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SCRIPTS FOR RELATIONSHIPS SCRIPT 3 "FOR PROBLEMS IN YOUR CLOSEST RELATIONSHIPS" Let the person with whom you are having difficulty appear on your internal screen or minds eye. First, just see the face. Scan it very slowly, looking at the eyes, the eyebrows, the set of the chin, looking for frowns and lines which may indicate worry or anger. Let yourself stop at any point to really look at a part of the face you never really saw when you were together. Now let that person's voice come into your mind's eye. What are the first words that person says? What does he or she say to you that you have not been hearing? Once the statement has been made, take three deep breaths before you answer. Simply be with the words you heard and digest them. Now respond from your innermost being, not from those old words at the top of your consciousness. Go back to observing your loved one with whom you are having problems, and take a new look at his or her face. See the effect your words have had. Simply let whatever happens be there. Is there anything else he or she wants to say or do? Is there anything else you want to say or do? Let it happen... Spend another moment being together, in the way you most want to be with each other. Remember the feelings you have for this person when there aren't problems between you... **If you try this, I'd be interested in knowing the response you have had. I have had very good success with this script, and hope yours is equally responsive! The Wizard Ariel> EOF>


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