SHAMAN 101 - Intro Shamanic techniques encompass a philosophy that is quite practical in m

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SHAMAN 101 - Intro Shamanic techniques encompass a philosophy that is quite practical in modern terms. Shamanism is not a religion, and can be practiced by anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort. It requires two things: a respect for all life in all forms, and an openness to knowledge and experience. I am a shaman, although I follow no established tradition and I have never studied with another shaman. This path comes naturally to some, and to fight it is to waste your life and talents. To others, it is merely a technique for becoming more effective in the physical world, and learning about the esoteric worlds as well. Western magickal traditions largely center around the Qaballah, and most people have at least heard of the Tree of Life. For those more advanced, Israel Regardie's famous Technique of the Middle Pillar exercise is a familiar and comfortable way to open and energize the chakra system of the bodies. In my own way, I've given a shamanic view of a similar exercise. Shaman 101 is not a course to make a shaman out of you. It is rather a way to start you working with your chakra system, learning where the blockages are, and learning to control the amount of power you emit or take in to any one area. This will help you overcome difficulties in the "real" world - with your job, your peers, and your parents, among others. It MAY also start you down the path to becoming a shaman in your own right. It may not. That is for you to say. Shaman 101 A is the basic journey technique, the acquisition of a power animal, and a map of the spirit world. Shaman 101 B is learning about the spirit body and how it affects your physical body. Shaman 101 C is a description of the chakras and some indications of their health. Shaman 101 D is the exercise for opening and clearing blockages in these chakras. Shaman R is an abbreviated calendar and resource list. Please be aware that I do not claim to have all the answers. On a "smart" day, I don't claim to have ANY answers... I do, however, feel that this information will be especially helpful to those who have limited (or no) occult training, and who wish to explore a new world. This is not a game. It is not all that serious, either. Humor is necessary in this world and in the world "inside" to which you will journey. Be respectful, be open, be curious. Ask questions, and learn, learn, learn! And I would love to hear about your experiences, so please consider posting it to me privately or (if your pride will take it), to the board in general. While I don't do consultations, I will happily answer questions if I can. If you find this interesting enough to want to pursue it further, there are some meetings and gatherings in the coming months that might be useful. I will try to post some of them as they become available. Balance and light to you, in the oneness of life! -=Satinka Istari 12/89


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