Magick3 Policy and Echo Rules Rev.# 1.3 (9/05/90) I. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE The purpose of t

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Magick3 Policy and Echo Rules Rev.# 1.3 (9/05/90) I. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE The purpose of this echo is to provide a "low noise" forum for the interdisciplinary discussion of ALL metaphysical and magickal traditions, methods, philosophies, and related issues. It IS NOT an area for discussions of topics unrelated to the above. Relevancy of any topic will, when necessary, be decided by the Moderator of the echo and his/her decision is final. II. RULES 1. Good Manners: All who use this echo are expected to use good manners in their dealings with others within the echo. Good Manners will be defined and enforced by the moderator. 2. Proselytization: Open recruitment by or for ANY religious/spiritual path will not be tolerated, nor will any derogatory msgs. about any of them. 3. Commercial Msgs. and Adverising for profit: Are not allowed. Brief mention or reviews of relevant products and services are permissible. Information on n0t-for profit services is also permitted. 4. Administration: a.) This echo will be administered and run by a Moderator, elected by the SYSOPS carrying the echo. b.) This election process will normally happen every year during the month of September, with the term of office being from 1 October until 1 October of the following year. c.) All decisions regarding the operation of this echo will be discussed and implemented via the PAGANSYS echo. If a sysop does not carry PAGANSYS, then that sysop has no vote. d.) Users who wish to express their ideas and opinions about administration of this echo may do so via their SYSOP. e.) There will be no discussion of "echo politics" and/or administration within this echo, unless SPECIFIC PERMISSION is granted by the moderator. f.) Special elections for the purpose of rules modification or replacement of a Moderator may be called by the specific request of any 7 sysops engaged in carrying this echo. g.) Special Elections are only valid until the next regulare election, when they will be ratified or denied. III. MODERATION 1. The Moderator will normally be nominated and elected on the PAGANSYS echo during the month of September of each year. 2. The Moderator is expected to keep good order within the echo and act as "topic cop" to keep messages moving smothly and on topic. 3. The moderator has the authority and responsibility for maintaining discipline within the stated guidelines of the echo, and may order the suspension or removal of anyone who will not abide by the rules of the echo; However the moderator is also encouraged to not be excessively "dictatorial" and to be moderate in the enforcement of these rules. 4. The moderator may supplement these rules from time to time. 5. The moderator may call for a special election at any time for major modifications of the rules or to elect a new moderator. 6. The Moderator must call for a special election to modify this section (III). IV. DISTRIBUTION 1. This echo will be distributed ONLY via the Pagan Distribution Network (PDN). 2. SYSOPS carrying this Echo are encouraged to carry the Pagan_Chat echo to allow continuity when discussions are moved from the MAGICK3 echo, but Pagan_Chat is not mandatory.


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