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ANOTHER HYPOTHESIS REGARDING THE CATTLE MUTILATIONS Presented by Brad Steig er in his new book THE FELLOWSHIP pages 128-130 .... Mr. Steiger reports that one Dr. Fred Bell and his "alien" consort, one SEMJASE, have reported that th e mutilations are caused by ASTRAL VAMPIRES that enter our lives when certain irresponsible space intelligences enter Earth's atmosphere at "wrap speed".. ..But let me quote them verbatim...and urge anyone who is interested to get a nd read this book...especially our friend John Lear...I'd love to hear what HE THINKS about THI S hypothesis. starting on page 129...after some preliminary information abou t becoming attuned to cosmic vibrations...and away we go! "Fred Bell has be en instructed by Semjase that such negative entities do indeed exist, not onl y on Earth but in space. These otherworldly beings are little concerned abou t the welfare of humankind, and they commit such careless acts as entering Ea rth's atmosphere at "warp speed," thereby creating great stress upon our planet. In fact, Semjase stated, such a negative and thoughtless act not only disrupts E arth's atmosphere, but it releases "astral vampires". These vampire-type cre atures are seen usually after a UFO sighting. It is not that they're a produ ct of a UFO being, but they are said to move through the time continuum just as UFOs do. "Let's take the example of heavy cruiser or a submarine traversi ng the Pacific Ocean," Fred explain. "Two weeks later, a reconnaissance helicopter or a diri gible flies over with infared and heat-seeking equipment. Because of the sen sitivity of the equipment they can actually measure where the ship was, even though it was there two weeks before. "The same thing happens when one of th ese saucers moves over from one dimension to the other. When this occurs too close to our atmosphere or too close within our planetary environment, it wil l cause these creatures, which live on the astral realm, to move across. "The higher beings, such as the Pleiadeans, won't cause their spacecraft to behave like t hat within the atmosphere of Earth. They might be invisible, but they won't move from one dimension to another because they know that they'll create that kind of energy. They make their dimensional changes outside the astral field of a planet," Fred continued. "When these creatures are released due to the thoughtlessness of a space being, they claim that they are lost entities. They are most dangerous for the first two weeks after the full moon. That's when they seek out the sexual organs of animals. "They'll also seek out humans, but they so mehow are not able to penetrate the human field. Humans might act crazy unde r attack by these vampires, but they don't get their insides removed like the sheep or cattle do. The astral vampires enter through the sexual parts of an animal, then they materialize inside the cow or sheep or horse and drain out all of the flesh and blood. When they go out again, the animals just fall apart. I mea n, there's nothing there but skin and bones" Many researchers have noted the correlation that seems to exists between the appearance of UFOs and the cattl e mutilations that have been reported in the media. The removal of the sexua l organs is almost surgical in nature. Mutilation is not the proper word" - ----- A parting comment: When John Lear presented HIS came across as a rather pessimistic assessment of our state! It strikes me AS LOGICAL ... that Space Beings may be of all types...some thoughtful...some thoughtles s. It also strikes me as logical that mutilations and abductions are not the work of the thoughtful...see Hopkin's's statements on the ethics of such muti lations! Steiger's statements, taken from Dr. Bell, need to be digested and thought about, carefully.. ...and I ALSO THINK Steiger's book should be read by anyone that has left the Lear Letter feeling depressed. Sure -- there are t hose that would harm and hurt and destroy...with or without consciousness of the havoc they bring... but I sincerely believe that the majority of o ur Space Brothers are THOUGHTFUL ENOUGH to leave well enough alone and WILL N OT interfere with the FREE WILL of EARTHLINGs ....what we receive, WE A SK FOR... At any rate...If you read this message and Steiger's book.. .I'll be delighted to share thoughts and further ideas regarding HIS HYPOTHES IS...and indeed, in time, hope to record other thoughts that have come to min d while reading this wonderful addition to the UFO literature. Wat ch for Jacque Valle's new book coming in May! I think it will be just worthy of our attention! Dan Reynolds Dayton, Ohio Home of Wright Pat and Who Knows WHO ELSE? File: MUT.TXT 4864-T 05-APR-88 Dir: 1 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy From: Daniel Reynolds Acc: 6 Another Hypothesis on Mutilations (Download Read Quit ?): k


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