Readers of ORCRO may find some interest and amusement in the following “anti-satanist” new

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Readers of ORCRO may find some interest and amusement in the following “anti-satanist” newspaper story, which appeared in 1923. Oh well, the more things change, they more remain the same. And other truisms. This is of course the story of Victor Neuberg, and it is interesting to note that sufficient documentation has come to light, since 1923, to totally refute all the allegation made concerning this matter. That may be, but readers of ORCRO will be interested to know that Tim Tate, researcher for the Cook Report programme, “The Devil’s Work”, refered in all seriousness to this matter in a private letter (which we happen to have on file) as a justification for the out of context quotations of Crowley which appeared in that programme. It is interesting to note that following the revelations of the Independent on Sunday late last year, Mr Tate contacted that paper, claiming that he had certain proof that genuine cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse exists. He named a name, and claimed copyright on the information, possibly hoping to make a deal. The press reports relating to that case are appended following the 1923 article that concerns Mr Crowley. One gathers that Mr Tate was mistaken… NEW SINISTER RELATIONS OF ALIESTER CROWLEY, ‘VARSITY LAD’S DEATH. Enticed to “Abbey” Dreadful Ordeal of a Young Wife Crowley’s Plans [ From The Sunday Express Of 25 February, 1923 ] The revelation in the Sunday Express of obscene orgies carried on by Aliester Crowley - “The Beast 666”, as he styles himself - in his “abbey” at Cefalu, Sicily, have been followed by a sinister and tragic happening. Information has just reached this newspaper of his two latest victims. One of them, a brilliant young English university man, a writer, is dead. His young wife, a beautiful girl prominent in London artistic circles, arrived in London two days ago in a state of collapse. She is unable to give more than a hint of the horrors from which she has escaped. Worse Horrors Still She said, however, to a Sunday Express representative yesterday that the story of Aliester Crowley’s sexual debauches and drug orgies as published in this newspaper far understates the real horror of the life in the “abbey” at Cefalu, where he keeps his women and practices black magic. This young girl, whose name and that of her husband the Sunday Express withholds in deference to the parents’ sorrow, said that Crowley offered her husband a secretarial post last autumn when in London. The Beast is possessed of a persuasive smile and suave manners. The young couple had no idea of the true character of the place to which he was inviting them. As the offer seemed to mean travel and congenial work the young husband - a boy of twenty-two accepted it. Once they were in Sicily, however, they found they had been trapped in an inferno, a maelstrom of filth and obscenity. Crowley’s purpose was to corrupt them both to his own ends. They resisted him and his women with all the strength they could summon. The wife was forced to do the cooking and kitchen work for the nine people in the house. Turned Out Then suddenly the boy husband fell ill of enteritis, due to the insanitary conditions there, and was too weak to be removed. The girl-wife was left alone to fight the Beast 666. Since she defied him in every way and managed to keep herself clear of the beastialities of the house, he turned her out one night. All that night she was unable to return to the “abbey” on the hills above Cefalu to tend her dying husband. Two days later the boy was dead. The girl who had made so courageous a fight against the Beast who sought to destroy her was given money by the British Consul to return to England. Crowley was obliged to let her go. But he made dire threats of vengence if she told what she knew. She has not told anything more than has already been published in this newspaper, but she is still in danger from the Beast. The Sunday Express is putting the facts of this tragic case in the hands of Scotland Yard. Child Spectators It is among the clean minded and inexperienced that he seeks his victims. This latest tragedy has brought to light the fact that the Beast 666 has laid all plans for establishing a colony of Oxford youths at Cefalu. There it is supposed he will initiate them into the obscene rites of his own unspeakable brand of black magic. It is hoped that these latest plans may be frustrated. But Crowley, in sending out his invitations to young Oxford men to come to Cefalu, knows how to word them enticingly, and leaves out any hint of the unspeakable facts of his “religion” until such time as he has had his victims fairly in his clutches. The facts are too unutterably filthy to be detailed in a newspaper, for they have to do with sexual orgies that touch the lowest depth of depravity. The whole is mixed up in a hocus-pocus of doubtful mysticism, of which Crowley is “the Purple Priest.” Children under ten, whom the Beast keeps at his “abbey,” are made to witness horrible sexual debauches unbelievably revolting. Filthy incense is burned and cakes made of goats’ blood and honey are consumed in the windowless room hung with obscene pictures collected all over the world, saturating himself with drugs. The Beast’s Hope An interesting piece of information has just reached the Sunday Express. Crowley has outgrown the “abbey” at Cefalu. He desires to extend his activities, but lacks the money to do so. He put the problem before some spirits that attend his magic rites. “Sue the Sunday Express for ú5000 and build a new ‘abbey’ with the money” came the command. The Beast foresaw difficulties. He could not risk bringing suit himself, for all the statements made in the newspaper were correct. If they had not been he would have brought suit long ago. Yet the spirit was insistent. “ú5000 for a new abbey!” So the Beast is sending on of his women to London to see what she can do. The Sunday Express promises Crowley that it intends to persue its investigations with the utmost ruthlessness, and that it will endeavour to supply him with considerable further material on which to base any action which he may care to bring.


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