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HEALING A COMMUNICATION WITH YOURSELF VISUALIZATION FOR FIRST AID This script guides you through the psychological effects of medical traumas. By repeating the behavior at the time of the accident, in the minds eye, you remove the ill-effects of the emotions associated with the upset. Positive reaframation is the key to the success of this script... Example: If you have burned your hand on the stove, you review in your imagination all the things that happened just before, during, and after the accident. This reduces the fear associated with the event and again focuses your attention on the injured part that you have avoided because of the pain. The very "FEAR" and avoidance unconsciously block the healing process, by decreasing the blood flow to the hands, feet, and injured part of the body. Let's Begin with the Script Pick a time interval surrounding the injury, say five seconds before to ten seconds afterward. Following one sensation at a time, review this time interval. Include such sensations as pain, awareness of injured parts, temperature, sounds, words, actions, attitudes, and thoughts. Go over the sam time interval, being aware of all the sensations at once, as they actually happened. Repeat the action in your mind's eye and in pantomine, if necessary. (act out the experience) Pay particular attention to thoughts and attitudes in this total sensation. Repeat steps one and two until the pain stops or greatly diminishes. This may take between five minutes to an hour. Build up an awareness of the injured part and see it having been healed and normal again. Repeat this frequently during and after the emergency assist. May you find the joy and happiness that you deserve, and may this text help you in your healing process... The Wizard Ariel> EOF>


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