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Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0594 - NewAge-R From: TONY PECORARO Public To: GLENDA STOCKS Date: 05/30/94 at 14:17 Re: Behold ------------------------------------------------------------------- Beholding 1. Where did we come from? 2. Why are we here? 3. Where do we go when we die? Conceive? If your knowing is based on mere conceptions, you will understand little of the universe within you; perhaps a few things of a corporeal nature will become apparent to you, but little of a more deeper value than the foregoing. When we seek to understand the universe of which we are a part, we do not do so by any particular learned school of thought, i.e., the "evolutionistic approach"; rather, we wish to form a close personal relationship with those things in the universe that are mirrored in ourselves, and vice versa. This is the only possible approach of having any intimate contact with the true workings of cosmical architecture. Moreover, it all hinges on the fundamental working, and values, of the human being; the universe cannot be known by any other means. It is from the standpoint of the "human" being, and thru a "human" vehicle, that any beings are to know of the functioning of a human kind of universe: the environment in which humans abide. This inevitably brings us to the focus of the human's constitution; and to the extent that man discovers, fathoms, and utilizes his own [higher] constitution--to this extent only will he know of the universe within him. The sad thing is that most of humanity's knowledge concerning their own makeup, and the constitution of the human paradigm in general, is trite and superficial that it is no wonder that the populace can do little more than roll out of bed after fornication and put their pants on. At best, some individuals may have an acute intellectual understanding of nature's material facets of creation, and this, without doubt, is almost always covered and manipulated by the individual's persona and base desires, so as to give credence to one's ignorant actions, to rationalize the limit to which one is able to think, and most of all, to conceal the subliminal fears of not having or being able to fulfill those deep inner impulses for something greater, better--something closer to divinity than mere human subsistence. Most assuredly, man's supposed surface intellectual knowledge -- if we may call it even that -- of what he claims to be the universe, is the very level, expression, of his profound ignorance concerning the real nature of things. Man refuses to know himself and then screams to desire to know more of the universe, with the incipient intention of learning about that which befalls and ails him? That in itself is the gem of his incogitancy. No! If you really wish to know--to personally experience (for what is the use of a knowledge-thing without the experience of that which one wishes to know?)--if you really what to learn, thru direct personal experience, of the workings of the universe, then it will not be had with any absolute value thru what you can "conceive." Whatever realm of infinities that tend to conjure up a perceptible, sentient, corporeal universe, it is not outside the scope of a possible experience. There are infinities within infinities, and then ideations beyond infinity (wheels within wheels) not limited by infiniteness: an infinity is a relative thing -- a conceptual tool -- and gives little to indicate the substratum of essence to things [relatively] existent. To know of this -- infinities -- is a conceptual fact and is not difficult to entertain. But (and you may grasp this tightly), infinities represent or mirror things -- essences -- advenient and trans- empirical to them. This, my friend, is not conceivable or known thru "concepts." Here you enter the domain of transcendent experience, that very realm in "human constitution" spoken of earlier that is unrecognized by the masses; hence the ineptness in knowing the Real, the Divine, including the extent of the physical universe. You see, the question is better stated: "What/which infinity do you which to know?" Do you remember?--"wheels within wheels." * * * Continued * * * I have often spoken of the knowable and the unknowable, things of a creational universe and things beyond/exterior to that. As I stated earlier, the domain of any possible knowing is the domain of human constitution. What pertains to the human's creation is knowable to any human thru a qualified fully functioning human vehicle. This certainly encompasses the physical universe and all things in it (quasars, black matter, etc.), and even perhaps other universes, that is, if they are of a creation. On the other hand, the unknowable -- things not of creation -- are simply that: unknowable. As such, one has to ascend human form to know things not of human's creation, things not pertaining to creation. So, which wheel within which wheel? Evolution and creation are terms used to denote the notion of unraveling complicated systems of processes and thoughts pertaining to concepts of ideation and manifestation in a physical, material existence. They are terms used to concepti- logistically orient a nascent reasoning mind, so that it may coalesce with inner being and have a ground on which to stand. Certainly, one process (creation) may elaborate, embellish, and give sustenance to another (evolution); but this says nothing of the relationship of your inner beingness to the personal, individual experience of moment to moment living existence; nor does it reach the prolific heights as the motivation to ascend beyond becoming: this is real existence, real knowing of the nature and purpose of the universe and your (man's) place in it. Similarly, chaos and order are much needed conceptual tools that must needs reflect the crux of human intellectual under- standing, but they are still instruments of a relative nature. One could indeed say that any one particular thing existent is both simultaneously a system of order and chaos; it really depends on the standpoint from which one measures, and on the relative nature and constitution displayed in the measuring mind. But alas, as all is not lost, there are positions -- unities -- from within which one can decisively determine the truer nature of sentient things, standpoints from within which one is able to govern the usage of sense perception, standpoints that lie outside and are unaffected by earthly spheres and mere human subsistence: again we employ usage of a higher human constitution. Within the premise of earthly human Epigenesis upheld by every star, planet, and galaxy, and congenital in all varieties of creatures, are immense grand principles which guide, govern, direct, and control the structures and forms to become existent. This is true order, divine order, of which everything below not fully informed by its prevailing archetype would appear to be in a state of chaos. But if this very state were of higher perfection than is presently portrayed, it would be a greater order from which we ourselves would appear chaotic. However (and this can never be disputed by any philosophical or religious school of thought), the source, the guiding archetypes and principalities of all things, the absolute nature of real Goodness, Truth, and Beauty is nothing less than Divine order. This is mutually likened to an apparently ongoing process of unfoldment which we humans qualify as evolution -- evolution thru creation (the knowable), -- an orderly process by which there are occasional sporadic increments of chaotic manifestation that are not fully the order of their truly intended design, for even according to the "Divine" Plotinus, corruption too is an inevitable process in our creation. Such is the diversification that "touches every grade in the hierarchies of value and existence, from the super-essential absolute to the infraessential Matter" (W. R. Inge in "Plotinus.")--forever causing the noumenal to become phenomenal (phenomenal existence is only one aspect of the underlying unity). It is the everlasting actualization of all possible potential becomings toward the realization of Absolute Pure Beingness. So, again, the way in which we view the nature of material things, weather it be scholastic approaches of creation/evolution and conceptual systems of chaos/order, or even more cryptic approaches along metaphysical subtleties, our view of things is only reflective to the degree of maturity in our own human constitution. * * * Continued * * * More penetratively, ultimate perfection is of a godly status; penultimate natures are less godlike. Order precedes disorder; chaos lies before godship. Things as they are now are not what is to be; the state of continual becoming is not merely for Being, but for eventual Isness. "I AM THAT I AM" [is] transcends perfected efflorescence and [is] not even supra-infinity. For us, Reality is eventual. The actuality at present is just the sorrowful material formation of one possible potentiality. Please don't get me wrong; realization is forever forthcoming, but one is deterred by one's own internal ingredients. Integrity is not pervasive in our thinking, and this debars us from all possible true knowing: Our experiences are superficial; they do not permit the Good to reign. This is lack of Beauty and therefore untrueness. Please follow further: Now, to answer your questions in my own terms, I would say: Where did we come from?...We still do! All things are eternally connected; to be severed is to be nonexistent, the black night--it is of uncreation. There appears always the brilliant Flame of Life and Light, burning afar that no darkness will ever meet. Eternal and beyond brightness, it is the "One" from which all things are or ever come to be. We are sparks of the Flame, minute and indiscreet. Born in darkness, thou coming from the Light, we are dualities from which all pluralities arise. Our design is the Flame, but our form is our own. Individuals we may be from moment to moment, but our becoming [is] always to Wholeness. Whatever we are, thou it may be good, the Flame is always better, always brighter. We come from an absolute source of unending potentiality, a pre-existence holding all structures of all possible existences within and of itself. Shall I say more? Why are we here? That there may be Good, Truth, and Beauty; that there may Be -- simply Be. To know a thing is to know what the thing is not. That a thing should exist implies a beholding; to behold a thing is not to behold what it is not, and this implies discernment, distinction. Learning: this is of the nature of delineation, of difference, to know thereof. Thus we have dualities, opposites, and things contrary to the things themselves. Herein lies the field of experience: to experience a thing, something, anything. A cognitive existence (cognitive being) implies things to cogitate--this is existence: the fact that something should be. Experience and being: each is implicit in the other. For example: Let us give you, out of Goodness, a thing true, and we shall give you the Beauty of Earth. I will give you something else, something more, but for now I will give you Earth. Nothing is nothing and can experience nothing, so, therefore, you will be something: you will be human. You can be something else, something more, but for now you are human. To be a human is, of course, not to be what a human is not; so, already we are objectifying a movement of oscillation between a specific line of demarcation: what is it to be a human being? what is not of humanness? and what shall we consider humane? Lest we consider morality, integrity, and ethics, we should not come up with a very fine composition (constitution). * * * Continued * * * Earth, here, is like a school to learn of things pertaining to Earth and of humans. Already there is vacuous discussions on the nature of humanity, but this process in itself is the core of arousal and stimulation to thinking, reason, intelligentsia, and to a vast grade of numerous other "experiences" -- including corruption -- all positing the learning of the nature of things [here]. It is the indisputable process of knowing -- Gnosis: "KNOW THY SELF." This is why, in part, we are here. (Charlie has intimated that you're here because you did not have a Divine Mind; you're here to gain Divine Mind. This can only be done in the third dimension, the dimension of opposites: Earth.) Shall you know more of Earth (dual star systems)? more than of humans (Angele)? Wait! first finish here by being a full human, more fully the constitution of the human paradigm. The conceptual design of the human form is merely its physical constituents, whereas the direct cognition (apprehension) of the human's spiritual archetype displays its supersensible constitution -- and so also with the Divine-Spiritual nature of the universe. These loftier subtle planes of creation are open to any human's inspection and observation, wherein the purpose subsisting within man and his universe is more fluently ascertainable, nay, more personally experienced; but such grandiosity is not possibly fathomed by our present mundane constitutional makeup: the great intellect and its reasoning mind. Here also is implied a developmental process of expansion in terms of physical (neurological), spiritual, and moral growth. Notwithstanding previous statements concerning the undermining inadequacy of the conceptual mechanism in fostering supraliminal knowledge of the higher, more pertinent and substantive realms in creation, let us give some indications as to the direction in which one may follow if such knowledge is to be had. What we qualify as creation is a spewing forth of Divine-Spiritual essence from the One great Pure Absolute Existence. It is "relative" existence: the corporeal, remotely tangible universe. Evolution, you may say, is the way in which the creation unfolds thru a physically perceptible reality: our physical world. Evolution also implies a temporal succession of events progressing onward for the duration of a manvantara. There is also metaphysical evolution, supersensible evolution, in that there is also unfoldment in creation -- subtle creation -- of spiritual realms. A fine example of this is the evolutive unfoldment of the angelic kingdom, just one of the many kingdoms in supraliminal creation. It is these spheres of existence which we say are beyond the physical realm and not known thru conceptual means; they are not bound by space or time (nor can they observed or verified by means congruent with the same), for they are the transcendent, spiritual worlds giving rise and upholding the spatiotemporal universe that is perceived thru the fleshy sense organs. These heavenly abodes are the Divine-Spiritual causes of space-time events. "Direct personal experience" of these celestial realms, as has often been propounded, gives unrelenting knowledge and mastery of nature and of the whole of creation (creation as we now know it); such visionary exploration yields and permits an empirical concretion of sensorial stimuli for the mind to decipher and fathom. We must reiterate time and again the development of a higher human constitution. * * * Continued * * * There is a golden aura about life, a longing to seek and know ever more about Ultimate Reality. This is also why we are here. It can only be thru immeasurable love that all of the resplendent fathomable creation has been offered to man, so that he may know and experience the super-essential divinities by the effluent genesis of an extant universe. Finally, there is an uncanny purposiveness to the scheme of predeterminate cosmic architecture; this we call Epigenesis. So, not only do we have "creation" which is the out-breathing of God's love in form, and "evolution" which is His love in direction, but we also have "Epigenesis" which gives purpose and motivation to the goal to be achieved (Charlie has again intimated that movement with direction has motive behind it, and addition-ally, that discipline is direction). You see, there is not only unfoldment in creation, but perfection thru continual unfoldment: Epigenesis may be said to be the sempiternally infinite upward spiral of evolution to the perfection of [disciplined] creation. Where do we go when we die? We are born in three other worlds before we come back to this one. (NB: If reincarnation is not a salient feature in your appreciation of nature's cycles, then I will not here refute your incogitant view of life.) These three worlds of the afterdeath state are solely for the cyclic reconstruction and regeneration of the human's life-giving and life-sustaining principles which are experienced during his numerous sojourns to Earth between birth and death, and eventual rebirth, so that the human comes ever closer to divinityship by progressive incremental development thru the grand scheme of evolution. And thru these persistent incarnations in a human vehicle, the slumbering soul-powers of human quintessence are gradually awakened to the fiery enlightenment of the One Eternal Flame. As such, each Earth life and preceding death state are irrefragable moments in eternity adding up to an inevitable glory of life -- real life. Consequently, there is much to be said -- and much more to be desired -- about the preponderance of activity of each Earth life, and more specifically, the individual actions of the human's choice and responsibility in either promoting or inhibiting the intended efflorescence of his inner divine livingness; hence the laws of karma. (Because we are unable to "see" the ethereal causes that lie behind the physical effects of our daily happenings and living patterns, we, in our unenlightened busyness, attribute no direct plausible causes to the more serious and permanent dilemmas that befall our bemoaning society; nor can we -- or will we -- "see," out of this same ignorance, the vast shifting tumultuousness of Nature's forces and her indelible power to affect instantaneous changes in the structure and form of the human's physical environment. Nature merely restores to equilibrium what man, from his incessant thoughtlessness and lack of proper choice, puts out of balance. Moreover, Charlie has finally suggested that humans are supposed to live a planned existence, as in one's own conscious planning. Conscious action in moment to moment reality is in tune with cosmic existence, and this is "Dharma." Conscious action IS Dharma, and this is best understood in terms of one's own conduct. If one's conduct is not natural -- in tune with Natural Law -- then one is not living one's "duty," or Dharma, and this will incur Karma.) To continue, the three worlds of the afterdeath states are, therefore, respective and more penetrating states of recapitulation of the previous life just gone thru; this of itself is the only real preparation for a new life. Is there any doubt that the cycles governing the human's soul-evolution (Epigenesis) should be any different in nature than the evolutionary cycles governing everything else in conceivable creation? I have no personal experience in this area (afterdeath states) except what is ardently understood in the schools of Arcane Wisdom and in the esoteric symbolism ensconced in various ancient, and often sacred scriptures. Although codified and not without perplexing ambiguity, there is also much modern occult literature available to the curious seeker, who deems himself an aspirant, that will give rarefied descriptions of the various afterdeath states; and most of this plethora of literature is in great need of further interpretation, critique, and commentary -- hopefully though -- thru observation and investigation based on a pupil's direct personal experience of the interlucent, chromogenic spiritual realms: knowledge such as is based on superempirical beholding. * * * Continued * * * I will close with a private letter (recorded on video) to my Grandmother on the subject of death, nay, real [divine] life. * * * * * * * "You see, Grandmother, things in life don't always come to us as an "understanding." They come to us as an "experience," and when we're deep in -- entrenched and involved -- in those experiences, we really don't know what we're going thru: we're in the mists of God's creation and we don't know why! We're here on Earth to learn the many wonders of God's splendor, but the understanding doesn't really come until the life after life -- between death and rebirth, -- then we have an understanding of all those beautiful things that we experienced on God's planet. So when we live here on Earth we come to realize that understanding we never find, but in reality we experience all that God offers us. "In the life between death and rebirth, then we reap the under-standing of the lessons God wishes us to learn -- but it is only then. And it is up to us to understand, during our life in the after-world, what it is God really wanted us to know. "Yes, there's a lot of agony -- there's a lot of pain -- and thru that agony and pain we will learn what God wants us to know. We will grow up to be the kind of people that He really wants us to be. "So, it IS important that we try to live life to its fullest extreme, try to have all the experiences that are meant for us. Even though we really don't know what they are, we have to live thru it all with some slight memory in the back of our mind that these are things we have to experience, these are things which we must understand in this life, which will be made clear to us after we die. "We mustn't avoid any of these experiences; and as long as we are living here in life on Earth, as long as we're alive, then that is a sign that there is more for us to learn -- much more! And until the time comes of our passing, there is a constant learning, a constant experience of something in life to which we may never really understand while we're alive; but when we die, we shall reap all the understanding of our experiences during our Earth life -- each particular Earth life, the one just gone thru specifically. This is very important! "There's a lot of work for us on the other side; and the more we could know that now -- the more we could realize that now --the more that work on the other side will be easy for us. "Dying is but a greater life! So it's important, Grandmother, that you know these things, so that when you're on the other side, you come to realize that you're in a greater part of life...and THERE you shall have all of the understanding that you are lacking while you were alive. "This, Grandmother, I want you to take with you, so that you may realize: all of the pain that you've gone thru in your life was for a VERY IMPORTANT reason. We don't always under-stand that; we probably never will while we're alive -- but when we're "there," it'll be very clear to you. "Trust me, Grandmother, this I know deep in my heart, and it's about the only way I can show my love for you...! --ALP, 8/23/86 (Book 9) * * * * * * * I hope I have answered your questions. 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