Date: 01-09-91 12:16 To: All Subj: The New ELINKPOL (v. 2.5 1/91) PID: RA 0.04 241 EARTHL

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Date: 01-09-91 12:16 From: Michelle Hass To: All Subj: The New ELINKPOL (v. 2.5 1/91) PID: RA 0.04 241 EARTHLINK POLICY STATEMENT RELEASE 2.5, Part 1 of 1 Midwinter 1991 (this is a minor revision of ELINKPOL Release 2) EarthLink was originally started as an echo for those interested in Shamanism, Native Religion, Shamanic Neo-paganism, Indigenous Peoples issues and Ecological concerns in 1988. It started on TahutiNet BBS in Eagle Rock, CA, and continued to originate from there until 1989, where its base of operations moved to Cassandra-News BBS in Lakeview Terrace, CA. Right now the physical hub of the echo is Mysteria BBS in Tujunga, however the administrative hub is The Shoal Point in Pacoima, CA. The point's address is 1:102/943.42, and any netmail can be forwarded through my boss node, 1:102/943. Around the Spring Equinox of 1990, the founder and moderator of the Magicknet Trio decided to call it quits. A new infrastructure for the three echoes was quickly built, primarily by Paul Seymour. The echoes, however, have never quite fully recovered from the crushing blow of Brad Hicks' departure. They are now the domain of ad hominem attacks and even some religious bigotry. In contrast, EarthLink survived even a sabbatical by me when I was pondering some personal spiritual choices. It remains a relatively slow echo, however, it is still solid. Change was attempted. I decided to open EarthLink to "Classic Magicknet" style topics, both magickal and mundane. EarthLink did not wind up supplanting the dying Trio, but will continue to support these topics and others germane to the purposes of the echo. My thanks again are extended to Paul Seymour, whose "Magick Backbone" or P.O.D.S. has doing a fantastic job in keeping the feeds going and reliable. The ground rules of EarthLink can be summed up in a few simple responsibilities, on my end, on your end, and on your SysOp's end. MY RESPONSIBILITIES: To keep the echo lively with a flow of news bulletins and topic suggestions; To not be too heavy handed and to let people speak as they will if they harm none; To be a good example by following all User and SysOp rules; And to be a calm referee should disputes arise. YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES AS A USER: To keep malice and rancor out of posts; To debate, but not attack; To persuade, but not proselytize; To be polite, even when disagreeing; And never, never to flame. YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES IF YOU ARE A SYSOP: To be a good example to the users on your board by maintaining the same standards set forth for Users; Know those whom you give access to EarthLink; To be vigilant if abuse is going on on your end and to deal with it promptly; And to never abuse the power of being a SysOp by throwing your weight around for strictly personal reasons. If these simple, common sense responsibilities are met, then things should be cool. It all boils down to that old saw, "An It Harm None, Do What Ye Will". If we keep that in mind, EarthLink should be a wonderful place to discuss things as an extended electronic Circle. Enju! Michelle Hass, Moderator January, 1991--- * Origin: Mysteria - Tujunga, Ca 818-353-8891 (1:102/943.0)


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