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**THE NEW AGE** by Bruce Daniel Kettler (c) 1993 Bruce Daniel Kettler P.O. Box 322 Firestone, CO 80520 303-833-3550 PART I The "New Age" defined: What's this "New Age" all about anyway? Many have heard one of the newest terms, "New Age," not knowing what it meant. Others don't recall hearing it at all. During the process of language expansion, reference works have, at times, had to catch up with the news media and common word usage. The term "New Age" is about the Age of Aquarius, in it's most basic definition. "This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius," are the words of a popular 1960's song. It still echo's in the minds of some. New Age people are Buddhists, UFO enthusiasts, Astrologers, Tarot Readers, and a variety of others. Many "New-agers" are not connected with a group, and have no particular affinity for a certain method of divination. There are "New Age" Christians. Many Unity and Science of Mind Church leaders accept the title "New Age," and some do not. There are New Age Jews, and New Age Muslims. Sufism is a mystical, New Age, version of Islam. Buddhists and other eastern religion people are often called "New Age" because now there's a much larger population of them from America and Europe. However, there are Buddhists, Tarot Readers, UFO enthusiasts, and others who do not accept the title, "New Age." "New Age" is not a religion, nor is it a particular practice such as Astrology or Tarot. "New Age" *consists of such. Marilyn Ferguson's book, *The Aquarian Conspiracy,* is a classic work on The New Age. I recommend it to those interested in discovering more of New Age ideas and their impact upon the religious, political, and economic conditions of our planet. Major newspapers and magazines have consulted with the author to help them define "New Age." In her work, she shows many of the parts that "New Age" consists of. Amongst them are David Bohm's theory of the implicate universe. Chapter 6 has reference to Physicist David Bohm describing a holographic universe, and information about Pribram's view of the hologram idea. There's also meditation teaching of Ram Dass (formerly known as Richard Alpert, Harvard Professor), and information about Joseph Campbell the mythologist, Sufism, Theosophy, Dream Journals, Biofeedback, Silva Mind Control, psychic healing, and Boulder Colorado's Jose Arguelles, originator of the Harmonic Convergence -- a New Age event that captured worldwide media attention, including network TV. The "Whole Life Expo" is a yearly gathering of "New-Agers" in Los Angeles, New York City and elsewhere. At the NY Whole Life Expo in October 1989, I saw Uri Geller and his telekenetic spoon bending amongst other phenomena. Marilyn Ferguson gave a talk. There were people from UFO groups. Depak Chopra, the New Age holistic physician and author, was there, as was Dr. Bernie Siegel who's been on many network TV talk shows. I noticed Shamanist, Lynn Andrews. A good way to help define "New Age" is to see what activities there are at such a New Age gathering. You'll see another view of the "New Age" when you read *New Age Journal, found in mall bookstores such as Walden's and B. Dalton's. One issue contained an article about Crop Circle designs -- thought to have been placed in fields by extraterrestrial life or other consciousness forms. Here's another definer of "New Age." Inside any large bookstore such as B. Dalton's or Walden's, is a "New Age" section. There you'll find Astrology, Nostradamus Prophecies, and books of many similar subjects. In fact, on the jackets of certain books you'll find a guideline to show the bookstore that "New Age" is the section to place them. The discussion of scientists about the correlation between the discoveries of quantum physics and the ideas of mysticism is shown through some writings of the late J. Krishnamurti. His dialogue with scientist David Bohm was published in his book, *Truth and Actuality.* Krishnamurti's books were only in obscure bookstores in New York City 25 years ago, with publishers such as *Quest. Now the more prominent *Harper and Row* has his books in nearly every bookstore worldwide. The best-seller, *Illusions,* by Richard Bach, was at the check-out stands of Supermarkets all over the country during the 70's. It's a "New Age" novel, still available after 20 years. To me, it conveys the idea that nothing is absolutely correct, miracles are possible, life is an illusion, and we create that illusion or story that we know as reality. *Time Magazine's cover story of 11-4-91 was titled, "The New Age of Alternative Medicine." Subjects covered were reflexology, mind over matter, crystal healing, biofeedback, and others. A magazine general poll showed that 62 percent would consider seeking medical help from an alternative doctor if regular medicine did not help. The New Age is no longer a movement outside of the earth's society. It is now so much a part of society that we will soon forget "New Age" as a reference of something *different. There is much less media ridicule. An example of an absence of ridicule is shown in the *Time Magazine article mentioned above. Another example is the March 1992 *Life* Magazine article with a front page feature, "Visions of Life After Death, the Ultimate Mystery." The article shows polls that reveal 8 million Americans have had Near Death Experiences (NDE). When reading the account of people who have experienced the divine energy radiating from that light, and who know for many years afterward that death is not the end, we can share some of the inner assurance they have. It's a message about the purpose and meaning of life, not something that makes people interested in dying. People who have NDE, often enough, show that meaning in their everyday life, in that they make their days and nights count towards bringing forth that light to others in their lives. Those reading the article may get a verbal and visual glimpse of that radiating wisdom, a divine love and light which reflects inside us all. "New Age" people are less often ridiculed when they tell of their own or someone else's Near Death Experience, since it's now a normal part of our culture. What was considered offbeat type literature 30 years ago is now at the check-out stands of your supermarket. Here's a more recent example that the term, "New Age," is still alive and well in popular media. In *Omni* Magazine's Nov. 1992 issue, page 50, Brian Weiss is shown as the "latest hero of the New Age." He's a hypnotherapist who regresses people to their past lives. We may note popular movies today that 20 years ago could not have been successful: *Flatliners, *Somewhere in Time, *Dead Again, *Ghost, and *The Butcher's Wife. There are more, too many to mention here. A documentary was shown recently on Japanese TV about the prophecies of Nostradamus. Dolores Cannon, author of *Conversations *With *Nostradamus, was interviewed. Another example of a "New Age" happening is the increasing popularity of the FOX TV network show, "*Sightings," a weekly documentary show of psychic phenomena, UFO sightings, etc. Shirley MacLaine, the popular actress and author, has had many appearances on popular talk shows, discussing her New Age ideas and movie, "Out on a Limb." The fiction stories and true documentary accounts of psychic phenomena often reveal *ideas. When one see's a documentary of psychic healing, the idea that the human body has an energy field is shown. With documentaries that show the interaction of mind and body, and that we can heal our own bodies, comes the idea that we have more control over our destiny. As another example of how the New Age is part of our mainstream society, the 900 psychic lines have grown rapidly. More people are seeing the increased advertising on TV, and they call psychics to find easier and more enlightened pathways through their lives. The 900 lines are becoming a major force in this New Age. Many of these "tele-psychics" are more than fortune tellers. They are spiritual *counsellors who show the *meanings behind relationship and financial difficulties, the why's of the emotional pain, so people can release themselves from their struggles. "Psychic Detectives" are becoming increasingly popular amongst law enforcement agencies. As one example, we may note Sylvia Browne's helping the FBI, as she was officially interviewed by officials to help them capture those involved in the NYC terrorist activities in NYC. The New Age is an approximate 2160 year period, and it's a marking point in time, of change for the entire planetary consciousness. It's emergence is gradual, and this writing shows the timing of certain changes. It's still debatable when, exactly, the New Age begins. Many don't feel there is an exact year, but just keep looking to what's going on around them. Some don't want to be identified with all that's attributable to the "New Age." As an example, reincarnation is not an accepted part of The Church of Religious Science (Science of Mind), though I've noticed the doctrine accepted in pulpits of Unity Churches. There are "New Age" people with a variety of ideas about what reincarnation means -- other than that people individually take on another life after the previous one is over. Others do not believe in any type of reincarnation. With either view, they have other ideas in common with many New-agers. With that freedom from rigid beliefs, they often call themselves, and thus become, "New Age." Next week in this publication, we'll look at some New Age spirit- ual, political and sociological manifestations. We'll see what some of the former ages have in common with one another, and some differences. *PART II The "New Age" from an esoteric perspec- tive: In last week's issue of this publication, *we saw what magazines, TV, and movies have to say of the New Age. I showed how the New Age is now becoming so much a part of our culture that it can no longer be considered a separate sub-culture. Here in this writing you may look at some New Age spiritual manifestations, and then relate them to your own ideas and beliefs. You'll then find your own interpretations. You'll see what an age is, what each age has in common with all the others, and how their characteristics are part of the consciousness on the planet. The 12 ages -- one for each sign of the zodiac -- take up about 25,920 years. The Vernal Equinox is the point referred to by astronomers as Aries. It's seen each year from the earth as slightly before its position in the previous year against the background of the star formations known as constellations. So, the movement through the ages is the backward movement of the equinox. The change of ages is the opposite direction from the apparent movement of planets from the earth's position. As an example, a person born during the first two thirds of January is a Capricornian, and a February person is Aquarian. With 2160 year "ages," however, Aquarius comes before Capricorn. Before the now passing age of Pisces came the Age of Aries. The "New Age" is the Aquarian, and as it becomes more a part of society it will be considered less "new." Some consider Jesus Christ the initiate of the Piscean Age. He was welcomed as the Lamb of God (Aries is the sign of the Ram) and he chose the fishermen (Pisces is the age of the fish) as his disciples. That Moses is considered to have been the initiate of the age of Aries does not mean that the Piscean Age is Christian, with the Aries Age having been Jewish. In fact, the Piscean Age and any other age can be considered characteristic of the prominent parts of many religions that exist during that period. We are referring to a permeation of consciousness that transcends religious, political or any organizational distinctions, for each of the ages. *Some "New-Agers" believe there's an initiate for this New Age, and that person is now walking the earth. *Many others* have either not heard of such a person, or they disbelieve it absolutely. One thing that Fundamentalist Christians and *Nostradamian "New- Agers" have in common is a belief in an "antichrist" of this century. This person, according to *some New Age people, was born in 1962. He lives in a Middle Eastern Country, and will soon gain power over many European and Middle Eastern nations. Fundamen- talists do not follow those details, but generally they believe there will soon be a great conflict in Israel and elsewhere in the Middle East, and they agree with the Nostradamians that this "antichrist" is thoroughly evil. What all the ages have in common with each other is that they are about 2160 years in duration. Also, for each age, humanity must always achieve a new epoch by reaching a new milestone in human development. One characteristic of this Aquarian Age is the abolition of boundaries among the three dominant religions. It is being shown that the inner core of all religion is one truth, the same God. Religious bodies are gradually uniting, giving up outdated theologies for clear, intuitive teachings that are not rigid. Presently, the merging is not easily noticed. The Piscean Age had been one of personality focus and conscious- ness, and now the Aquarian Age has a more idealistic interconnec- tion and group consciousness. We are not seeing so much selfish- ness, as the individual's desires are blended into the group will. The crusading consultant, Tom Peters, author of the best selling book, In Search of Excellence, tells Chief Executive Officers that treating the customer and employees with the same respect they'd want for themselves will make their companies more profitable, longer. He has statistical proof that this is true. He shows that working together as a team or family is the most productive and enjoyable method. We're leaving the purely materialistic era, and now good human relations are also considered to be a most important attribute. The earth's inhabitants are becoming part of a more spiritual culture. The apparent difference between religion and science is now disappearing, as shown through writing such as that of Fritjof Capra's, *The Tao of Physics* and Ken Wilber's brain and universe holographic ideas. Such ideas lead many to the conclusion that the difference between spirit and matter is of their frequency. The media is now exposing science and the reality of the spirit as no longer separate, since now the view of prominent scientists is that they merge. The development of flight and knowledge of waves, particles, and rays are part of this Aquarian age, and its significator Uranus. Extensive travel by water, with the symbol of the the Aquarian Water Bearer, shows this as the Aquarian Age. So, also, is the resurging popularity of Astrology -- the art itself considered to be of Uranian nature. Then too, the 1781 discovery of Uranus is an early New Age manifestation. Corporations and political entities are reorienting themselves, though many of them don't call themselves "New Age." What was Gorbachev as a leader if not "New Age"? What a radical change he brought about! That's part of the characteristic of this New Age of Aquarius and its significant planet Uranus, sudden and radical change. The characteristics of this and other ages shows through its religions and social institutions, with a permeation of cosmic energy, and so there's no movement -- like an organization -- that brings this about. The New Age's outward manifestations and organizations cannot properly describe the New Age, because they are not the real essence of what it is. Much of the outward results will change, so what was considered a detailed and accurate description of the New Age 10 years ago will no longer be 10 years in the future. Also, the world will likely change so radically over the next 10 years that some so-called "New Age" organizational structures and ideas of today will be like ancient history then. Wars have been predicted to begin early in this "New Age" that should be brief before the entire planet comes to a peaceful state. As the stage is set, with Arab nations gaining nuclear weapons, we can see that a predicted Arab-Western conflict, with Russia on the side of the U.S., is looking more likely than when it had been interpreted from Nostradamus' writings at the beginning of this century. Part of the Earth is at war while there's still an unseen force bringing us to world peace. Russia is no longer in an arms race with the U.S., and our troops were sent on a peace mission to Somalia, to be sure people were fed. In this period, the boundaries between countries are beginning to disappear. The economies of the world are integrating. Joint venture capitalism between countries is increasing. There's an emerging world economy. There's a Tokyo Disneyland, and McDonald's sells fast food in Moscow. Are we seeing the beginning stages of a one world government that will be fully working as the New Age matures? I've heard fundamentalist Christians and "New-Agers," normally far apart in belief, telling of secret meetings taking place amongst certain elite of what now outwardly appear to be separate governments? Is it true they're shaping foreign policies of the U.S., Russia, and other governments that are a part of a "New World Order"? Are earth changes predicted by many "New-Agers" for the end of this century, which include massive flooding, shifts of land masses to water, and earthquakes, now beginning to take effect? Is the Mississippi River widening, as had been predicted by Gordon Michael Scallion, part of these changes? Fundamentalist Christians often speak of the significance of more frequent earthquakes. There is a "New Age" theory that covert communication with other civilizations in the Universe is now taking place through UFO'S visiting the Earth. That's why UFO's are so much a part of the New Age movement. Psychic unfoldments, such as the increased attraction of 900 psychic phone lines, and scientific investigation of Near Death Experiences, are showing the divine element within, and the immortality of us all. The spiritual forces of the New Age are with us. What psychic abilities had been shown in only a few, are now more abundant in many people's lives. I remember, just 20 years ago, when many believed Uri Geller's telekenetic spoon bending to be a one in a billion occurrence. Now, there are spoonbending *parties. Welcome to the New Age of enlightenment. Use your adventure in this momentous time for the peace and prosperity of all.


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