(continued from last post) B.) Jihad and counter-Jihad.the founding of the Prieure d'Sion

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(continued from last post) B.) Jihad and counter-Jihad...the founding of the Prieure d'Sion and the Knights Templar Whipped into a fervor by Muhammad, his followers embarked on a Jihad to forcibly convert all the world to the faith of Islam. The Mujahedeen, or holy warriors, were sent all over to conquer. In their wake, the remaining pagan traditions of the Near East, as well as the old mystery religions that survived the onslaught of Christianity, and the great mystery religions of Essene Judaism and Zoroastrianism were decimated. The sacred sites of Judaism and Christianity in Palestine were taken over by Islam; and as a supreme affront to Jews in particular an ornate mosque, the Dome of the Rock, aka the Mosque of Omar, was built on Mount Moriah, the holiest site of Judaism, the site of the Great Temple. However, as it was mentioned earlier, the Crusades were less an attempt to "save the Holy Sepulchre from the infidel" than they were an attempt to place a Merovingian on the throne of Jerusalem. To accomplish this, two major knightly orders were established. First among these was (and remains) the Prieure d'Sion. The fighting wing of the Prieure was the Order of the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, which has come down to us as the Knights Templar. The first Crusades were incredibly successful. Led by Godfroi de Boullion, Comte de Razes, a descendant of the Plantard branch of the Merovingian House, the Templars placed Godfroi's brother Baudoin I on the throne. But less than a century later, Jerusalem was back in the hands of the Caliphs. Back on the continent, the "Cutting of the Elm" on the field of Gisors marked the split between the Prieure and the Knights Templar. Those attached to the Prieure retreated back to France to nurture the dream of Merovingian ascendance over the entire world, and those attached to the Knights Templar stayed in Acre, in the Western Galil, the final outpost of European Christiandom in Israel. The Templars hung on for 200 years more, before the Pope dissolved the order and sent King Phillipe Le Bel of France to execute its leaders and capture its fabled treasure for the Papal coffers. During the final 200 years of the Templars, rumors began to fly about Templar involvement with paganism, Islamic mysticism of the Ismaili sect, homoeroticism, and even devil worship. It is doubtful that the rumors, which come down to us from history in the forced confessions of Jacques de Molay and other Templars, had much foundation in reality. Why would one spit on and trample underfoot a cross if a red Cross Patee was the symbol of your order?


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