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Please tell the publisher you got their name and address from the PANEGYRIA Publications Listing on WeirdBase! Thanks! ALL MY RELATIONS (Newsletter) - 8 times, $5/yr: Submissions and correspondance welcome. All My Relations, General Delivery, Milner, B.C., Canada V0X 1T0 THE BELTANE PAPERS (Magazine) - 8 times, $8/yr, $10 (US) in Canada, sample - $2: P.O. Box 8, Clear Lake, WA 98235. THE BURNING TIMES (Newsletter) - Monthly, $.50/ish or $5/yr: Temple of Goddess Mysteries, Box 19466, Portland, OR, 97219. CANINTEANNA NA LUISE (Journal) - Quarterly, $9.00/yr US funds. Sample $3.50. John Kellnhauser,805-85 Wellsley E., Toronto, ONT. M4Y 1H8 Canada. CHANGES JOURNAL (Journal) - Bi-annual, $5/yr: Changes Journal, P.O. Box 734, State College, PA 16801. CHURCH & STATE (Magazine) - Monthly, $10/yr to: 8120 Fenton St., Silver Springs, MD 20910. Highly recommended legal news. CIRCLE NETWORK NEWS (Newsletter) - Quarterly, $9/yr: Circle, Box 219, Mt. Horeb, WE 53572. CONNECTIONS (Magazine) - Monthly, $6/yr: 1991 Garfield St., Eugene, OR 97405. COVENANT OF THE GODDESS (Newsletter) - 8 times, by donation of $13/yr or more: COG, P.O. Box 1226, Berkeley, CA. 94704 COYOTE'S DANCE (Journal) - Quarterly, $8/yr: P.O. Box 21062, Eugene, OR 97402. THE DRUID'S PROGRESS (Journal) - Quarterly, $20/yr (min. dona- tion), Checks & M.O.'s to: P.E.I. Bonewits, Box 456, New York, NY 10034. From Ar ndraiocht F'in. ISIAN NEWS (Newsletter) - Quarterly, available to Members of the Fellowship of Isis only - write for information: Fellowship of Isis, Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire. THE GEORGIAN (Newsletter) - Monthly, $8/year: The Georgian, 1908 Verde, Bakersfield, CA 93304 HARVEST (Journal) - 8 times, $10/yr: P.O. Box 228, S. Framington, MA 01701. INSIGHT NORTHWEST (Magazine) - bi-monthly, $8/yr: P.O. Box 95341, Seattle, WA 98145. IRON MOUNTAIN (Journal) - bi-annually, $9/yr: Artemesia Press, P.O. Box 2282, Boulder, CO 80306. THE LITTLEST UNICORN (Newsletter) - 8 times, $8/yr: Unicorn, Box 8814, Minneapolis, MN 55408. Especially for children. ON WINGS (Newsletter) - monthly, $6/yr: Women In Constant Creative Action (W.I.C.C.A.), PO Box 201, Monmouth, OR 97361 PAGANA (Newsletter) - 8 times, $12/yr, checks payable to "Pagans SIG": P.O. Box 9494, San Jose, CA 95157. PAGANS FOR PEACE (Newsletter) - Monthly, free [Panegyria suggests a donation] to: Sam Wagar, Dragonfly Farm, Lake Saint Peter, Ontario, K0L 2K0, Canada. THE PIPES OF P.A.N. (Newsletter) - Quarterly, L2.50 + 50p per person/yr (UK), L4 [surface rate], or L5.50 [air-mail]/yr (over- seas). International M.O. or sterling draft only to: 'Blaenberem', Mynyddcerrig, Llanelli, Dyfed, Cymru (Wales), SA15 5BL. [PLEASE NOTE ADDRESS CHANGE.] THE RUNESTONE (Journal) - Quarterly, $7/yr: P.O. Box 1754, Breckenridge, TX 76024. By the Asatru Free Assembly. SPIRIT WITHIN NEWS (Newsletter) - 8 times, $6/yr: David E. Chamberlain % Chaplain Wayne E. Gustafson, Box A, Thomaston, MA 04861. By Coven of the Dawn. STONEHENGE VIEWPOINT (Journal) - $10/yr, 14 issues: 2821 De La Vina St., Santa Barbara, CA 93105. SURVIVAL (Newsletter) - 8 times, $12/yr students, $15/yr non- students: School of Wicca, P.O. Box 251, New Bern, NC 28560. THUNDERBOW (Newsletter) - Monthly, $6/yr: 4385 Hoyt St. #201, Wheatridge, CO 80033. By Church of Seven Arrows. WIGGANSNATCH ("an alternative realities literary magazine") - irregularly, $5/5 issues (USA) [Wash. residents add .40 sales tax], $6.25/5 (Can.), $7.50/5 (overseas). From: Wiggansnatch, P.O. Box 20061, Seattle, WA 98102-1061. [PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF ADDRESS & SUB PRICE.] THE WINGED CHARIOT (Newsletter) - 8 times, $10/US, $12.50/Can, $15/Mex & elsewhere. To: Moonstar Enterprises, 864 - 20th St., San Diego, CA 92102. YGGDRASIL (Journal) - quarterly, $6/year, 1040 Sutter #1, San Fransisco, CA 94109. By The Heathen Way; checks payable to Freya's Folk. PALLAS SOCIETY NEWS (Newsletter) - Quarterly, $7/year, To: The Pallas Society News, Box 2015, 1800 Robertson Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035 STARDUST SALAMANDER (Newspaper) - 8 times, $7.50/year, soliciting material for publication, Checks payable to: Temple Stardust, POB 341383, Memphis, TN 38184.


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