HELLO, FOR SESSION TWO. Hello Davdiid. so what are you interested in. i will answer anythi

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HELLO, FOR SESSION TWO. Hello Davdiid. so what are you interested in. i will answer anything i can? WELL, I'M INTERESTED IN THE FORM THAT THESE ENTITIES TAKE. ARE THAY "FOG", FLESH, ETC.? well normally the incantation causes them to appear in whatever form i choose but they always have red eyes (or at least the demons do) that burn like fire. quite cute. HEE, HEE. I'D LIKE A CUTE DEAMON WITH A VERY SMALL BIKINI, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I CONFESS THAT THE IDEA OF SUMMONING SOMETHING ONE CANNOT TOTALLY CONTROL BOTHERS ME. THERE IS SO MUCH OTHER THINGS ONE CAN FOCUS THEIR THOUGHTS AND ENERGIES ON. COULD YOU PLEASE TELL ME HOW YOU DEAL WITH THE RESPONSIBILITY OF BRINGING SOMETHING TO THE EARTH-PLANE, THAT MAY CAUSE HARM TO OTHERS? IT'S MORE A KARMIC DEBT THAN I'D BE WILLING TO PAY. no. no. the only way someone could be harmed is if they were within my sight but not my circle. it's no problem if they break free of my control they can only destroy what is with in my sight. IF it broke free [IT] would find itself banished with maraculous(sp?) speed. if you dont become scared and leave the protection of the cicle than you are quite safe. OH. I THOUGH THAT IF ONE'S MIND (WILL) CONTROLS WHAT ONE SUMMONS, THE ENTITY SUMMONED KNOWS (MAGICALLY?) HOW TO CONTROL THE MIND. I'M NOT EXPRESSING THIS WELL. IT'S LIKE THE FRANKENSTIEN MONSTER MORAL THAT SAYS "WHAT YOU CREATE MAY DESTROY YOU". ALSO, I HAVE READ OF SOME CHRISTIANS WHO PERFORMED AN EXORCISM WITHOUT PROPER STUDY, AND ENDED UP WITH CASTING THE "DEMON" OUT OF THE AFFECTED PERSON, BUT INTO ANOTHER. DO YOU THINK THAT IS POSSIBLE? oh possesion. quite another thing entirely! yes the entity summoned can posses you if you do not protect yourself spirtually and they, i am afraid, do it quite easily. a few of my "friends" said that is what warped Chareles Manson so much. YES, AND EVEN MANSON SAID HE WAS THE DEVIL INCARNATE. HE WAS ASKED WHEN THE DEVIL WOULD COME TO EARTH, AND HE SAID "I'M ALREADY OUT THERE, MAN." WITH THAT CRAZED LOOK IN HIS EYES. AS FOR POSESSION, I BELEVEAVE MANY HAVE EXPERIANCED EXTERNAL ATTEMPS AT A LESSER POSESSION CALLED "OBSESSION" (NOT WHAT WE NORNALLY CONSIDER OBESSESSION). WHERE THE EXTERNAL "FORCE" SUBTELY GUIDES AND CONTROLS IT'S HOST. yes yes all of what you said is quite true but i assure you i am not possessed and doubt that i would be foolhardy enough to not prepare myself spiritually. I DIDN'T MEAN TO APPLY THAT (I MEAN EMPLY). THE POINT I WAS THINKING WAS THAT I HAVE EXPEREANCED WHAT I CALL "PSYCHIC ATTACKS", WHERE ALOT OF MENTAL AND EVEN PHISICAL DAMAGE WAS DONE. I HAVE ALSO TAKED TO SOMEONE IN THE MAGICK ECHO THAT HAD THE SAME THING HAPPEN TO HIM, EXACTLY! AND IN THE SAME CIRCOMSTANCES (SP?) TOO. I STILL DON'T THINK ANYTHING "OUT THERE" CAN HARM ONE IF ONE DOESN'T WANT IT TOO. IT'S JUST THAT THERE ARE TIMES I FELL THAT something IS OUT THERE, WAITTING. oh i understand. yes, i have had mental battles before with demons i summoned that left me very much worse for the wear. but that doesn't normally happen. you see if the demon were to win he would find himself trapped because the will works like a flood gate (and they know it), so that when to much pressure builds up it opens, letting stuff flood into the subconsisce (sp?) and then snaps back such and it only opens one way. SO YOU'RE SAYING THAT THE "POSESSION" WORKS BOTH WAYS? I HAVE READ OF A PRIEST CASTING OUT A DEMON (OR DOZEN) AND THE DEMON SAID THAT LUCIFER TOLD HIM HE COULDN'T LEAVE, THOUGH THE DEMON WANTED TO. WIERD. WOULD YOU TELL ME WHAT FORM YOUR "ATTACKS" HAVE TAKEN? MAYBE THEY ARE THE SAME AS i AND OTHERS HAVE FELT? I WILL KNOW ALOT MORE ABOUT WEATHER IT WAS JUST MY IMAGINATION OR NOT. most attacks i have experienced happened with me battling a dog. i by they way did not see myself also i felt a presence in my mind directing the dog. HUM. I HAVE "PROJECTED" MY MIND INTO A CAT BEFORE, BUT IT FELT TOO WIERD. THE "ATTACK" THAT I HAVE FELT IS FIRST OFF A FEELING LIKE SOMETHING WAS SITTING NEXT TO ME, *** WISHING TO EAT ME ***. IT MUST BE WHAT A MOUSE FEELS WHILE IN THE CAGE WITH THE SNAKE. ANYHOW, I FELT A "HAND" GRAB ME BY THE FOREHEAD AND PRESS DOWN WITH A GREAT DEAL OF FORCE. LIKE SOMEONE VERY HEAVY KNEELING ON MY HEAD. AND MY EARS RING, I CAN'T BREATHE, AND MY BODY CLENCHES TIGHTLY. THIS HAPPENS WHEN I THINK ABOUT GOOD AND EVIL, AND CONTEMPLATING "EVIL ENTITIES" LIKE SATAN. THERE IS ANOTHER PERSON WHO THIS HAS HAPPENED TO. IT'S FRIGHTENING. this is always how my attacks begin (my attack by the way usally come after summoning a demon partially but not completing the invocation.) but long about the time i feel my breath starting to be suckerd away i use a will of energy to force the entity into my mind so that we may battle properly. this by the way is more dangerous because if the demon would ever win he would be in my mind and in total control. YES! THAT IS WHAT I FELT. I KNEW THAT IF IT WON, I'D BE LOST AND COULD NEVER "GET BACK IN" MY BODY. IT WAS A VERY WIERD FEELING. SO YOU WOULD SAY THAT MY CONCENTRATINBG ON "SATAN" PARTILALLY SUMMONED HIM? ALSO, WHY WOULD YOU WISH TO "BATTLE" A DEMON IN YOU'RE MIND? WHY NOT JUST RUN LIKE HELL, (PARDON THE EXPRESSION)? yes YES!! you know the old expression "speak of the devil and he shalt come" well it IS TRUTH!!! and if i battle the demon within and win than i am promised more power because i "comsume" him and all the power he carries with him. WOWWIE! BUT MY QUESTIONING STILL REMAINS: IF THE METHOD IS SO DANGEROUS, WHY NOT USE ONE'S "POWER" IN OTHER THINGS? SOME PEOPLE CLIMB MOUNTAINS, OTHERS SERVE IN SUICIDE HOTLINES. THESE METHODS ALL "RAISE ONE'S POWER", BUT CAUSE A GOOD DEAL LESS HARM FOR THE MOST PART. how could those other methods raise ones power? explain. WELL, JUST AS PROJECTING HARM CAUSES ONE THREE-FOLD HARM, IT FOLLOWS THAT PROJECTING "GOOD" WILL RETURN "GOOD" THREE-FOLD. IT'S JUST MY OPINION. I SUSPECT WE MAY NEVER KNOW FOR SURE. i understand but i don't need good. i need substantial power [on} which i can "feed" so i can reuse the power i claimed . and don't misinterperate me- i normally dont want to battle demons and i dont normally leave incantations half finished. I BELEAVE I HAVE MET SOME "PSYCHIC VAMPIRES" BEFORE, LIKE IN A CONVELECENT HOSPITAL, WHERE THE SICK DRAW ON ANYTHING TO HELP THEM LIVE. AS FOR "FEEDING", I THINK A GOOD JOG DOWN THE BEACH WILL DO THE SAME. AS FOR PROTECTION, I HAVE LEARNED TO SURROUND MYSELF WITH A PROTECTIVE BUBBLE. I DO SO EVERYTIME I ATTEMPT TO HEAL SOMEONE AT A DISTANCE (I PUT THEM ON MY "SCREEN", AND VISUALIZE THEM HEALTHY). I HAVE YET TO BE HARMED THIS WAY, I FEEL, BECAUSE I'M DOING IT TO RAISE SOMEONE ELSE'S "POWER", AND NOT MY OWN. all well i don't draw from other people so i can't be doing anything awful and i most definitly don't care if i do: i am practical you know. WELL, THAT BRINGS IN THE QUESTION OF RESPONSIBILITY AGAIN. I DON'T LIKE TO GAIN THROUGH ANOTHERS LOSS, THOUGH I KNOW THAT'S THE STRUCTURE LIFE IS BUILT ON. THAT'S WHY , AMONG OTHER REASONS, THAT I DON'T EAT MEAT, AND RESTRICT MY TRASH TO ONLY BIO-DEGRADABLE. IF I DIDN'T EARN SOMETHING, i don't want it!!! you must be more practiclal David. i mean you need to gain a large amount of knowledge during a ceremony and then see just how greedy one can get even though it could cost others. NO ONE NEED TELL ME THAT THERE ARE THOSE WHO WOULDN'T HESITATE TO USE ME FOR COMPOST, ** if i let them ** BUT I FIND THAT I CAN USUALLY FIND ALL THE KNOWLEDGE I NEED, RIGHT IN MY OWN MIND. I JUST HAVE TO COAX IT OUT, WHICH IS OFTEN HARD. ALSO, THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE WHO HAVE DONE THIS HARD WORK FOR ME ALREADY, AND ALL I NEED TO DO IS READ THEIR BOOKS OR SEEK THEM OUT. well i understand what you are saying and i am as you say willing to give you any knowledge you want. so is there anything else interesting you about wizardry? hum is there? huh huh huh? WELL, FIRST OFF I THINK THAT "KNOWLEDGE" COMES FROM within, AND THAT ONLY "INFORMATION" IS GATHERED FROM AN EXTERNAL SOURCE. AS TO "WIZZARDRY", I DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT, AND REALLY CAN'T SEE WHY I WOULD NEED TO KNOW MUCH IF ANYTHING. I FIND THAT SERVICE TO OTHERS, AND "LOVE" IS JUST AS GOOD AT RAISING ONE'S "POWER" THAN ANYTHING ELSE. okay i under stand . i will not classify the info we have share under the title "wizardry" any more and i will just go with the flow, so to speak, so it will be easier . IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, THERE IS A "SATANIST" NAMED TIM MARONEY ON THE MAGICK ECHO. HE MAY LIKE TO DISCUSS THINGS WITH YOU. THEN AGAIN, HE MAY NO LONGER BE USING THE ECHO (WE AREN'T SURE). I MUST ALSO CONFESS THAT I'M INTERESTED IN THE "DESIGNS" YOU DRAW WITH CHALK. IF NOT A PENTACAL, THEN WHAT? i use the sygil and incantation from an acient eleventh century latin manuscript that was translated though i still use the latin chants. I HAVE OFTEN WISHED I KNEW LATIN! IT'S SUCH A USEFUL LANGUAGE. THE ROSCRUTIAN ORDER HAS A "HERMETIC SEAL" MEDALION, THAT I FEEL IS VERY POWERFUL. I WOULD LIKE A WALL POSTER OF IT. OR HAVE IT PAINTED ON THE FLOOR, OR AS A BED SHEET. hum very interesting i speak latin fluently so if its in latin i would love to translate it. also if it is on a medaliion than get one leave a message to me with the words it says on it and i witll begin translation at once! WELL, I'M NOT SURE, BUT I THINK THE ONLY THING WITH LETTERS ON IT ARE JUST GREEK CHARACTERS, THAT DON'T ACTUALLY SPELL ANYTHING, BUT RATHER MEAN SOMETHING BY THEMSELVES. ALSO, THERE IS A MASSONIC MEDALION WITH COMPASS AND DIVIDERS THAT'S REALLY NEAT. I'D LIKE A MEDALION OF THAT, AS WELL, BUT I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO GET ONE. yes a lake of info. well i need to sign off if you don't mind i have thing thatS must be done in this mundane world, unfortunatly. OK. SEE YOU. BYE.


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