(116) Sun 22 Mar 92 9:18 By: Harvey Smith To: Rick Savage Re: Rick Savage St: AREA:CULT WA

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(116) Sun 22 Mar 92 9:18 By: Harvey Smith To: Rick Savage Re: Rick Savage St: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ AREA:CULT_WATCH RS=>merely "characterizations", his only motive is one of character RS=>assisination. This is the mark of a dishonest and lazy individual RS=>who has no regard for the truth. Rick you are bordering on the edge of breaking the rules of this echo. Please refrain from personal attacks on any individual. You do too good a job of messing up your charactor by what you espouse.. The material is neo nazi type thats for sure, and if you espouse it, then you must bear the responsibility as to what people think of you. However, you do not know me or my ministry, but are judging anothers servant, by which the same measure my Lord Jesus shall judge you thats for sure, as well as every word that procedes out of your mouth. You need to think about that Rick and how you offend the New covenant by your accusations. Please read the rules and adhere by them. Remember you are a guest on this echo: Cult_Watch Policy.001 - Natl. Co-Ordinator/Moderator - Harvey Smith of 1:100/519 created in St Louis, Mo. on MJCN#1 Secret Oracles BBs posted this 14th day of December, 1989. Amended March 23, 1992 Cult_Watch - National Network Conference Message Base (A private Echo) 1. Purpose a) to provide a forum for those involved in cultic organizations, secret orders, Wicca, or other churches that are not recognized as foundational Christians doctrinally, such as "The Way International", Latter Day Saints etc. can speak to the issues as to what they really believe. They have the right to respond with information about their beliefs, as long as they are willing to answer the rebuttals accurately and honestly. b) From time to time alerts are posted as what or how certain groups infiltrate existing evangelical churches etc.. 2. If you are looking at arguments, we try to stay away from that. If you post flames against individuals, that will get you kicked off the bbs. Please remember you can attack and debunk what a person believes, but you cannot attack his person, or him individually. Calling someone names will not get you any points with anyone, but will alert the Moderator to watch your posts and when you are booted, remember you were warned in these rules... 3. Failure to answer your posts responses, while still posting new messages is a no no... 4. This is not a Christian fellowship echo, but a serious exchange of beliefs, practices, etc, and rebuttals. Don't post if you don't want an exchange or you get upset easily. This is an Evangelical Christian Echo. 5. No degrading statements of Jesus Christ, The Holy Scriptures, or Biblical beliefs will be tolerated on this echo. Those doing it will be kicked off. 6. First offense will get you 30 days off the echo. You must respond to Moderator during those 30 days as to your intentions, to abide by the rules of this echo. 7. Second offense will get you 60 days off the echo. 8. No third offenses, if that happens, you will be twitted permanently off the echo. 9. This echo must not be sent out via the Fido net Network If you have any suggestions or comments on this common sense policy please send them directly to me via E Mail.... Lets make this a better echo, with good information... No further discussions on the rules will be tolerated on the echo. Please use email or net mail for further discussions on the echo. Any and all offenses must be reported only by email and net mail to me. Please include the msg excerpt or quote that is an echo offense, along with any other evidence you have. Lets all self police this echo.. Any accusations must be accompanied with the offending post in order to be considered. And these must be sent via email... Moderator --- msged 1.99S ZTC * Origin: Harvey Smith (8:7002/1.0) SEEN-BY: 104/11 18 114 326 429 123/15 125/33 128/50 101 147/18 1077 153/759 SEEN-BY: 215/53 287/506 308/60 323/114 366/4017 396/10 3601/70 9300/0 9600/0 @PATH: 7002/1 104/18 11 308/60 9300/0


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