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HEALING A COMMUNICATION WITH YOURSELF HEALING SPECIFIC AILMENTS STEP 1 Visualize "HEALING ENERGY" circulating through and soothing the disharmonious part of you. This energy might appear as golden or white light, or in another form that you recognize as healing. If your energy is low and your're feeling tired, depressed, weak or chilled, breathe in energy from imagined sunlight. If you're feeling hyperactive and restless, see your excess energy flowing out through your feet into the ground. When you know that "HEAT" is an appropriate medical remedy (check with your doctor), visualize and feel warmth in the sick or injured area. This facilitates the flow of blood with its healing properties to the area. (Sometimes refered to as Autogenic Therapy - Developed by Dr. J.H. Schultz and Wolfgang Luthe). STEP 2 Visualize the "HEALING PROCESS". This can be either symbolic or based on images from medical texts or X-Rays. Begin by picturing your disorder, mental or physical. Kenneth Pelletier says that if it looks exactly like what you expected, odds are that the image is wrong; it's more likely to be something completely unexpected. Examine the picture in as much detail as possible. Then transform the picture into a positive image. See the disease actually healing, VERY IMPORTANT! (For more information consult the book by Dr. Mike Samuels, called...Be Well) STEP 3 Visualize a "STATE OF WELLNESS". In this visualization, see the sick or injured part of you as healed and your whole person as radiantly healthy. See yourself as you wish to be: happy, energized, feeling positive about your life. Another important factor is think to yourself the words "RADIATE" "RADIATE" "RADIATE", and feel the energy flow throughout your body and soul. Recall yourself at the healthiest time of your life, with the added bonus of your present maturity. Sense how you were then: how you breathed, felt, moved, and looked at the time. See yourself in this marvelous healthy state walking in the sunshine and feeling in tune with life. Know that this is how you "ARE" right now, just beneath the symptoms that mask your wellness. May you find the peace and joy you deserve, and may this text assist you in your healing process... The Wizard Ariel> EOF>


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