Note: This file was incomplete in the original file that I downloaded so what you see is w

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Note: This file was incomplete in the original file that I downloaded so what you see is what you get. PARZIVAL X Horus, Isis and Osiris in the Q.B.L. Charles Stansfeld Jones (well-known as Frater Achad) remains one of the most influential modern Qabalistshis Liber XXXI held the key to The Book of the Law. As Parzival X he founded the first regular O.T.O. lo Let us examine the Tree of Life again in order that we may further grasp its mystery, and how it comes about that the New Aeon is possible in Human Consciousness. We must use the language of time and space, but we shall be informed of the Spirit Horus, the Ever-Coming Son, is said to have appeared under many forms, as the Great Cycle of the Precession of the Equinoxes progressed. The Complete Cycle is said to be 25,868 years; though in more ancient reckoning it was 26,000 years, when the ye In 4,565 B.C. Horus entered Taurus, appearing as a Calf. Moses seemed to consider the worship of the Calf a retrogression, and we see that the Path of Taurus is again below Tiphereth. In 2,410 B.C. we find Him appearing in Aries, as the Lamb. This r There is also a Trinitarian Cycle of Father, Mother, Child, running parallel, so to speak, with this Tradition of the Evercoming Horus. It is the Natural Formula of Isis, Osiris, Horus, and is of Solar Origin. From 2,419 B.C. to 255 B.C. Isis the Mo It is also interesting to note the character of Horus as Apophis the Avenger. The Isis, Osiris, Horus arrangement is quite the natural one for the course of events. Isis (The Moon) having taken the place of the Great Mother Nuit. But what of the For If we make a list of several repetitions of the series thus: Isis Osiris Horus Isis Osiris Horus Isis. etc. and trace them back, we find the order Isis, Horus, Osiris, etc.; or Isis, Apophis, Osiris. Horus appears as the avenger Apophis to those who try to Go Back, or retrogress. He has to destroy them in order that they may be renewed. But as long as we Then we become Free, Goers, Doing the Will of God upon Earth, Ever-Coming Sons of God. But if we attempt to lag behind to carry out some personal whims and wishes, Destiny catches up with us and forces us on. To those who willfully turn back and seek to avoid cooperating with the Divine Plan, Horus is the Great Avenger. Has he not sai


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