(continued from last post) Moving further, there are references to the Whore of Babylon. R

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(continued from last post) Moving further, there are references to the Whore of Babylon. Rightly or wrongly, Miriam ha'Migdal has been identified as either a "sinner" or an actual prostitute, and this may be within as a slander of not only Miriam, but any of her posterity. Both this hetaira, and the "beast" himself, are to be thrown bodily into a great lake of fire and brimstone, and their "father" Satan is to be bound up for a millenium until his final defeat and the coming of a "New Jerusalem", to be reigned over by a resurrected God-man Jesus. It is obvious that the book was written to discredit any mortal claimant to the throne of Judea and Israel, and also to discredit the Gnostic "heresy" and other "heresies" that would follow later along the same lines of Yehoshua and his Judaic Mysteries. But it didn't entirely work. In the 12th Century, a descendent of the Merovingians, Godfroi de Boullion, installed his brother Baudoin I as the first "Christian king" of Palestine. If the storied connection between the Merovingians and the line of Yehoshua is true, then it is obvious who had the last laugh. But in the long run, it was the Paulines who triumphed. Christianity from its adoption by Emperor Constantine on down had a decided Pauline cast, and continues to conform to Saul-Paulos' blueprint to this day. There are tantalizing anecdotes that suggest that the Albigenesian Crusade, which eventually killed off the Cathari sect, was partially motivated by the desire to find and keep the bones of Yehoshua in safety in the bowels of the Vatican. The final resting place might well have been in a rude stone tomb near Arques, a tomb that has figured in many paintings over the centuries that have been commissioned by either descendants of the Merovingians or by supporters of a restored Merovingian Dynasty. The tomb was opened in the 1950s, and found empty...another mysterious "empty tomb."


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