe. [Definitely Khadaffi.] (11) A "red one" [a Cardinal of the Roman Church or maybe a TWA jet] will be taken by Arab terrorists at sea. (12) The Arabs will try to unify more of Africa by overthrowing pro-Western governments. The Oriental leader will do the same. (13) Arab armies will threaten central & southern Africa into alliances favorable to the Middle-East. (14) The Arab attacks in Turkey will be followed by attacks on the Greek navy. The U.S. will attempt to resupply the navy, but Cyprus will be lost to the Arabs. (15) A series of tremendous earthquakes originating in Central Asia will cause destruction throughout the warring Greece and Turkey. (16) Romania and Bulgaria will threaten war with the Arabs when the Bosphorus Straits are cut off, thus interfering with commercial and military ship movements. (17) The U.S. and U.S.S.R. will form a military alliance against the both the Far Eastern power and the Arabs. The U.S. will grow in fame, praise, rule, and power, and will even threaten the East with war. (18) Geneva talks will fall apart, with the feeling that peace is unattainable. [Uh-oh here it comes.] ** WORLD WAR ]I[ ** (19) China will launch a surprise nuclear biological-warfare attack over the Arctic, affecting Scandinavia, Northern Russia, Alaska, and Canada. Another attack will originate from a space vehicle 270 miles up. (20) The Chinese will invade France by way of southern Russia, conquering all in their path. (21) The Turks will sign a treaty with the Chinese, but it will be broken when Arab naval forces from Tripoli (Libya) attack the west coast of Turkey. (22) The Chinese army will devastate northeastern Turkey with the aid of nukes. (23) The Arabs and Chinese will attack Greece with germ warfare, which will affect the environment for 9 months. (24) Albania, China's ally, will invade Greece in a surprise attack using light armored vehicles. (25) A Western coordinated counter-offensive launched from Portugal will delay an amphibious assault on Yugoslavia by [guess who]. (26) The Easterners will advance into Yugoslavia and unleash bacteriological weapons in central Italy to hinder Western counter-attack efforts. (27) Greece and Italy will be attacked simultaneously by the Eastern forces. (28) When Yugoslavia is overrun, a devastating drought will hit Italy. (29) Italy will dissolve into dissenting factions and go into its own civil war. The Albanians will further promote the civil war by paying off corrupt government officials. (30) Eastern forces will attack Rome from Albania using aerial bombardment and germ weapons. They will attack Venice. Central Mediterranean islands will be evacuated, even as far as Malta. Venice will fall. (31) The French fleet will be destroyed in the Adriatic Sea as it tries to cut off the Easterners in Italy from their Albanian suppliers. The French and Italian naval defeats will keep food from reaching the starving Italians. (32) The Easterners will develop a new land/sea weapon to attack coastal areas. (33) The Easterners control of the Po Valley from Venice will give them total rule. A French/Italian attampt to forstall Italy's fall will be crushed. (34) In order to avoid being wiped out, the French commander will withdraw and regroup his soldiers along the Po in the upper valley. (35) England will partially sink as a result of geological alterations and cause the deaths of 250,000 people. [This event has been foreseen by at least 4 other famous psychics, also.] (36) An Easter earthquake will rip open an English temple. (37) Around New-Year's, the Easterners will begin a massive invasion of the western Italian coast, southern France, Sicily, Corsica, and Sardinia by the use of nuclear and germ weapons. The French fleet will be obliterated. (38) The Papacy will leave Rome and a new Pope will be elected. (39) The French armies will be cut off in Northern Italy. (40) Prince Albert will be kidnapped in North-Central Italy after the French unsuccessfully try to cut Eastern supply lines from Venice. (41) The French will again regroup their forces, and will capture a beachhead. This will be a turning point in the Franco-Chinese war. (42) Ill-timed French-Italian attacks will cause the loss of Florence and Siena by Eastern nukes, and Pavia will be lost by the use of germ weapons. (43) Monaco and Genoa will be annhilated by the Easterners. (44) Ten assassins will be sent to murder the commander of the French fleet, but they will fail and a sea battle will take place. The French will again lose their forces on land and sea. (45) A battle will be fought at the major French port of Marseilles, creating an opening through which the attackers can enter. The resulting massacre of nearly half a million Frenchmen will make people flee far northward. (46) Toulouse, Foix, and Narbonne will be taken. (47) Bacteria will spread northward. (48) Easterners will release deadly bacteria from specialized ships at France's port, Agde. Airforces will bomb Switzerland and Germany. (49) Extensive use of nuclear and germ weapons will compose the first phase of the Eastern offensive against all of Europe, striking in France, Italy, and Spain. (50) The Chinese will attack France via air, sea, and mountain. (51) The Easterners will invade the Balkans to cut off the U.S.S.R. from its Eastern European allies. (52) A North-African fleet will enter the Black Sea and attack Romania, Bulgaria, and southwestern Russia. (53) A Chinese/Arab assault from Morocco will attack southern Spain with nukes. This will be followed by an invasion along the River Guadalquivir. The invasion will procede northward, with the destruction of Seville, Barcelona, and Leon. The Spanish will halt the advance for 7 months at the River Ebro, but they will eventually be crushed. (54) An Allied fleet will destroy supply bases in the Cyclades, but will be defeated near Malta, when the French lose Italy. (55) Eastern bombers will attack deep into Europe with bacteriological weapons. (56) Switzerland will fall by the hand of the Easterners, who will confiscate the gold reserves and impoverish the Swiss people. (57) The Easterners will start extensive bombing of central & northern French cities in preparation for a land attack. The French will fly in defenses beforehand, though. Central France will be overrun regardless. (58) Paris will be surrounded, and attempts to get Allied air support will be in vain. Paris will surrender after Eastern forces find a weak spot in the defense, enter the city, and engage in hand- to-hand combat. The surrender will only be a cover to organize a counter attack a week later. That will surprise the Easterners, but they'll drive the Parisians back into the city. Over 300,000 will be killed or imprisoned. Paris will be completely defeated. (59) A British taskforce will land in southwest France and attempt to reach Paris, but will be stopped at Poitiers. (60) The British will reorganize in Canada and send an invasion force to establish a beachhead on France's southwest coast. With the aid of nukes, they march on to Bordeax and Toulouse. The British plan will be to cut off occupied Spain from France and also to gain an opening into the Mediterranean. (61) A sudden attack from the Easterners will slaughter British and American forces and will allow the Chinese leader a new command center, Carcassone. (62) He will detontate a series of high-altitude, high-yield atomic devices which will ignite the atmosphere and cause a firestorme over southwest France, but this will also cause his own base to be destroyed. (63) The Scots, left on their island, deny Britain permission to use their land for a military base, and seek Eastern aid when British forces invade out of desperation. The resulting battle will defeat the British. (64) All life in London will die out during winter as disease sweeps what is now the city-island. (65) Poland and East Germany will ally with the Easterners and strike against the smaller countries, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Austria, and West Germany. (66) West Germany and Austria will be invaded. West Germany's border will be split down the middle again. Netherlands, Belgium, and northern France will also be raided. (67) At the same time of the German/Austrian invasions, Western forces will attack the Persian Gulf to weaken the heart of the Middle East. (68) German leaders will cause the downfall of Central European defenses, along with Eastern attacks from East Germany and Yugoslavia. (69) The Allies will make their last stand at Bruges in northwest Belgium. The Eastern Forces will dominate nearly all of Europe. ** The Allies take the Offensive ** (70) Nuclear stikes will be made against America and Russia, and food will become in short supply. The U.S. will be forced into economic chaos, with looters and riters raiding banks and shops for food, money, and supplies. (71) A CONFLAG (Cluster Orbital Nuclear Fire-weapon for Light Atmospere iGnition) system will be launched from China and detonated above New England, burning as far south as New York City. (72) New York will be partially destroyed by a great earthquake that will partially sink Manhattan island. (73) The Orientals will attempt to invade the U.S. near New York, but the U.S. navy will easily repel their attack. American Orientals will be placed in "protective custody." (74) The Easterners will infiltrate Latin America and murder the president of Brazil. Their navy will attempt to take the Panama Canal, but it will be unsuccessful and the attacking force will be obliterated. (75) The U.S. and Russia will resort to germ warfare to retalliate. (76) The U.S.S.R. will be invaded from three directions, but careful preparation will allow them to use chemical weapons against the Chinese. (77) To prepare to attack Asia, Eastern forces will set up Pacific defenses. They will entrap a U.S. fleet, but Russia will aid the encircled Americans and help to defeat the Chinese navy. (78) The American Air Force will make bombing runs deep into Europe. Seven months later the U.S. and Russia will make a joint attack on China that will last a full week without stopping. The Eastern forces will be defeated in their homeland, thus severely weakening their power. (79) Scotland and London will be recaptured by the Allies. A new Middle-Eastern commander will make his headquarters in Rome. (80) Scandinavia, the Baltic states, and the Balkans will all be attacked by the Allies. (81) The British will liberate southwest France, which will be reinforced by other Western armies. The allies will penetrate from La Rochelle into central France, to Roanne. Another invasion force will land near Calais and slowly make its way to northeastern France. (82) Central and Southern France will be liberated as the Allies continue to push onward. (83) The Arabs and Far Easterners no longer will be able to work together after the defeats in the Pacific, and this weakens their still-resisting armies. (84) Many battles will be fought as Allied forces make their way to Marseilles, the Easterners' stronghold and supply port. This will be coordinated with a submarine assault on southern France. (85) French and British forces will seize the Spanish city of Barcelona, and move on to aid in the successful Allied attack on Marseilles. (86) Nice will be retaken, but the Arabs will attack from Spain and Italy, recapturing parts of southern and southeastern France. At the same time, the Arabs will launch a missile attack against the Allies in Northern France. This attack will be unsuccessful, and the Arabs will be driven back. (87) The Allies will use bacteriological weapons against Lausanne, Switzerland, forcing the Arabs to retreat. (88) Spain will be reconquered after a large naval battle on March 3rd, 1996. (89) The Allies will make a massive onslaught into Italy, liberating it. The Church will be returned to Rome. (90) The Arabs will be forced all the way back into northern Africa, but a French force will be annihilated as it tries to cross the Adriatic Sea. (91) The Allies will attack the Mediterranean islands. (92) A secret and very successful raid will be made by the Allies to free POW's in Turkey. (93) Southern Arabia will be nuked by the Allies, but the Arabs will recapture Sicily. This will have little effect, though, and soon all of central Europe will be liberated. (94) 5000 Far Easterners will die when losing Crete and Greece to the Allies. (95) The French, under a new leader named Ogmios, will lead an Allied assault on Turkey between May 25th and June 21st, 1996. The Arabs there will be defeated. Northern Turkey will be liberated on October 3rd. (96) Western amphibious attacks will fail, and Arab saboteurs will destroy an Allied military base after a defeat in one battle. (97) In a surprise attack, the Western forces will attack and defeat the Eastern navy. (98) Allies will infiltrate the Middle East, stabbing into occupied Israel, Syria, and Jordan. Arab resistance will disintegrate, and within a month the last Eastern forces, in Central and South America, will surrender. Israel will be liberated. (99) The Westerners will attack Middle Eastern positions in India, defeating all. (100) The desparate Arabs will fight 3 last-ditch battles in eastern Iran and Northeastern Turkey. The last battle will bring about the collapse of the Arab empire. The Arab commander-in-chief will be killed in his own headquarters. (101) The battles will eventually cease in Iran, and World War ]I[ will finally be over. The Allies win again! ------------------------------------------------------------------------


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