Date: Tue Apr 8 00:18:33 PST 1986 New Age Digest #37 Moderator: newage@hoptoad.uucp (Tim M

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Date: Tue Apr 8 00:18:33 PST 1986 From: vaxine!encore!ihnp4!hoptoad!newage (New Age Moderator) New Age Digest #37 Moderator: newage@hoptoad.uucp (Tim Maroney) uucp: {ihnp4,lll-crg,well,ptsfa,frog}!hoptoad!newage arpa: hoptoad! Tue Apr 8 00:18:34 PST 1986 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Tonight: Re: Atlanta problems Re: Holy Days of the World's Religions Second news file from Atlanta LA Pagan Events and Newsletter (Ellen Perlman) Re: Tarot, Atlanta ---------------------------------------- Date: 29 Jan 1986 11:28-CST From: ccvaxa!wombat@a.CS.UIUC.EDU (Joan Eslinger) Subject: Re: New Age Digest # 36 [in repsonse to the report from the Grove of the Unicorn folk] Over Labor Day weekend this year, Atlanta will be hosting the world science fiction convention. One group of people attracted to such conventions is "pagan fandom." If things are still churning down there by then, it should be possible to enlist aid from this group. You could try asking the con committee for references. Their address is Confederation 2500 N. Atlanta St. #1986 Smyrna, GA 30080 Wombat uiucdcs!ccvaxa!wombat ---------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 30 Jan 86 14:45:01 CST From: Will Martin -- AMXAL-RI Subject: Holy Days of the World's Religions One place I'd start looking is a publication called something like "Chase's Calendar of World Events". (I'm pretty sure of the "Chase" part, anyway.) Most big libraries should have this, and it should be for sale in business-supply or office-supply stores (businesses use this sort of thing to check before calling a client in Zambia or somewhere, and spending hours getting through, before finding that the whole staff is out roasting goats for Elephant Appreciation Day or whatever...). Anyway, this is an annual publication that lists holidays and special events the world over, in date sequence. It also includes "promotional" or "industrial" commemorative days (National Toad Week and the like) which are nice to know and can offer interesting reasons for taking off work... The main problem with this for religious holidays is that it will tell you what they are in 1986, but not how to determine when they come in general terms for the indefinite future. You need more detailed algorithms for that (1st Sunday after the first full moon in November, et al). I don't know where you can come by that info in any consolidated form. Regards, Will ---------------------------------------- From: The Moderator (ihnp4!hoptoad!tim) Date: Wed Feb 12 20:26:52 PST 1986 Subject: Second part of Atlanta news This is the second file concerning the Atlanta incidents which I have downloaded from CompuServe. Keep in mind that these folk are not on the mailing list, but I'm sure they would welcome paper mail. [72477,1541] ATLNTA.2 21-Jan-86 10615 4 Keywords: ATLANTA LETTERS PERSECUTION HARRASSMENT DESECRATION GROVE UNICORN Sequel to ATLNTA.1. The second installment in the saga of the Grove of the Unicorn's struggle for their religious freedom. GROVE OF THE UNICORN P.O. BOX 13384 ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30324 OCTOBER 11, 1985 Greetings and Blessed be: As promised, an update on the happenings in Atlanta. Ah, me, keep thinking back to all the times when we could write and say, "Things are quiet here..." Certainly can't say that these days! Seems there is a new development every day. Lady Galadriel as been scheduled for a number of media appearance: A TV noon news live interview whch, though short (five minutes) was very positive; a newspaper article promised (on the religion page--waiting to see if this promise is kept) (Ed. note--it was), several radio appearances scheduled, including "Southwind" (aired natio nally - no date set); an interview on a local talk show - Monday, Oct 7 -- again, very positive. "Sound-off" talk show now scheduled for October 30, 9 p.m., WSB Radio, 750 on your dial, from Atlanta. (A 75,000 watt station, many of you far away should be able to pick it up). At least we will get a chance to be heard--the small voice in the Wilderness..... Now to some of the heavier things: On Sunday, Sept. 29, we ent to the property to close down the Temple and unwind the circle. We were promised police protection and even changed our chosen time to fit their choice of time. The police were not there when we arrived, but, as there were so many of us, and believing the police would be along at any moment, we proceeded to the site and began setting things to rights. Which was quite a job--the site had been completely demolished--it was heartbreaking. What we had seen on television was minor compared to what we found--the place was in complete shambles-- seems they decided that once they had begun the destruction they would finish it up completely--and they did. We had just begun cleaning up when several smart-aleck rednecks appeared and began hassling u. We got rid of them and went back to work. Another one appeared--we eventually got talked him on down the road. We realized later that these were "scouts sent out by the enemy troops." We had just begun our simpl rite to close the circle when we heard gunshots and trucks approaching and knew it was time to act! As the site is on private land and the dirt road to it is a private road, we blocked the road with a few dead trees after the first men showed up. Thankfully. Up rumble 7 or 8 pickups/jeeps/four-wheelers, all loaded with dyed-in-the-wool rednecks--most of them completely intoxicated. Thank goodness for the barricade--they did stop--for a while. A confrontation followed--you can probably imagine--or can you? We never could have--before. We've heard a lot of language in our lives, but never so much filth at one time out of human (and we use the term loosely) mouths. Several of them came over the barricade, on foot, to challenge us in their attempts to provoke us into a fight. There were 5 males and 3 females in our group at the roadway, 18 to 20 men in theirs. That's the kind of odds they like. (What they didn't know was that we had left 7 of our females at the circle site about 100 yards away) to send us energy, and 4 oher males stationed as watchers in the woods between the roadway and the circle site.) It was funny, in a way, that when they were counting odds, they stated "There's only 5 ofthem ," discounting the females they were aware of. That could have been a fatal mistake! Severl of them came over the log barricade in their trucks and within inches of running over several of us. Ever have a big pickup with monster wheels coming at you annd stop just inches away from your nose? Several of us did--and believe me, it is not a pleasant feeling. They threw beer cans at us, but mostly it was sewer verbage and threats. The confrontation lasted about 20 minutes, luckily, no one was hurt, no damage done (except to our nerves). Not one blow was thrown, although they did everything they could to push us into it. Everyone stood there, calm, cool, and collected (on the outside--but our astral knees were knocking). That was the saving factor, for the rednecks couldn't deal with our apparent lack of fear. Probably one of the few, if not the only times that someone faced them down and they turned and left. It will take them a long time to get over that. SO proud of our folks! Through it all not one word was said by our side that couldn't have been said in the First Baptist Church on Sunday morning. In fact, the preacher probably said worse, for not even one "hell" or "damn" was spoken from our side of the line, while pure filth poured from the other side. To back up a bit, after the first men came by, two of our group went to call the police, to find out why they hadn't shown up and let them know they were needed right away. It was almost an hour after they left before a policeman arrived -- one man, one car. By the time he arrived the rednecks had just left, we had finished closing the circle, and were getting in our cars to leave. Tuesday, October 1, a group of us went to file charges against these people for trespassing and simple assault. Th detective was saying there wasn't anything they could do--we kept saying there had to be. Our attorney, who was with us, also kept saying something could be done. Eventually, the detective became a bit more cooperative. We had the license plate numbers of 5 of the trucks, the name of one man, photos of some of them, and a tape recording of the entire incident. Yes--we were well-armed in one respect. Just happened to have cameras and tape recorders with us and the presence of mind to use them. The tape came out loud and clear, so there is no question of who said what. The detective finally called us back after identifying several of the people through their license plate numbers and photos, and our attorney advised us that our best course of legal action would be to file criminal trespass warrents against the persons involved, leaving the assault charges to the discretion of the judge who hears the trespass case(es). Many of you have asked what you could do to help. Your support means so much to us for there is much to be done and so few of us to do it. We certainly appreciate the positive energy which has come our way--we have been very aware f it and know it has helped sustain us through some harrowing times. What can you do to help? Energy directed to help us through the harassment and legal battles; to helping us find another site for our temple (with 30 to 40 people at each sabbat and New Moon, living rooms get crowded); to helping us find the finances for the legal fees (our attorney has spent, and will spend many hours working on our behalf without charge, but he can't afford to pay filing fees, deposition fees, etc., for s. And the USPS gets richer while we get poorer. Even SASE's would help.)--all these are very much needed. Information on how others have handled similar situations would be helpful, also. We have been asked, on several occasions, why we are standing to fight instead of quietly folding our altar cloths and stealing back into the shadows, as some have suggested we do. We are certainly not doing it just for ourselves, as witnessed by the fact that at least two people have lost their jobs and the rest of us realize we could be next. It is costing us dearly--in money, time, energy, and wear and tear on our nerves. One person walked out of work to find "witch" scrawled across the windshield of her car--what will the next act be? We believe if we allow this to happen without protest, then every other group in our area, and in other areas, may meet with the same fate. We are proud of our religion, and feel that we have as much right to follow our beliefs openly as anyone else does. We do not ask others to believe as we do--each person must walk their own path--but we do ask-- no, insist--that we be allowed to walk our path with dignity and in sunlight, not in shadows. We are beginning to wonder if these incidences of persecution (of us and other groups, and the Helms bill) at this time could be part of some gigantic game plan. Perhaps the Lord and Lady are tired of being hidden away in basements, back rooms, garages, and secret places, and have decided that it is time to claim Their Place in the Sun. And only we, Their sons and daughters, can bring them out of the shadows and into the Sunlight. Going public and fighting this injustice was not an easy decision to make, for we all have much to lose--jobs, families, friends. But, someone, somewhere, must make a stand--this time it is our turn. Others have done it before us, we know others will have to do it again in the future, but each time one of us wins a small skirmish, we altar the pattern of the future. As several people have reminded us, all religions have gone through a period of persecution. Those who perservered, who stood up for their rights and religion, found acceptance. Where would the Baptists, Methodists, Mormons, Catholics and other major faiths be today if they had hidden in the shadows? Should we be less strong than they? It is our dream that someday our children can walk proudly, without fear, in the light of the Sun, to their Circle site. That's why we are determined to see this through, as far as we can take it-- for ourselves, for our brothers and sisters of the Craft, and for the future of all Pagans and Wiccans, wherever they may be. To all of you, again, our sincere thanks for the support and encouragement you are giving us in our struggle. Brightest blessings! Lady Galadriel, Lord Athanor, Lady Rhea ---------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 21 Mar 86 16:58:24 PST From: ihnp4!ucla-cs!cs111olg Subject: LA Pagan Events and Newsletter hi, Tim! This is Ellen Perlman. I'm asking Oleg to send this for me since I no longer have direct access to the Net. A couple of requests: 1. Can you please send the New Age Digest to him for me? 2. Please announce that on April 12, Marija Gimbutas, Professor of Archaeology at UCLA and author of "Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe" will be speaking at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, just north of Los Angeles. This event is sponsored by the Pallas Society. If anyone is interested they can contact me at 213/313-2454 or write to 4180 Inglewood Bl., #1, Los Angeles, CA 90066. 3. The Pallas Society Newletter is a quarterly dedicated to communication among pagans, magicians, shamans, metis, and others interested in magic and the occult. Our next issue, coming out April 14, focuses on Beltane and Midsummer celebrations, and an exploration of the various ways shamanism is used today. Sample copies are $1.75. Subscriptions are $7/yr for 4 issues. Each issue contains original songs and poems, an herbal column, book and music reviews, and anything else good that our readers send in. We encourage contributions of material from the community. For copies or subscriptions, write to The Pallas Society News, P.O. Box 2015, 1800 S. Robinson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035. 4. The Pallas Society is presenting a Second Harvest Moon Festival! Our first was a big success. This year presenters will include Selena Fox of Circle, Paul Beyerl, author of "The Master Book of Herbalism," as well as others from the pagan and magical community. It will be held on September 27 & 28 at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, just north of Los Angeles. We are welcoming vendors, seminar leaders, and general participants to contact the Pallas Society for more information at P.O. Box 4983, Chatsworth, CA 91313-4983. Thanks, Tim, for your continued effort to encourage communication among all seekers and paths. Ellen Perlman. --- The known paths to Oleg's account are: ARPA: oac6.oleg@{UCLA-LOCUS.EDU.ARPA|UCLA-LOCUS.ARPA} LOCUS.UCLA.EDU.UUCP!oac6.oleg@seismo.CSS.GOV BITNET: leg%OACVAX.BITNET UUCP: {trwspp|ihnp4|cepu|ucbvax|sdcrdcf}!ucla-cs!oac6.oleg ---------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 4 Mar 86 01:38:54 est From: lll-crg!seismo!harvard!encore!vaxine!spark!100!523!Brad_Hicks Subject: Re: Tom Kenny to Jody Patilla, Tarot Inquiries As I mentioned in NewAge #35, I've been doing tarot for a longish time. As far as I can tell, you are quite correct about the Rider-Waite being the most popular deck, and yes, it is quite rich in symbolism - I just happen to think that it's _ugly_. The Morgan-Greer deck uses the same cards, and much of the same symbolism, and I think the artwork is MUCH better. But actually, if you ask me for recommendations I sort-of wince, since for my own purposes I alternate, depending upon the situation, between three different decks - all of which are out of print (grimace). Fantasy Showcase Tarot: This is my all-time favorite deck, and when it doubt, it's the one I return to. It is a bit non-traditional, being an 84- card deck: it adds two trumps (22: Separation, 23: The Farrier) and one royalty (to make a total of five per suit: King, Queen, Lady, Knight, Page). The artwork is beautiful, the symbolism just as rich as (and often adapted from) the Rider-Waite. It is occasionally light and humorous, which I (being a Discordian) appreciate at times. I use it for almost all general-purpose readings. Morgan's Deck: NOT the Morgan-Greer, but Morgan's Deck, a meditative tarot deck with entirely different symbolism. In fact, you could easily describe it as a deck with 70-some trumps. The symbolism is pop-Buddhist and often light-hearted; this is the friendliest and least-judgemental deck I've ever seen. I use it for shallow readings, readings done for social reasons, or when I need cheering up. The New Tarot (artists' names forgotten): An obscure little deck that I found in a local occult shop, this is a smallish black-and-white deck with very hippy artwork, astrological symbolism, and a somewhat dark outlook. I bought it because I loved the artwork; I only use it when the other decks tell me to. Re: Tim Maroney, Persecution in Atlanta I followed the clues you gave me and found ATLNTA.1 and ATLNTA.2, and immediately posted them to the user-file areas on WeirdBase. But I can't help but notice that this news is now FOUR MONTHS OLD (older by the time people read this). Do you have ANY more recent news than this? I asked at the Pagan On-Line Conference last week, and nobody knew anything either. It seems to me that SOMETHING must have happened by now! * Via Fido 100/10-0 --------------------- End of New Age Digest --------------------- * Via Fido 100/51 10 Apr 86 04:03:30


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