1 Peter Davidson DR. PETER DAVIDSON ON INITIATION - some excerpts from his writings “One d

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1 Peter Davidson DR. PETER DAVIDSON ON INITIATION - some excerpts from his writings “One does not have to look further than the H.B. of L.’s secret documents for the source of the sexual practices developed by Kellner and taught to Reuss, and later elaborated by Aleister Crowley.”—Joscelyn Godwin [ Peter Davidson was a Scottish violin maker, musician and author. His recruitment into the Brotherhood of Luxor seems to have coincided with publication of his 1871 book The Violin. He may have been elevated in 1873 to Frontal Chief of the H.B. of L. by the mysterious Grand Master Max Theon, acting on orders of the Egyptian parent lodge of the order. From 1873 until 1913 Davidson was therefore a major leader of the outer H.B. of L. Twenty-three of those forty years were spent in Loudsville, White County, Georgia. What follows are a selection of his comments on initiation as a process.] The ancient Wise Men, the Illuminated or Initiated, inclusive of course of the Prophets, were called “Innocents,” “Babes,” “Little Children,” etc., upon account of their blameless lives of virtue and holiness, and just as in certain Degrees of modern Free-Masonry, the Adepts reckoned their Grades of Initiation by a symbolic age. The great Secret that was handed down the ages, which was fully reflected in all the ancient Mysteries, was the knowledge of God and his relationship to the Dual nature of Man, and the knowledge of Man and his Dual relationship to Nature and God. The eternal verity of man’s Dual being refined by the process of Union and Atonement of Soul and Spirit, is the sublime Immaculate Conception, and the silent loves, impulses, and words within, are the keys and doorway to all the Sacred Mysteries of Life. By Regeneration man becomes a Son at once of Man and God, he is the product of a soul born again and purified from defilement by matter, a ripened, perfected soul called Virgin, which has for her spouse no longer matter, but the Divine Spirit, Love of the Absolute, which is God, and man born of this union is the image of God, a God-made man, hence a Christ, and it is this Christ thus born in every man that redeems him and endows him with Eternal Life, for by Him the man becomes transmuted from matter into Spirit. Our spiritual bodies consist of several rings, layers or strata of astral fluid, which are called collectively the Astral Spirit, derived from the Spiritual Sun of the Universe . . . Man - and by this I mean the species, not the sex - will undergo in our world a gradual physical transformation. His material body will attenuate, his nervous system becoming more and more refined, his Mind will obtain the supremacy over Matter, and the vito-animal force will be replaced in many organisations by the spirito-nervous fluid. Man rose into true life and attained the full image of God, through the culture of the Woman within him - his mother Eve - who cultivates his Soul and his intuition of Spirit and God. She was and is his Initiator into the knowledge of Life and the Mysteries of Divine things, for Eve is the mother of all living, yea, the Mother of Immortality. The Male Principle was always symbolised in the Sacred Science of the Temple by the letter I . . . Upon a crowd of Egyptian monuments we see a crowned woman, holding in one hand an Ansated Cross - symbol of Eternal Life - in the other a sceptre and Lotus flower - symbol of Initiation. This is the Goddess Isis, and her symbol in Genesis is Eve, Heva, Hebe,the eternal Feminine, symbolised by the oval, or letter O . . . The union of the two Principles was the Cross, the symbol of the Christian redemption, the X or IO, the union of the I and O, which embraced all the other figures. In Egypt, at the moment of final and supreme Initiation, the Candidate was extended upon a Tau - T, the Ansated Cross - he was plunged into a mystical sleep or trance (put to death) . . During this state of death-trance the “Sleep of Siloam” as the Syrian and Egyptian Initiates call it - his Spiritual Ego not only held intercourse with the “Gods,” but also descended into Hades. On the morning of the third day, the Initiate was placed in the open air . . . This was his second birth and he became a Hierophant. Excerpted from Hidden Mysteries Unveiled or VITAL CHRISTIANITY, 1895. The reader may wish to examine the “solar christ” symbolism” in the context of initiated knowledge.]


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