Ä [42] PODS Crystals, Gem, Gematra (93:9300/0) LAPIDAR Ä From : Tandika Star 93:9600/5 Wed

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Ä [42] PODS Crystals, Gem, Gematra (93:9300/0) ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ LAPIDAR Ä From : Tandika Star 93:9600/5 Wed 17 Mar 93 20:21 Subj : Star Stones ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ STAR STONES SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION: If a transparent or translucent mineral contains numerous thin, hair-like fibers of another mineral, light reflected from a polished surface displays a fibrous sheen like satin or silk. This effect is called [chatoyancy] and is responsible for the streaks of light in catseye gems and star stones. Most commonly, the inclusions in corundum (sapphire, ruby) are rutile. Other stones that may display the star effect are garnet and tourmaline. For the catseye effect, the fibers lay in parallel bundles. When they are crystallized out parallel to the trigonal crystal symmetry, (two or more such lines intersect in the middle,) the appearance of a four-, six- or even twelve-rayed star may appear. The star stones are referred to as [asterias.] The twelve-rayed star is the most rare, and therefore the most valuable. In most cases, star stones are produced as cabochons (that is, with a rounded top). It is important that these should be cut so that the star is exactly in the middle of the round stone. Most star stones are a pale grey, but they can also be found in the richest colors. Occasionally one of the three rays of the star greatly predominates and stones are then cut as oval cat's-eyes. Almandine Garnets, when they display a star are referred to as [carbuncles]. LEGEND and LORE: In the East, star stones and cat's-eyes are considered exceptionally lucky, especially in games of chance. They have also been used for scrying. MAGICAL PROPERTIES: In general, a stone displaying the star type chatoyancy is considered to be magically strengthened. A star in a sapphire increases the users ability to tap the subconscious/higher mind. A star ruby is considered to be a particularly potent protection against other forms of magic. HEALING: Star stones can be used in the same ways as the stone, but with increased power/potency. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: I've only recently aquired a star ruby (March 13, 1993), so I really haven't had time to work with it. I have used star garnets. I use them to represent two friends of mine who are astrologers, who also have problems dealing with money. The star is for the astrology. The red color is for the Root Chakra, Muldhara. This Chakra is the base of survival. It is grounded in material reality, so it is the center of manifestation. -------bibliography------- 1. Scientific information is from "Gem Cutting" by John Sinkankas and "Gemstones" by E.H. Rutland. 2. Legends and Lore, Magical Properties are from "Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic", by Scott Cunningham. 3. Some of the healing information may come from "The Women's Book of Healing" by Diane Stein. 4. Personal Experience is from MY personal experience, journals and notebooks, by Tandika Star. ---


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