MAGICAL PROPERTIES OF STONES Since the earliest forms of civilizationdeveloped,men have gi

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MAGICAL PROPERTIES OF STONES Since the earliest forms of civilizationdeveloped,men have given mystical as well as magical properties to stones. They have been worn as amulets or carried on the person with inscriptions as a Talisman. Natural oddities such as the HOL(E)Y STONE were worn strung around the neck. The stone being a natural formation in which a hole had formed in the stone passing through it. LODESTONE which is naturally magnetic was believed to possess a spirit and was kept as an attractor of good and wealth. Stones have been divided into two main groups in the realm of magical properties,these falling into a harmony of correspondence with many other things. The first catagory is ACTIVE. This is the same as the YANG or the MALE. Obviously on an equal ground with this is the PASSIVE,similar to YIN, and the FEMALE. Neither is considered to overpower since the two must be equal to exist in harmony. In the first catagory,ACTIVE, the colors that are associated with it are red,orange,yellow,yellow green and gold. The correspondences here are to fire,heat,warmth,Sun. Each of these used as a color of healing would have certain associations to parts of the body. Red is associated with the blood stream and the heart.In the past it was used to heal wounds or stop bleedingas well as draw blood to the place the stone has been put over. It was also worn as an amulet by a person suffering from anemia or lacking energy. It is associated with the SOUTH, and MARS. Yellow is associated with the mind and healing or speaking. It was believed to aid in mental growth to improve the thought process. Yellow was used to arouse the person or calm the nerves. The East and Mercury. Orange being the combination of red and yellow was believed to give drive and cleverness to the individual as well as shrewdness in business and dealings with others. It has been said to increase the ability to see through plots and intrigues. The southeast and Jupiter. Gold and its off shades though not really a gem has been associated with the Sun and the curative power of this sphere. Some of the off shoots of this are TIGEREYE and CATSEYE as well as the pyrites(Fool's Gold). Due to its softness gold was used for many intricate amulets and magical jewelry which were believed to give the wearer the power of the Sun. The 'EYE' types of stones were also believed to give 'second sight'. On the PASSIVE side we find the softer tones. Blue was used as a stone for cooling fever and calming the mind. It was also believed to be an inducer of sleep. Blue stones were believed to be able to cure high blood pressure and to sooth pain. It was believed to be an antiseptic and was used against fever as well as abscess or infection. The West,Taurus and Virgo. Purple or violet is a combination of red and blue and its associations are to mysticism and things of spiritual nature. It calms and prevents explosive tempers as well as induces sleep. Purple was also used as a cure for the cold. It is associated with the Southwest and Neptune or Pisces. Brown stones give consolidation and a bringing together of plans. It is a counteractive against restlessness and the feelings of giddiness. It is a stabilizer of the mind and a giver of direction. It was used to give steadiness to the personality. It was associated with the North and Capricorn. White stnes were used as purifiers and to remove poisons. White stones of magical purpose were said to have affinity with the higher self and the soul or etheric body. White was given the center of all things as its magical place since it contains all colors and yet favors none. It has been loosely associated with the Moon. Black stones were given the correspondence of abstract thinking and self control. Seriousness was associated with these stones. Black was also associated with the North as a realm of mystery and a place of studious learning. The black stones are associated with Saturn. Silver is also given correspondence of healing as well as magical protection. It is also attributed with increasing psychic ability and intuition. It is said to influence change in people as well as instill a person with adaptability. It is strongly associated with the Moon.


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