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SEARCHNET Message Conferences ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I_UFO Identified AND Unidentified flying objects EARTH_CHANGES The current Earth Changes DREAMING Dream states, OOBEs, and astral projection WORLD_NEWS Important world and weather events CONTACTEES Contact with Extra-terrestrials / Abductions CONSPIRE Conspiracies of the Elite Controllers ON_THE_PATH Being on the Path / meditation /telepathy / spirituality CHANNELS People bringing forth messages from the spirit planes Same as MUFONET CHANNELS echo ORVOTRON_PRI Private conference for Orvotron activities. Do NOT distribute without Zone Coordinator's permission ORVOTRON_PUB Public conference for Orvotron activities. (SUGGESTED) SEARCH_SYS For SysOps only SEARCH_REG For Regional coordinators only - CLOSED SEARCH_MODS For SEARCHNET Moderators (and their SysOps) Only SEARCH_ADMIN * For all SEARCHNET SysOps, SEARCHNET news and administrations This conference is REQUIRED for all SEARCHNET nodes. PRINT_MEDIA Reviews / excerpts / ads for Books, newsletters, magazines. ALT_HEATH Alternative Health / lifestyle issues ALT_SCIENCE Alternative Science / free energy / unified field / Chaos / science of Creation SURVIVAL Surviving the Earth Changes Independent echoes! AENCHAT Discuss Patriotism, New World Order, Gun Rights, Etc. From American Justice Federation AENNEWS READ-ONLY NEWS from American Justice Federation SPACE_LINK Independent echo, UFO Investigator (also in Mufonet) NIGHTSHIFT Art Bell Radio Show discusses current events and NWO NIGHTSHIFTCP READ-ONLY cross-posts on current events and NWO SEARCHNET inhabits Zone 114. The network is still developing and we welcome others interested in joining our network with hosting/hubbing for other areas of the country/world. The Zone Coordinator (ZC) for SEARCHNET is: Glenda Stocks XBN BBS Brockton MA 508-586-6977 1:330/201 ----------------------------------------------- For a Monthly Fee of $7.00 you may also poll the Zone Coordinator for any or all of the following Internet Usenet groups. ----------------------------------------------- InterNet Usenet Groups ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ALT.ALIEN.VISITORS ALT.CONSPIRACY ALT.PARANET.ABDUCT ALT.PARANET.PARANORMAL ALT.PARANET.PSI ALT.PARANET.UFO ALT.PARANORMAL TALK.RELIGION.NEWAGE Contact Glenda Stocks for more information on getting these message areas. Also available is SearchNet Mailing List, send to a message saying info snet-l for information.


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