Date: 03-09-89 20:46 THE CLOUD SCULPTORS The air finds flight in forms of lofty wind As on

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Date: 03-09-89 20:46 From: Staeorra Rokraven THE CLOUD SCULPTORS - The air finds flight in forms of lofty wind As one with nature's children taking part And soaring up to go and find a friend Then join with water spinning wispy art. - This nature's process has eternal known The way to hang up on the sky these drapes But wonder not how these soft clouds have grown From fleecy strand filled webs to take their shapes? - Perhaps the artist's brush a thing unseen With living tools the Elder Gods express Those firey ones whose scales and talons gleam To grace the heavens with their soft caress. - Now see the strokes of carving wings along With falling rain - the strains of Dragon song. ----- 9 March 1989 ----- A DREAMING DESIRE - A spark comes coiling to the edge of sleep From realms arcane which have become unknown And from this psychic well does beauty leap A vision cherished for to call my own. - This wispy strand now takes it's shape in fire And fueled by sources boldly to enchant Then forming curves from wish of heart's desire A Woman's eyes all graced with Elvish slant. - The shield maid's arms then reach and wanting clasp We intertwine within her streaming hair Then sighing voices send a heartfelt gasp As fragrance heralds tawny skin now bare'd. - This honored Lady may in shadows walk But fate may someday find my heart unlock. ----- 9 March 1989 ----- TO THE BONFIRES - A circle gathered round a roaring pit All joining hands to bask within it's glow And under Moon crowned sky all starry lit We sing and praise the Power's shadowed flow. - For some the flames form dancing Dragon's wing And other smoke wrought visions climb the air For all a caring closeness will this bring And psychic current bonding hearts to share. - We charge this timeless place between the worlds To call the Goddess' love within our hearts And join with her our joyous souls unfurled Our spirits dance with her by ancient arts. - This night forever captured in this glade To see old souls re-met and friendships made. ----- 9 March 1989 ----- - J.A. Bordeaux (S.R.) -


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