What is the purpose of the +quot;New Age Echo+quot;? You should first know that everyone a

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What is the purpose of the "New Age Echo"? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You should first know that everyone agrees to disagree on the term New Age. The consensus has been that it defines this conference better than Esoteric or Metaphysical, even though we discuss these topics. We chose to avoid Occult since it tends to create negative images, even though Webster defines occult as -- "beyond the range of ordinary knowledge; mysterious". The New Age actually refers to a transition to a new era for mankind. Some people call this the Age of Aquarius, a Magical Blending of ancient values and new ideas, the Dawn of a New Era for Mankind. On this conference and on "Starseed" the BBS, you will find discussions of ancient beliefs and a variety of world religions; holistic health and lifestyles; Ideas that fall into the category of "consciousness raising". But you will also find issues of science and philosophy, because we feel the New Age will blend the arts, sciences, religions and politics rather than seperate them. So don't be surprised to find quantum physics mixed with religion, world politics and a tarot card or I Ching reading! Or Celestials, Interdimensional beings, and Crystal Healing. I can best explain our purpose as a Transformative Journey. If I can lift from Magical Blend Magazine, whose editors state it so well -- ---------------------------------------- "A new world view is being born. Our aim is to chart the course for this transformation and assist the individual in channeling their thoughts into positive, uplifting areas. To act as a catalyst to encourage the individual to acheive his or her highest level of spiritual awareness. We endorse no one pathway, but attempt to explore many alternative possibilities to help transform the planet." That transformation, to me, is the transition to the New Age. ------ Enjoy the journey!! PS -- I'm often asked for "rules" to this conference. There are few rules but these are essential -- NO private messages. This is an Echo Conference and its nature requires Public messages for all to read. Try to send messages of moderate length. One liners cost money for the sysops who transmit this conference around the country and perhaps around the world. So do extremely lengthy messages. Keep that in mind. Personal messages and interchanges should be shared elsewhere... either on a local area that is not transmitted or in private net mail. Think in terms of the group reading what you have to say. The conference is for DISCUSSION! No preaching or proselytizing, no "vulgar or profane" lashing out, and no condemnations. We have freedom of speech here and as moderator I do not censor material. However, if I or any member finds flagrant abuse of the above "rules" you may find yourself out of the conference. While "New Age" is certainly a broad range for discussion, try to keep to topic. This is hard to define and the group generally sets the tone for what is "topical". If you take exception to this policy, feel free to discuss the matter. Likewise if you have suggestions for improvement, please share. This IS a democracy! *** Jami Morgan, New Age Moderator


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