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Zone,1,SearchNet_HeadQuarters,Brockton_MA,Glenda_Stocks,1-508-586-6977,9600,CM,XA,V32b,V42b Host,330,SearchNet_USA,Brockton_MA,Glenda_Stocks,1-508-586-6977,9600,CM,XA,V32b,V42b ,201,SearchNet_USA,Brockton_MA,Glenda_Stocks,1-508-586-6977,9600,CM,XA,V32b,V42b Zone,91,SearchNet_HeadQuarters,Brockton_MA,Glenda_Stocks,1-508-586-6977,9600,CM,XA,V32b,V42b Region,5,SearchNet_USA,Brockton_MA,Glenda_Stocks,1-508-586-6977,9600,CM,XA,V32b,V42b ,200,Over_board,Tisbury_MA,Andrue_Carr,1-508-693-5344,9600,CM,XA,V32B,V42B ;to use this fake list to make your mailer talk to your hub's Fido # ;subsitute 1 for Zone 1, instead of the 9 above ;substitute his net # for 330 Host # above ;substitute his node # for 201 and fill in his name and bbs phone # ;This enables your mailer to call a fidonet node for mail


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