Session three, January 3, 1988 at 8:10, when I was minding my own business. Please see the

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Session three, January 3, 1988 at 8:10, when I was minding my own business. Please see the comment text for this session for my evaluation. YOU RANG? Yes,very nice you to answer. HOW VERY NICE OF ME TO RUN THIS BBS Don't give you self delusions of granduer david.Very bad for the phyce. I'VE ALWAYS THOUGHT OF MYSELF AS ONE OF THE BEST. wonderful,but i didn't call so you could praise yourself.i am having problems will infiedels and i am no longer happy.!! WERE YOU EVER HAPPY? ALSO, IF SOMEONE IS BOTHERING YOU, WHY GIVE THEM POWER BY BEING UNHAPPY ABOUT THEM? all find and dandy but i find revenge to be much more sweet and i must answer my messages now musn't i? WHAT FORM WOULD THIS "REVENGE" TAKE, AND WHY WOULD ANYONE WISH TO REVENGE ONESSELF ON ANOTHER WHEN IT REQUIRES SO MUCH EFFORT? IF ONE JUST LETS IT "SLIDE", OR PASS, ONE HAS GAINED A SMALL VICTORY FOR ONESSELF JUST AS MUCH AS REVENGE. because of course this is such a WONDERFUL board ,left my little wanted note in the echo-mail and all i have recieved back from it is a lot of crass behavior from people i dont even know. well i am getting tired of it and need a little info that you can supply say a name to go with a handle? WELL, THAT'S A TALL ORDER! FIRST OFF, I THINK YOU PICKED THE WRONG ECHO. THE FOLKS IN THE MAGICK ECHO, FOR THE MOST PART, DON'T BELIEVE THAT LUCIFER NEVEN EXISTS, LET ALONE WOULD WISH TO HELP SOMEONE "SUMMON" HIM/IT. AND AS FOR A HANDLE, YOU ARE FREE TO USE ANYTHING YOU CHOOSE, EVEN "LUCIFER" IF YOU FELL LIKE IT. yes but when someone registers with the bbs dont they leave thier real name? i cant remember the questionare i fill led out for this board when i signed on so i am not for sure .you see if i know a persons real name then i can summon an entity which can tell me the persons TRUE name then i can exact my REVENGE! GREAT. I DIDN'T KNOW IT WORKED LIKE THAT. AS FOR A QUESTIONAIR, THER WASN'T ONE. IF SOMEONE USES AN OBJECTIONABLE NAME SUCH AS ronald reagan OR MAYBE SOMEONE ELSE WHO IS "REAL", THEN i FIND I MUST REMOVE THEM FROM THE USER LIST. ANY HANDLE HERE IS OK, EVEN THE PERSON CALLED "DOCTOR INTERCOURESE". AS FOR REVENGE (AGAIN), THE FEW TIMES (WELL, LET'S SAY many TIMES) I HAVE TRIED REVENGE, IT HAS ALWAYS CAUSED ME MORE TROUBLE THAN IT WAS WORTH. that is you. i am posititive that if i can figure out a persons TRUE name then i can fuck them up preety bad to coin the phrase. THAT'S TOO BAD, THAT YOU'D WISH TO DO THAT TO YOURSELF. IT WILL ALWAYS COME BACK AT YOU, ONLY MORE SO. IT'S A FACT OF MODERN LIFE THAT IF ONE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT HIMSELF, HE WON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE AS WELL. ALSO VISE VERSA: I.E. IF ONE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT OTHERS, HE CAN'T CARE ABOUT HIMSELF. ALSO YOU MENTIONED THAT MY OPENING REMARKS IN THIS SESSION: "EGOTISTICAL" OR WHATNOT. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT? IT'S A MUCH BETTER CHARACTER TRAIT THAT NOT GIVING A DAMN ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE. David,I apologize for causing you any discomfort or remorse.I relize that you believe you are only trying to protect my own evil ideas from harming me and that we are friends and i I would most defintly try to do the same for you .I know i I should not try to use our friend ship for my own petty needs and that our mutual relationship should be allowed to grow in harmony and happyiness. I will try to relize you are only trying to help me be a better person inside. And you are right this is A a DAMN good board!!!!! WOW! THERE IS SO MUCH IN THAT LAST PARAGRAPH! TO COMMENT: AS TO DISCOMFORT AND REMORSE, I ONLY KNOW OF THESE (EXPERIANCE THEM) AS AN INTERNAL, AND NOTHING OUTSIDE OF ME CAN CAUSE THESE FEELINGING. REMORSE II ONLY KNOW BY ACTIONS I HAVE DONE AND FELT BAD ABOUT AFTERWARDS, OR SOMETHING I FAILED TO DO. I HAVE NEVER KNOWN ANY OTHER KIND OF REMORSE. AS TO MY TRYING TO HELP YOU AND YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO "EVIL", I DON'T HAVE ANY THING TO SAY ABOUT IT- YOU ARE FREE TO DO ANYTHING YOU WISH, GOOD or EVIL. HAVE AT IT: I'M NOT THE ONE TO SAY WHAT YOU MAY AND MAY NOT DO. I JUST POINTED OUT THAT IT WILL INVAIRABLE CAUSE YOU MORE GRIEF THAN HAPPINESS. AS FOR A "DAMN GOOD BOARD", THANK YOU. IT COST A FEW DOLLARS, BUT I ENJOY IT AND IT GIVES ME SOTHING TO DO. you mortal shall recieve the full fury of my wrath and it is GREAT let me tell you. i shall destroy thee master Rice and i have the fll power of hell backing me in all my actions. prepare this night to meet your doom.


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