Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0594 - NewAge-R To: GLENDA STOCKS Date: 05/30/94 at 14:15 Re: The Cosmi

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Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0594 - NewAge-R From: TONY PECORARO Public To: GLENDA STOCKS Date: 05/30/94 at 14:15 Re: The Cosmic Encyclopedia ------------------------------------------------------------------- The Cosmic Encyclopedia: A Trinity of the Whole Existence 1. Part One: Radical Empiricism of Meditation & Pure Knowledge (1980-1990: A deciphering of the Universal & Cosmic Structure of the Humanly Knowable Creation; See Abstract.) 2. Part Two: The Human Element (1990-2000: The Human as a State of Ignorance & The Human's Unfurling of God-Potential.) 3. Part Three: God: The Self as God and God as Self (2000-2017: Investigation and Direct Personal Experience of God Consciousness within The Human Vehicle.) APPENDIX: The Prophecies of Mankind (2017-2029: What Humanity will Endure.) by Anthony L. P.... rev. 3-13-92 (Book 23) --- * The MOG-UR'S EMS Granada Hills, CA 818-366-1238/8929 21.6K D/S * PostLink(tm) v1.20 MOGUR (#323) : RelayNet(tm) <*>


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