HEALING - A COMMUNICATION WITH YOURSELF Quick Reference Note: The file RELAX.ZIP will come

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HEALING - A COMMUNICATION WITH YOURSELF Quick Reference Note: The file RELAX.ZIP will come in handy as a prep for the following information... Self healing involves the inner communication with ones self. Visualization, another word for self communication is used in this text. In the following document, the usage of visualization is quite important, so open your mind, and prepare yourself for the experience. One of the most important facts to consider when trying to use self healing techniques, is an understanding of the meaning behind our ailments. And so here I offer some guidelines to help you get in touch with the messages within yourself. To begin with, I want to remind you that "The limits of your beliefs define the limits of your reality". For, this reason it is important that you allow yourself to be open to all possibilities. If your mind is closed to the notion of inner guidance, then no amount of visualizing will produce it. If you are open to finding an inner source of knowing, then--with patience and trust--you will. The second point I want to make has to do with guilt and self-blame. While accepting that your illness is related to sub-conscious thoughts and beliefs is essential for healing yourself, it is also essential that you not blame yourself for your illness. Our diseases point to positive new directions where we need to go in our lives. Staying stuck in guilt serves only to keep us stuck in self-destructive feelings. Third, I would like to mention that the consensus among those sources that I have researched, was that if it is not in the best interests of the whole organism to overcome disease at this time, these techniques will not immediately eliminate the disease. Understanding the message of the disease will, however, indicate where you need to make life changes, and become the first step toward a new relationship with your body and mind. And, finally, these and the other healing techniques in this text should not be used apart from medical consultation. "If you are sick, then you should see a doctor". What is suggested here is totally compatible with traditional medical therapies and may assist them in helping the healing process. SELF HEALING PROCEDURE SCRIPT Begin the visualization by becoming deeply relaxed. Using your own relaxation method, or one from RELAX.ZIP (available on this system) allow yourself to totally relax your mind and body, so that you are totally focused on your inner screen, so to speak. When you feel yourself deeply relaxed, go to a place in your inner movie (visualization) that is very beautiful and very peaceful. It might be a quiet, empty beach with waves gently billowing onto the sand. Or it could be a lovely meadow on a glorious spring afternoon. Or it might be a place where you've vacationed and where you remember being very happy and relaxed. When you feel yourself very comfortable in this beautiful place, look around for a person or an animal. If you don't see it at first, keep looking within your minds eye. When the figure appears, ask it to talk with you. Tell it why you have come looking for it. Tell it that you need its help. Allow yourself to be with this figure as comfortably as you would be with a friend in your own living room. It is a part of you. It is your own creation. It is benign...it is there to help you! When you feel comfortable and accepting of your advisor (person or animal), ask it the question you have been wanting to ask. Ask it to kindly tell you the message of your illness or pain. Then wait patiently and receptively for the answer. If an answer doesn't come immediately, ask your adviser how you can find the answer to your question. Keep asking questions until you have the answers that you have sought. When your answers come and you feel satisfied that they are what you sought, that your adviser and tell it that you will return again to visit with it. Allow yourself to come back into the here and now of outer reality. Allow yourself to feel good and to feel that you have found out what you wanted to know. Allow yourself to use the information you have received with wisdom and love. Allow yourself to return to the beautiful place where you met with your adviser whenever you feel a need for guidance. Allow yourself to know that "YOU" are giving yourself a great and important gift by discovering the message of your illness or pain. May you find the peace that you deserve, and may this text assist you in your task ahead.... The Wizard Ariel> EOF>


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