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HEALING A COMMUNICATION WITH YOURSELF NOISE-REMOVAL BREATHING Begin by relaxing the body and breathing deeply from the abdomen. (The text on breathing is great to use as a pre-prep to this script) When completely relaxed, and as you "INHALE", imagine you have a nose in your feet, a nostril in the bottom of each foot, between mid-arch and the sole of each foot. (Keep your wits now!) Imagine as you breathe in deeply that you are pulling in air up through your feet. Feel as if each breath coming in through your feet and up through your legs and body is swirling up through the tensions, toxins, tiredness, and other noise that had been cluttering the tissues and cells of that part of your body. Feel your breath swirling through and carrying away all that unwanted stuff. Feel your exhaled breath carrying that noise out of your body, carrying away anything that doesn't belong. Feel your "EXHALED" breath to be laden with that stuff you are pulling up and carrying out of your system, so much from you system just pouring into your breath that your breath begins to actually "FEEL" warm and rich. That extra warmth and richness is felt especially near the end of your exhaled breath, so really push that noise out of your system by exhaling very deeply. As you pull noise up from your body and push it out with your exhaled, breath, you are not only cleaning up your system but doing a good thing by creating a lot of new life energy. Keep noise-removal breathing very deeply, pulling noise up and loosening it with your breath, and especially breathe out very deeply, and sooner or later you will experience through you noise-removal process heat in your throat and upper chest near the end of each exhaled breath. Experimentally noise-removal breathe in through different parts of your body. Feel a real pull as your breath comes in through those different areas, swirling up and carrying away the noise you are pushing out with your exhaled warm, rich breath. Keep freeing your mind-brain-body-spirit system with this noise-removal breathing, feeling all kinds of stuff coming out. When you feel drained of all the noises in your body and mind, come fully alert, feeling terrifically good. Now that you have estabilished this experience of noise removal breathing, you can turn the process on at any time, in any level of consciousness. May you find the joy and peace that you deserve, and may this text assist you in your healing process... The Wizard Ariel> EOF>


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