THE DHAMMA TEACHING OF ACARIYA MAHA BOOWA IN LONDON The talks and answers to questions giv

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THE DHAMMA TEACHING OF ACARIYA MAHA BOOWA IN LONDON The talks and answers to questions given by Ven. Acariya Maha Boowa (Bhikkhu Nansampanno Maha Thera) while visiting the Dhammapadipa Vihara in London in June, 1974 Translated from the Thai book entitled, "Ven. Acariya Maha Boowa Nanasampanno in London," by Bhikkhu Pannavaddho. Copyright 1980 by Acariya Maha Boowa Nanasampanno All Rights Reserved ----------------------------------------------------------------- / This book may not be mimeographed or reproduced in whole or / / in part, by any means, without permission. But if anybody / / wishes to reproduce this book in whole or in part to be given / / away free as a "gift of Dhamma," they may do so and this / / statement may be taken as sufficient permission, so that in / / this case there is no need to seek any further permission. / ----------------------------------------------------------------- * * * DharmaNet Edition 1995 Transcription: Maureen Riordan Proofreading: Malcolm Rothman, Jane Yudelman Formatting: John Bullitt This electronic edition is offered for free distribution via DharmaNet by arrangement with the author. DharmaNet International P.O. Box 4951, Berkeley CA 94704-4951 * * * * * * * * CONTENTS TITLE.TXT INTRO.TXT Introduction TALK_1.TXT First Meeting (Sunday, 9th June 1974) TALK_2.TXT Second Meeting (Monday, 10th June 1974) TALK_3.TXT Third Meeting (Tuesday, 11th June 1974) TALK_4.TXT Fourth Meeting (Wednesday, 12th June 1974) TALK_4A.TXT Meeting at Cambridge (Thursday morning, 13th June 1974) TALK_5.TXT Fifth Meeting (Thursday, 13th June 1974) TALK_6.TXT Sixth Meeting (Saturday, 15th June 1974) TALK_7.TXT Seventh Meeting (Sunday, 17th June 1974) TALK_8.TXT Eighth Meeting (Monday, 17th June 1974) TALK_9.TXT Ninth Meeting (Tuesday, 18th June 1974) TALK_10.TXT Tenth Meeting (Wednesday, 19th June 1974 & Thursday, 20th June 1974) TALK_11.TXT Eleventh Meeting (Thursday Evening, 20th June 1974 & Friday, 21st June 1974) TALK_12.TXT Twelfth Meeting (Friday Evening, 21st June 1974) GLOSSARY.TXT Glossary README.1ST DharmaNet Distribution Agreement * * * * * * * *


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