METAPHYSICAL BOOKSTORES These bookstores in the San Diego area specialize in Metaphysical

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************************* METAPHYSICAL BOOKSTORES ************************* These bookstores in the San Diego area specialize in Metaphysical books. Most carry crystals, audio tapes, incense and jewelry. Classes and instruction in various arts and conscious raising techniques are offered by several stores. Most stores are open seven days a week, call for information. If you love books, visit them all! Ratings: * Poor ** fair *** Good **** Excellent CONTROVERSIAL BOOKSTORE *** CRYSTAL LIGHT POWER COMPANY **** 3021 University Ave 286-A 3rd Ave San Diego - North Park Chula Vista (619) 296-1560 (619) 422-4443 Books-Tapes-crystals Books-Tapes-Jewelry (large selection) Used books:buy & sell Crystals-Classes No Herbs FULL CIRCLE BOOKSTORE *** GOOD KARMA * & Yoga Institute 4225 Balboa Ave. 3910 El Cajon Blvd San Diego - Clairemont East San Diego (619) 581-9411 (619) 283-8663 Budhism Supplies-Art Pieces Books-Tapes-Herbs Some Incense IN-LIGHT-IN *** LIGHTHOUSE NEW AGE ** 4985 Newport Ave 4651 Mission Blvd San Diego - Ocean Beach Pacific Beach (619) 222-0606 (619) 483-2608 Books-Tapes-Some Herbs Books-Tapes-No Herbs Crystals-Classes-Incense Some Incense LIGHTHOUSE NEW AGE ** LOVE LIGHT BOOKSTORE ** 633 First 3150 Main Encinitas Lemon Grove (619) 942-7318 (619) 697-2559 Books-Tapes-No Herbs Books-Tapes-No Herbs Some Incense Some Incense THE MAGICK BOOKSTORE **** MYSTIC MOON **** 2306 Highland Ave 8818 Troy National City Spring Valley (619) 477-5260 (619) 697-9990 Books-Crystals-Tapes-Herbs Books-Crystals-Tapes Classes-Ceremonial Tools No Herbs-Incense-Candles Oils-Custom Incense Jewelry-Ceremonial Tools Raw Herbs (Ceremonial) ==================================================== This bulletin is provided as a "FREE" service to advertise the various Metaphysical Bookstores in and around the San Diego area. If you know of others, please leave the Sysop a message with store name, address, phone number, and any other information that is usefull. The Astralite verifies each listing upon entering the store name and services. Special Note: We are considering a database of Metaphysical bookstores for download in text format. Your imput/suggestions are appreciated...


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